Hi, when our company moved to the business park where we are now, I noticed there were quite alot of kitties around - soon I was putting out food and water and not realising who was out there. At this time my mom passed away (she was an ardent cat lover) and she left me some money and I was ofrtunate to find out about a guy that would come to our premises and T N and R - and so it all started. We finally T N and R 17 kitties, that was 13 years ago and I am now sadly down to 2, Baby Boy and Black Cat. No other cats have come onto the site (there are 4 mini factories in an enclosed area) I also have a feral kitty, Patch, at our weekend retreat (my neighbours care for her), after 5 years she is finally allowing me to stroke her :-). So I have my 3 ferals and my 2 rescues at home (found in my street a couple of houses down from ours) and my 5 kitties are my life - I spread the words T N and R at every opportunity. I have seen it work with my own eyes! =^.^= R U L E
Hi I am interested in a badge. I have a cute calico 11 month old kitten that was mistreated and dumped. She had turned feral and I rescued it. I have it as a house cat now. I have a stray I have taken in. Outside under the carport I have a feral cat you cannot touch. Cally, Tiger, and Smokey are their names. I am worried tonight about Smokey because it is very cold tonight here. I took a bin and lined it with cardboard. Put a rubber mat under it and a piece inside. Put a self warming mat inside. I covered the whole thing with a blanket. It faces the wall so wind does not get inside. It sits under a bench so it cannot blow off. Will this be warm enough for her?
Hello. I fed Spike for three months outside before I brought him in to live with me. He had the nick in his left ear so I knew he was TNR. I just love him so much, was glad I got him in before winter. He needs to go to the vet and I have no idea how to get him into the carrier. I caught him with the TNR cage I borrowed from the TNR place. Lured him in with warm tuna. I believe in TNR but feel bad these cats can't live inside homes where it is safe. My best to the feral lovers.

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