Lol the happiness on your face made me think of this😆:
idk about you, but my white cat just calms me for some reason!🤣🤗🥰 no matter what I’m frustrated/mad about (my kid/hubby), just looking at him; with his adorable little “pink parts” (paws/nose/ears☺) and angelic existence🤣 calms me right down & softens my voice! Lol
It works on my daughter too, we’ve dubbed him “the calming goat” from a cartoon movie. He on the other hand🙄 couldn’t care less about us hoomans...

Btw🤔 Spooky had the same ‘blue’ eyes as a kitten...I’d hoped they’d stay, but eventually turned yellow 🙂
Heavenly is a terror, :hellocomputer:...then sweet and want to cuddle later.:lol: Her eyes are greenish gold. Not sure if they will stay that way or become gold. Heavenly looks like Spooky. I love her furry whiteness and pink. It makes me smile. It’s as if a beautiful stuffed animal came to life.

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