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  • Five Dogs on Point
    My father bred hunting dogs and this picture was taken, forty years ago, on a day when Dad took the dogs out to train. All five dogs are pointing...
  • K.C. Kitten
    K.C. was my very first cat. He didn't have a name, per se. Just initials. People would ask me what "K.C." stood for and I told them I didn't...
  • Spike
    We got Spike, the Van cat, from a friend who couldn't handle such a big, strong willed cat. Spike weighed twenty pounds but didn't have an ounce...
  • Reggie
    Reggie loved to play in the water. We taught him to retrieve a ball from under water. It didn't take much trying. Reggie seemed to be a...
  • Past Pets
    Every pet has to go to Heaven, some day but every one of them leaves behind memories of good times passed and every one gives us the gift of...

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