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  • Liam wheezing and coughing
    One other thing is the inhaled steroids target the lungs and don’t usually affect other organs. So, a much reduced risk of steroid induced...
  • Liam wheezing and coughing
    Hi. That looks and sounds very much like asthma. Get him in as soon as you can and an X-ray to diagnose asthma. If it is asthma, speak to your vet...
  • Liam wheezing and coughing
    He's so chubby, I wondered if it's not something like asthma. I guess we'll see! The doctor didn't seem too bothered when he saw the video and...
  • Liam wheezing and coughing
    I have a 9 year old cat,short fur,loves to be brushed. I am surprised she has so much fur! Last couple days gagging. But every day is too much...
  • Liam wheezing and coughing
    Wet food only and daily wheezing.

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