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Is my cat crossed with a lynx/bobcat?

basscat, Apr 10, 2017
    • basscat
      Errr...He has a roaming sense, not a stay home sense. I said it's because he's not domestic. But that's not it. Most domestic animals would roam or wander off if given the chance. And some non-domestic animals wouldn't.
      Had a raccoon when I was a kid. The older she got, the smarter she got. You couldn't keep her out of anything. Dad said enough was enough inside the house, and put her outside. He assumed she would just run off and like the woods better.
      But, she had other plans.
      She dug under the house, pushed up an a/c vent grate and got back in.
      Came down a stove pipe once.
      Through a window screen once.
      And...chewed through the wall once.
      Mom and dad would wake up with her curled up on their bed.
      Dad finally just gave up and installed a small doggie door. She would then come and go as she pleased, and pretty much stopped raiding the fridge.
      Feral Mom purraised this.
    • Feral Mom
      hahaha , i enjoy your notes, you should consider writing a book, as i bet a lot of us animal lovers would enjoy hearing of what it is like to live with a real live bobcat! For real, i hope you are journeling or something, as this is great stuff. You might have a best seller or a movie or something.

      whatever anyone may think of keeping a bobcat, is NO WAY TO DENY that is one of the planets most gorgeous creatures right there!! I could stare at this cat all day.

      I very much appreciate you patiently explaining about bobcats to me. I am nothing short of amazed at the whole concept. and that
      enclosure! breathtaking.
      Is your bobcat very vocal? Do you have any videos of him making cat sounds?
      Now, how do you get the carrier cage over to the enclosure, do you lift it? I hope not, sounds back breaking. or do you pull it? or do you have a wagon of some type?

      and i am embarrassed to admit, i know Bob was your first bobcat's name, but what is this bobcat's name?

      I am thoroughly amazed. YOu have a book here, i'm tellin ya! Start looking for a publisher now! hahahaha

      thank you again, i just never saw any cat like this before. Yes, i think i would be scared, to be honest, if i was in same room. I don't know for sure, but, i think i would be scared. mmmMm.
    • basscat
      He squeaks and whines like a puppy when he want's attention.
      He purrs when he's content (it can get really loud also..real loud).
      He "churdles" quite a bit when he's excited or happy.
      He barks like a dog when he's really excited. Barks are really rare though.
      He doesn't meow or anything like a meow.
      His name is Gibs (Gibsy, Gibstopher, Mr. Gibson, and/or Turd). From the character in Pirates of the Caribbean with the mutton chops beard.
      Do a Google video search or YouTube search..... "The Boat House Bobcat"
    • Feral Mom
      Ha, that is fascinating, thank you for info! Must be a lot of fun living with such an interesting cat!
    • basscat
      Fun AND...it's a pain as well. Mostly due to a couple of mistakes we made early on.
      1) we should have bathed him immediately. There would have been no flea problem and he would have grown up with our other cat and been able to be around each other.
      2) He would have had a harness/leash on him from day one as well. He would be leash trained and able to go anywhere with us.
      Most of being a pain is directly due to those two mistakes. Those are our only two regrets that I can think of.
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