Is my cat crossed with a lynx/bobcat?

The two photo's that I see above your message, he was 8 months old and around 20lbs. He's three years old now, full size, but not full grown. He won't get any bigger, but, he will fill out and get bulkier. Right now he weighs 50lbs.
WOW !! what a beauty!! Amazing. I have never seen this before.
I do not know a thing about bobcats, but, is there danger to you or to visiting kids or other smaller pets? seems there would be, but, i don't know the 1st thing about bobcats as pets. Never even heard of it til now!
but it SURE IS one gorgeous cat!
Individual personalities have more to do with danger to others than "bobcat". How they were raised, and just their personal misdemeanor. Three house cats grow up together and one might be a doll and one a little evil shit.
My bobcat is kind of middle of the road. People are fine one or two at a time. He hates crowds of people and just whines and keeps his distance. Kids are fine but always supervised. Other animals/pets....just best to keep them away from him. Wasn't always that way, but, he had to separated for a couple of months away from our other cats. He wasn't around them, got bigger than them, and a bobcat plays ROUGH. Just best not to take that chance. I know other people with bobcats that are the same, and others that it's no problem at all.
He's not going to SNAP like a dog might. Go from happy to vicious in a split second. I've not seen any bobcats do that. They will give ample warning to leave them alone and you can see it in their eyes. If he's not happy, nobody's going to get hurt because nobody's dumb enough to mess with him. He will make that clear long before hand.
As for getting hurt? He plays ROUGH. People, kids, pets.....that's where you'll get hurt. From just winding him up too much playing. He just gets wound up and careless.
wow, yes, interesting. I would imagine, that bobcats might have a different hardwired-inm built in,
instinct than housecats. Seems possible.

Housecats can inflict injury, too, but, they will mostly avoid that, mostly keeping their nails retracted,
unless they cross over their "overly excited" point, at which point the cat will often spontaneously bite, not their hardest bite, but a bite just the same.
Cats can and do "snap" as you put it, going from playing happily, to BITE! in one second.

yet, for the most part, the housecat tries to avoid hurting it's person. (unless he crosses over his excitement threshold)

but bobcats do not have that custom of mostly not hurting people?
YOu can get injured just playing with a bobcat? good to know!

So, from your other remark under the other pictures of your gorgeous cat,
did you say your bobcat is just now almost reaching maturity, is that right? Is this your first ever bobcat? It must be fascinating. Is he neutered?
Where did you get him?
Ha, sorry, i have never even heard of having bobcats as a pet. Does he require much exercise?
Does he play with toys? How is he with dogs?
Forgive my curiosity!

Yes, i would think that keeping kids and especially babies away seems smart.
Do you have a leash on the bobcat for company, or how does that work?
He is neutered. He's my 2nd bob, but, 1st tame bobcat. My 1st bobcat was a rescued kitten, rehabbed, and released a year later. She was a wild cat and we did what we could to keep her that way. But, attempting to keep her wild wasn't anything commendable. I don't think it's possible to tame a wild bobcat.
You could go into her enclosure and clean it, or do whatever you wanted to without a care in the world. She wanted nothing to do with people and would just sit high on her perch and just low grumble growl the whole time. (I sure miss that growl).
Due to the rehab, somebody thought we rehabbed bobcats for a living...thus our boy.
He's only 50lbs because he has room to romp. Outside enclosure during the day, Inside house at night. He has a few toys he loves, plays with, won't hurt. Most toys last about 15 minutes though. But, if it makes it longer than that, he'll probably never destroy it. Not found a toy yet he can't destroy. Just some he doesn't and some he does.
Most bob's love dogs if they grew up with them. We don't have dogs, so we don't know. He HATES coyotes though. And I'm not sure he's ever actually seen one. When hears them howling, he's instantly ON-GUARD.
No leash. He's carrier trained, not leash trained. My bad and that was a mistake.
That carrier is HEAVY.
He's fine around one or two strangers. He likes them. They get more love attention from him than we do. I guess he knows they don't make him do stuff...LOL
Nothing cheap or easy about a pet bobcat though. Here's his outdoor enclosure.

And...Here's "Bob"....a wild bobcat during rehab.
If you could cross a Lab puppy, with a cat, and a two year old toddler....that's a bobcat.
Haha, at that last post !!

Wow, THANK YOU for this info! I am quite amazed. Wow, that outdoor enclosure! :eek3: WOW!! Amazing, and looks wonderful!
Do you just walk your bobcat out to the enclosure, open the door and he walks in ?:confused:
(I do not spot any 'tunnel' to your home from that enclosure, is why i ask.)
Looks like a lovely area, does it get cold where you live?

Are most people afraid of him at first? :paranoid: How do most people react?
ARe you ever afraid of him? ever? 50 lbs of muscle, teeth and claws there... I don't know!! :help:haha!
What on earth do you feed a bobcat?
Does he eat treats of any kind?

Does the vet come to you, or can you bring a bobcat into a vet office? I am unable to picture you walking into a vet office with a bobcat not on a leash...:jawdrop:
Does he walk along beside you generally? or do you follow him ? does he come if you call to him?
Is he often out in his yard off leash for any length of time?

you might need to get some type of a wagon to pull his cage, maybe... idk.

sorry, i just never met anyone who has a bobcat!
I appreciate you telling me.

did you have to apply for any special permit or anything?
He goes in a carrier to and from the house, and to the vet.
Gets to single digits in the winter, triple in the summer. He likes the cold better.
People that know nothing of bobcats are not afraid at all.
People that hunt a lot or spend lots of time in the woods...terrified of him.
He has scared me in the past. His bluff is NOT worse than his bite. However, he always bluffs. And once I figured that out, he no longer scares me.
But if he's bluffing, that means you are doing something to him or trying to get him to do something he doesn't want to. It's best to stop and leave him alone.
Like I said, he will give a person plenty of warning to stop whatever they are doing and back off.
Mostly raw chicken with bones, vitamin supplements. Normal cat kibble for treats.
He's a cat, he only hears you if he wants to. He knows his name and will come of called...IF he was going that way anyway.
He never has a leash on. He's always in his enclosure, his carrier, or in the house. He has no "homing" sense. He's not wild, He is tame, BUT..He's not domestic and won't hang around home like a house cat.
Many states require permits or licenses. And other states it's just not legal to have a bobcat as a pet.

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