Friend of Ferals

BellaGooch BellaGooch
KatMalone KatMalone Posted in the FOF thread by mistake, but deserves the badge all the same.
Siamic Siamic
James&Taki James&Taki
Dario the GreyCat Dario the GreyCat
A abigailfay
fionasmom fionasmom
L Laura_au Got all her strays and feral fixed.
Feral Mom Feral Mom Doing TNVR and feeding a colony
beckbjj beckbjj
K KittyCatCove
tnrmakessense tnrmakessense
RustHeart RustHeart 6 May 2019
N NY cat man
C cathmarie
LittleShadow LittleShadow
8kitties 8kitties
e_l_green e_l_green Doing TNR and rehoming kittens
nunnc84 nunnc84 Setting up shelters and starting TNR
linzy383 linzy383
Aieko Aieko Oct 2018
mom of little jo mom of little jo
purrs123 purrs123
Asteria Asteria
Kgrl2018 Kgrl2018
Elphaba09 Elphaba09
Notacrazycatlady Notacrazycatlady In Thread
LilyRae LilyRae
Geralizze M. Geralizze M. asked in thread
FriendofFerals FriendofFerals
kurocatlady kurocatlady
SheriB SheriB Fosters former feral cats with FeLV. Has pregnant feral cats waiting to give birth at home too.
LizzyBees88 LizzyBees88 Helped an injured feral tom and got him neutered.
kmbishop111 kmbishop111
houseofnine houseofnine Takes in feral cats and does TNR.
Ladysnuggable Ladysnuggable
U ultranerdcat
margecat margecat
Mamanyt1953 Mamanyt1953 Helps feral cats
4theloveofcats 4theloveofcats Helps feral cats
Kulekhatt Kulekhatt Helping ferals
muffy muffy
Ceeedge Ceeedge
Jcatbird Jcatbird
Woosie Woosie testing
surya surya For helping feral cats
lavishsqualor lavishsqualor
W WaltS TNR work
IndyJones IndyJones