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  1. forthefreefood
    I dont get it.. 6 doses over 6 months and then you just stop???
  2. Linda R
    Another website that's great is PETBUCKET.COM and the prices are phenomenal! I've used Stronghold from their site for the past 5 or so years and never had any issues. No RX and no tax, and shipping is free too. You just can't beat that!
  3. RajaNMizu
    I own a Pagoda fountain. I have one cat that loves fountains (and any water source really) and she drinks nearly 8 ounces a day from it. My other cat thinks it's part of the decor. Fairly easy to take apart and clean and the filters are...
  4. Lance32
    I once catsat a beautiful Russian Blue kitty, and her furmama briought her over in one of these. That kitty loved that carrier.
    We have four kitties, and this litter-box is by far the best one I have ever used. I bought two of them on Amazon about a month ago. The design of the box is very thoughtful...the larger size, higher sides, the storage compartments; the material...
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