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  1. VinceL
    Our 2 girls had gotten accustomed to drinking from the kitchen faucet and would not drink from a water dish (like our 2 boys do). I researched fountains and found the Catit Flower fountain. However, the flower petals are not very far above the...
  2. supermax1943
    My colony of 50 eat nothing but Friskies wet and dry and have for 20 years. Not once has the colony experienced any sickness of any kind. They love the variety and I love the price. As far as I know, there hasn't been a recall on Friskies food (I...
  3. Kallie kitty
    Two of the feral cats that comes up to my door loves rhem rhe other 2want have anything to do wutg them
  4. tvet
    This was the only food I fed my cat that made him SICK. Poor guys had diarrhea for days...out of the litter box...which he has never done before (he is 5). Just a comment, not a criticism
  5. bschmaltzy
    I bought this litter because of back issues. I had been using the clumping Tidy Cats. My cat is not particular about her litter and she didn't miss a beat,! In spite of the assurances and guarantees on the package, it does not control the smell,...
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