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  1. sheridragonfly
    We have used FreshStep Extreme and others that have Clorox in them...they told us when I called the company.. I also would clean house once a month as usual and the wet dish cloths wet wipe doors and baseboards down with smelled horrific..it was...
  2. adering
    I purchased a similar product. I have no complaints about the carrier except that there are three "issues" that don't become apparent until you use one. 1. If the cat pees (and it will), it drips down through the bottom. 2. The case bangs...
  3. Purrrfectttales
    I have 5 of these carriers I use for my own cats and for transporting foster kittens. I love them because they are sturdy and easy to put together. Easy to clean, durable, and have a slightly heavier weight limit.
  4. huskerruth
    This litter smells so bad fresh out of the box that I can smell it all through my house. It reeks. The clumping is good, but I will not buy this again.
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