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  1. katfisk
    "Cat loves it, but I wish it had more structure"
    I ordered the Ripple Rug on Amazon without realizing there were two versions, and that I would be getting "version 1" instead of "version 2". This is important, because my cat adores this rug but I am getting frustrated with how floppy the top... View Full Review
  2. huskerruth
    "My cats go nuts for this"
    My cats go nuts when they see me take this toy out. Two of them do acrobatics trying to catch the end of the toy. You can wave it over their heads, pull it along the floor, etc. This is the one toy that they consistently like to play with. I can... View Full Review
  3. DizzyLizzy2187
    "Love this carrier!"
    So we bought a soft carrier because our cats are just the worst when it comes to going into a carrier. They love to start bouncing around when we are actually carrying them so naturally it causes a weight shift and the carrier will tip. When they... View Full Review
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