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  1. Vikingsmommy
    Here's my Amazon review for this product. (5*) Customer Review
  2. Babyroxasman
    They do have the lowest prices but I recommend waiting until you need enough pet items so you can get the free shipping when you hit $49.
  3. Babyroxasman
    Ruby goes crazy for temptations! If the stubborn cat won't come inside when I call her, all I do is shake the bag and she'll come running in!
  4. Darkiplier
    iI read somewhere that it's not good because it's made from corn starch. Is that true?
  5. catlover4ever1423
    I purchased a different one and she goes crazy for it! here is the link!(coupon code 25% OFF 55OMLV82 ) [MEDIA]
  6. marilee
    Do you still have this item?
  7. pb0523
    I've been using this on my outside formerly ferals for years. It unfortunately doesn't do a thing for ticks which are a real problem here in NJ but it does a very good job on fleas, ear mites and worms. Due to it's alcohol base, I've had...
  8. Lance32
  9. emeraldthecat
  10. segelkatt
    None of this type of litter box works with my small Persian. She picks up her rear end and then pees -- right over the top of the side. She needs 10 inches of box height, the litter takes up 1 to 2 inches, so she still has 8 inches over which she...
  11. TroyRag
    It's raw freeze dry? What is the cost?