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  1. Count
    "Cheap Crap"
    I do not recommend this product. - It is cheap and works OK. This is the only positive thing about this product. - It gets dirty and slimy real quick, and it is not easy to clean. After one week of use with a fresh filter and fresh water, the... View Full Review
  2. the tech reviewer
    "Litter-Robot 3: Pricey, but Totally Worth It!"
    [MEDIA] A litter box which cleans itself automatically that you can monitor via your phone? It’s not science fiction—it’s the Litter-Robot 3 Connect! This high tech litter box completely eliminates the unpleasant chore of scooping out the litter... View Full Review
  3. GoldyCat
    "Clumps do NOT slide off litter pan"
    I was looking for something that would make scooping multiple litter boxes easier, so I tried this in just one to start. The cats used it without any issues. Unfortunately, the clumps did not "slide" as advertised. Instead, they stuck to the... View Full Review
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