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  1. di and bob
    I agree with some on here, I like the clumping, but had to quit using it when the smell hit me in the face. Would give it 5 stars if they would control the odor better!
  2. LuvDeezKittez
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this litter. I'm a self-admitted clean freak and do a complete "dump out and scrub down" more frequently than probably necessary but in-between cleanings I love the fact that I can't smell poop or urine at all! I have 2 kitties...
  3. LuvDeezKittez
    We have 2 of these--ABSOLUTELY LOVE 'EM! We use World's Best Cat Litter and this was the only scoop that picked up the fine particles. They come in cute colors and now have a holster so that the scoop can be hung on the litter box, wall, or...
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