New Showcase Reviews

  1. tinydestroyer
    "Great de-shedding tool! Cats love it!"
    I have always been a fan of Fur-minator products, having used their de-shedding tool on my Siberian Husky for the last 10 years. I decided to purchase the small Furminator for short-haired cats for my two kitties as well, since they were about a... View Full Review
  2. cryptic
    "Good, but be careful using this on your cat."
    As a professional pet groomer, I will say this is NOT a good product to use on any cat as they have incredibly thin and fragile skin. This is a blade on a stick, and using in my salon, I can tell you that you can easily irritate a pet with even... View Full Review
  3. KateyKitty
    Very inexpensive bag of catnip. Didn't notice anything especially exceptional about this catnip vs others. I did like the resealable bag. I am hoping the organic is better for my cat, but honestly I have no idea. My cat seemed to enjoy it. But... View Full Review
  4. KateyKitty
    "Basic is better"
    When a cat uses the litter box it's important that they feel safe- or they'll find other places to do their business. While this product is pretty convenient for us humans, cats don't usually like noises and mechanical stuff buzzing around them... View Full Review
  5. Miss_Molly1995
    "Cats love it."
    My Owen who was about 8 months when I got his for him is super picky. He only seemed to like unhealthy foods that made him fart. I finally picked this up in the chicken kind of kittens. He loves chicken isn’t a fan of fish. He likes it, and since... View Full Review