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  1. sibohan2005
    I really enjoyed this book, a fascinating story of how a human and blind kitty made their relationship work, Homer is a real character, and this story shows what a pet owner went though during 9/11 when she was not allowed to return home to her...
  2. Charltondd
  3. Fbiuzz
    I had one these. Unfortunately, the plastic broke after a few tries.
  4. kitty concerns
    I just bought my cat the sentry collar within 2 hours her nose started bleeding and sneezing. It may be that she had an allergic reaction to it. The collar works great she calmed down within the hour I placed it on her. But her bleeding from the...
  5. I luv my catz
    You can purchase this from PetMegastore Australia without a prescription
  6. cdwales1953
    Both of my kittens love it. they each lay in it sometimes waiting for you to crinkle the outside so he can bat at it. Both of them fly thru it chasing each other....sometimes I find it on the other side of the house! best $10 I ever spent!
  7. Neo_23
    I was really hoping that I would love this litter after all of the great reviews, but it really didn't work out for me. My kitten wouldn't stop eating it.. and it tracked EVERYWHERE. It also had a really strong oatmeal smell that seemed to...
  8. seventhheaven
    It works great, use it mostly in laundry especially with kittens, blankets and so forth, use it when cleaning litter boxes too. For any marking especially for dogs ;) fabulous!
  9. seventhheaven
    I only wish they were larger, they do break down surprisingly over time once it starts to shred...
  10. posiepurrs
    While I do not have a cat from Central Park since we concentrate on different colors, I do know them personally. I have the highest regard for them and the breeding program! Not only do they breed award winning cats, but more importantly the cats...
  11. segelkatt
    My 18 year old thought this was a good place to pee instead of IN the box, lol!
  12. segelkatt
    I bought this book a few years ago and I still chuckle every time I pick it up again.