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    What To Expect As Your Cat Ages

    The health and behavioral changes your cat experiences as they age can be perplexing. It can be challenging to tell the difference between what’s normal for an aging cat and what isn’t. This guide will help you to better understand what you, as a cat owner, should come to expect as your cat becomes a senior feline. What To Expect As Your Cat Ages: Health and behavior changes in senior catsThere are many health and behavior indications of old age in felines, though not all of them are easily...
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    Scottish Fold Cats: Facts And Care Guide

    Scottish Folds are an irresistibly adorable and incredibly fun cat to bring into any household. Their folded ears, beautiful coats, and unique expressions have caused the breed to skyrocket into popularity in recent years. If you’re looking to bring one of these fantastic felines into your home, it helps to know what you’re signing up for. This guide to the Scottish Fold cat will tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about this highly endearing breed. Scottish Fold Cats: Facts And...
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    Heartworm In Cats: An Owner's Guide

    Have you heard the term "heartworm" before? Sounds awful, doesn't it? If you're worried that this might be affecting your cat's health, you're not alone. That's why we've put together a concise detailed guide for cat owners. Heartworm in Cats: An Owner's Guide. Everything you need to know about the risk of heartworm in felines, including treatment and preventionHeartworm (scientific name: dirofilaria immitis) is a parasitic worm that is transmitted to new hosts through the bites of infected...
  4. Spaying And Neutering - What To Look For After Surgery

    Are you about to have your female cat spayed or your male cat neutered? Congratulations on being a responsible cat owner! These are routine procedures and chances of problems are slim. However, as with any medical procedure you should be prepared. Learn all about post-op care and what to look for after a spay or neuter surgery. Spaying or neutering your cat - What to look for after the operation Many organizations work hard to develop spay/neuter programs in communities that have never had...
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