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New Profile Posts

  1. dustydiamond1
    dustydiamond1 Dawn lindsey
    Whats the latest going on with you & Benny?
  2. katknapper
  3. bengalcatbreed
    bengalcatbreed Anne
    Anne, could u please change my username for bengalcatbreed ?
  4. Gizmom
  5. chrisszy
    I now have 4 cats!
  6. Pudin
    I currently live in a house with 5 cats, 2 of which are mine
  7. SueNei3426
    I am 48 yrs old a single mom of two children ages 8 and we have a 2 yr old cat.named. Rita.
  8. dustydiamond1
    dustydiamond1 Gaven Kent
    Please let us know how you are
  9. Laurelgand
  10. dustydiamond1
  11. tresabrown2010
    KitKit going to have babies any day! Cant wait!
  12. Prozac
    Can't talk...sleeping.
  13. Catsmouse
    Hello. My name is Henrietta. I have two indoor cats and two outdoor cats. Love my cats as though they are my children.
  14. kar5318
    I like to think my style is southwestern-modern cat lady.
  15. devv_s
    Mommy of 2 babies...one just happens to be a cat! Looking for breed information :)
  16. foxxycat
    Just a fun loving kitty woman!
  17. VeganCatMom
    Impatiently waiting for Little cat to give birth. (:
  18. Debie
    Thank you to all the members on the cat cite , you given me warmth ,hugs and the kind words to help me through this loss of my Dandii .
  19. Denise Solari
    Denise Solari jcat
    Hello: any thoughts of what kind of wet food for male urinary tract? I just spent 1300 on my 8yr old boy! he hates the CD food they sold me. I also am reading that dry is bad for this type of issure...I want to try Fancy Feast no fish pate it needs to be high in water content...Thanks
  20. mypobox01
    kitten with special needs