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  1. How To Quote Posts When Replying On The Forums

    There are a few different ways to quote a post here on TheCatSite. If you just want to quote part of the message, you can highlight it and then click "reply" You can do this for multiple posts. If you want to reply to multiple full messages in the same thread, you can click reply at the bottom of all of the posts. You must be careful to not post your comment inside the quoted text. In the box you will see that each quote begins or ends with brackets with the word Quote inside. Post...
  2. Featured

    Cat Blood Test Results Explained

    Cat Blood Test Results ExplainedKitty recently had a blood test? Are you wondering about the results? Can't make sense of the various abbreviations and what they actually mean? We have some answers for you. Written by veterinarian Letrisa Miller, DVM, this article goes over the various elements of a blood panel in cats, aka a complete blood count or CBC. Before we walk through the alphabet soup of blood test results, a word of caution. Interpreting blood test results on your own isn't...
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