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  1. Hi Guest! Cat experts Esther Mechler (founder of Spay USA) and Dr. Phil Bushby, DVM will be here from August 13th through 15th.
    Visit this time-limited forum here and post your questions about spaying and neutering cats.

New Showcase Reviews

  1. RibbetGidget
    "Clean, smells good, and makes life easier!!"
    This has worked amazing for me and my cat. This gets all smells out and I am willing to clean her litter box twice a day now! I always hated cleaning her box, because it all went into a plastic shopping bag. Then I needed to go and take it to the... View Full Review
  2. BlueDreams
    "It works like magic!"
    I got a new cat some time ago...when I got this kitten, she came to me full of fleas. I got her on revolution and her fleas were gone! Another situation was, i took one of my other cats to the vet. While at the vet, a flea jumped on my cats face.... View Full Review
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