Which Foods Are Safe Cat Treats?

Some cats are finicky eaters and will not taste a morsel of anything that's not their regular menu. Others will beg relentlessly to try anything that you have on your plate. If you have a cat that's addicted to treats, how can you tell what is safe to give it and what is not?

Our friends at the Cat Medic Blog provided us with this cool infographic that helps cat owners tell treat from poison:

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3 comments on “Which Foods Are Safe Cat Treats?

Babypaws August 11, 2018
What’s the limit to give Temptation treats? I have two cats that are in the habit of getting these treats at bedtime, would too many cause diabetes?
CHATTY KATTY HOME January 30, 2018
I know yesterday I was eating some plain whole milk yogurt and Chatty was curious so I put a few spoonfuls of it on a little saucer and sat it down and she checked it out sniffing and started to eat it and the babies came running to to try it thats when I panicked like OH I hope this will be ok for them so I looked up this article Can Cats Eat Yogurt? and they where all happy and bouncy no problems so everything worked out good. lol and it's so silly our old cat Mister he would cry for sauerkraut if we had some and he would eat it and be fine.
msmamakat1 March 10, 2017
My cat Booboo is Addicted to temptations treats. He insists on being treated and will mount an extensive and usually successful mission to obtain them. Going to far as to open drawers, cabinets and boxes to get to them. He will eat the whole bag after he treats a hole in it! He's gotten extremely fast because of he's endeavors. But I can't resist buying them. Because I love to see him eat!

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