Where To Find A Kitten

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A kitten is a funny and fun pet to have, purebred or not. When you’ve decided to add one (or two) to your household, where’s the best place to find them?

A Kitten, a Kitten, Where to Find a Kitten?

If you can’t wait to get the best one for you, or you’re planning to give a kitten as a gift for a loved one, you might as well start searching in the right place. Here are options you can check out.


Shelters include groups like the Humane Society, the Animal Protection Association and others. A kitten or cat adopted from a shelter will be used by humans. Housed together, instead of in separate cages, kittens will also be used to other cats.

There will be kittens and cats of all sizes and colors to choose from. Kittens will have their first vaccinations, be dewormed and have been given a general health exam. Often the adoption fee includes the cost of spay/neuter and sometimes a microchip.

Shelters have home-like rooms for cats to roam, making them more adoptable. There will be a room set aside where you and your potential cat can check each other out too, just to be sure you’re the right match.

Ask how long cats are held at the shelter—overcrowding is often a problem.

Animal Control

Animal Control picks up stray cats and dogs and accepts owner turn-ins. Often cats are turned in because “she got herself pregnant.” Animal Control is not able to care for newborn litters. Local groups try to rescue and find foster homes for the cat and kittens until all can be adopted.

Most Animal Control facilities are high-kill because of the large volume of animals turned in or caught. In past years, Animal Control facilities didn’t adopt out pets or didn’t advertise when they did. With public pressure, this is changing for the better. Check to see if your city has a website for available cats and kittens from Animal Control.

The cost of spay/neuter, rabies vaccination and microchipping may be included in the adoption fee.

Rescue Groups

Rescue groups have regularly scheduled days to appear in local pet supply stores. Some stores have space in the front of the store devoted to cages for available cats. You can ask to visit one or more kittens or cats to see how playful and social they are. If you find your perfect match, you can also shop for litter boxes, food, leash, harness, collar and tags.

Tips for Adopting a Kitten

Regardless of where you may find the cat of your life, here are a few tips about making the right choice.

  • If it’s been a while since you’ve been around a cat, visit with several to make sure you haven’t developed allergies in the meantime.
  • Think you want a cat but aren’t sure? Consider fostering for a rescue group. You’ll be able to save a cat’s life as well as test-drive the idea of having your own cat.
  • Look for a kitten who has clear eyes and lots of energy but will also sit still to be held and cuddle.
  • Kittens need a lot of playtimes. If you don’t want all that playtime focused on your bare toes or new drapes, consider adopting two or three kittens. They’ll have each other for playmates, will make a wonderful lap warmer as they all try to cuddle at once, and will provide a lifetime of entertainment and companionship, not only for you but each other.
  • Remember – a kitten is a big responsibility as cats can live twenty years or more. Don’t rush into adopting a new family member. Take your time and make sure you and everyone else in your household are ready to make the move.

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A kitten is a joy on paws. Enjoy yours!

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foster wilson July 7, 2013
I love this article! Very well written. I foster cats/kittens and am an admin. for a local rescue group. Kudos to you!

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