What Do I Need To Know About Feeding My Cat?

Feeding cats may seem complicated and require a level of expertise, but there are some essential rules that every owner needs to know. Gaye Flagg shares them here in this concise guide for new cat owners.

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Written by Gaye Flagg

Ask any vet and they will tell you that much like in humans, obesity is a huge issue with cats. There is a very simple formula for making absolutely certain your cat stays within normal weight range - Feed her less! You owe it to your cat to provide the best nutrition possible. If you ate junky, fattening foods all day long, would you expect to stay healthy? Of course, you wouldn't! Then why would you expect it from your cat?

If you are providing an inexpensive grocery-store brand, consider making the switch to a higher-quality brand. Pet store chains and Mom & Pop stores all carry reputable brands that are formulated for every imaginable situation. There are weight-loss formulas, indoor-only types, and others for certain health conditions such as chronic urinary tract issues. Discuss with your vet what type of food would be best for your cat's specific needs and then gradually make the switch.

Treats are exactly that - Treats. They are not a regular part of your cat's diet and should be given sparingly. A few more rules -

  • Provide the best food possible that you can afford to
  • Discuss food types and your cat's individual needs with your vet
  • Switch foods gradually

If you stick to these rules, your cat will be doing just fine. If you want to educate yourself even more about feline nutrition, we have a huge selection of guides and articles right here on the site:

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One comment on “What Do I Need To Know About Feeding My Cat?

sadie66 September 30, 2013
sadie was having problems with anal glands leaking put her on pure pumkin besides her food, which is core by wellness, she liked it at first, and it helped no leaking, going to the litter good for the first time ever, also put her on l-lysiene which helped her breathing but know it's happening again i am just so worried i will never get thi fixed she did loose 2 pounds which helped though the vet was no help at all

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