Top 5 Brands Of Wet Cat Food Our Members Love The Most

What do our members look for when buying food for their cats? Recurrent themes include: protein from quality meat sources; low-carb content; and grain-free recipes. You can read about them all in Choosing the Right Food for My Cat and don't forget to click through to part 2. We certainly have many members who feed raw and/or homemade diets, yet for most canned food is usually the food of choice and we even have a special guide that tells you What Makes the Best Canned Cat Food.

We get the question in the nutrition forum all the time: Which brands and specific types of canned cat food do you recommend?

So, let's name some names then, and "dish out" the most popular ones that are often recommended by our members. This list is based on the forum mentions combined with our Canned Cat Food Reviews. Bon appetit!

Hound & Gatos 98% Canned Cat Food - Various flavors

The Hound and Gatos brand offers simple, high protein/low carb food. Unlike other brands, there are no grains, carrots, blueberries, or other fruits/vegetables. - Raintyger

My picky kitties loved this food. My little girl kitty acted like she hadn't eaten in a week when she was eating this. - Denice

Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Cat Food

My kitties do well on Fancy Feast, I have fed it a lot through the years as it is fairly inexpensive. My kitties really like the taste and come running when they hear the lids pop.

- cprcheetah

Great price for grain-free food for kitties. I enjoy that it's not as smelly as other cat food and that my kitten comes running mad whenever I serve her FF Classics. If the price wasn't enough to adore they also don't have any vegetables taking up space, kitties don't need veggies or grains in their diet. - GraveKandi

EVO 95% Meat Canned Cat Food Variety Pack

I tried a couple of brands but they wanted nothing to do with any of it. When I offered Evo... Let's just say I don't think they took a breath while they were eating. I would never switch from Evo except for a raw diet. - tylerwaugh

Even I like the smell! It reminds me of pate.

Taste of the Wild Canned Cat Food

TOTW is a grain-free and all-life-stages food, so I will continue to keep them on this for the rest of their lives (they are 5 months old). It's great for their coats and is very protein-based, which means less is more! - Wolfie305

The ingredient list is nice, it's low-carb and grain-free, and its chunks in gravy (my cat usually prefers chunks to pate)...This formula is chicken-free, making it appropriate for cats with chicken protein intolerances, and it's also free of grains and soy. There are no byproducts, either. - LilGreenAstrid

Wellness Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Although it does have potatoes and carrageenan, it is pretty much found in any Petco or Petsmart as well as many other chains and independently owned stores. - Raintyger

I love that they are completely grain-free, their even gluten-free! If that wasn't great enough this brand is super easy to find in all major pet stores, and even ma and pa shops. I love this brand and so does Ziggy. I highly recommend them. - GraveKandi

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Mary Ann Seidman March 7, 2021
I have tried 3 of these brands and many other varieties of wet foods for my girl, but she will not eat wet foods. I don't like feeding her only dry food, I even tried the soft kind but she wouldn't touch that either. She throws up if she eats too much too fast, so we have to feed her the dry food in small batches I would love to find a wet food that she would actually eat. It reminds me of what my mom used to say, if you're hungry enough you will eat anything. My cat just turned 2 years old last month so she is still young, she also does not like any people food, including tuna, she is VERY picky.
Joey's mom May 8, 2018
I always fed my cats good quality, premium brand foods with meat as the first ingredient. It wasn't until recently I decided to question "chicken and/or turkey meal." I did a little research and discovered that can actually consist of what we don't want for our fur-babies: feathers, from sick and/or diseased cows, similar to what we think of when we see the words "by-product." I contacted Nulo and Wellness because I feed mostly that brand and was informed their "chicken meal" is from muscle and that's what we pet parents need to know and feel safe in serving. I don't like the carrageenan in Wellness but they assured me it's a minimal amount and not harmless. I suggest to all pet parents regarding whatever brand you purchase, contact the company to ensure when you see the words "chicken/turkey/beef meal" listed in the ingredients that it's coming from muscle.
Anne December 26, 2016
@ElvisCat59 I'm afraid the resources you linked to are not evidence-based. They express opinions but not facts. There is no scientific basis to the claim that wet food is necessarily better for all cats. It's perfectly ok to decide that you are convinced by someone's opinions, just as long as you're aware that they do not reflect current scientific knowledge. If you want to learn what science tells us today, I suggest this article: A Scientific Take On Cat Nutrition By Dr. Rachel Boltz
elviscat59 December 26, 2016
Oh, I cannot agree more about feeding canned food versus dry is the healthiest and best food to prevent all kinds of health issues in our cats! My daughter and I did our own research for months, and learned about cat's digestive systems work, and the fact that they ARE carnivores, think about that..In nature, cats would not be eating dry kibble! They eat pure meat protein, chicken, turkey, beef..Avoid fish, because the sources put into cat food is more than likely tainted with Mercury..We have discussed this for over a year with our holistic vet, and she agrees about getting rid of dry food! Cat's kidneys are their most sensitive organs and they can never drink enough water to keep them hydrated and healthy. This is why so many cats get kidney disease and failure..I would suggest that anyone feeding dry food, please, for the sake of your cat's longterm health (and not for your convenience of pouring dry food into their food bowls, or whatever other reasons dry appeals to you.) we have been educated and convinced so much by reading these two wonderful cat sites, one was created by a female holistic veterinarian, the other is written with a vet, but, the main author went through losing her cats, and having serious health conditions, feeding them dry food..She did her own research, and wrote a book on the subject too..The first site, which we call the "Bible for how to feed and keep our cats as healthy as possible" is second site is Feline Instincts page creator wrote a very interesting book that is also a great manual on how to keep our kitties healthy for their entire lives. The book link is here: is a very easy, interesting read that taught our family SO much..We stopped feeding dry kibble almost 2 years ago, and have seen some really positive results with our five cats..Our 12 and 13 year old cats have perfect labwork levels, and they look and act much younger than others their age! Please educate and inform yourselves on what to feed your cats, at least take a look at these two pages, and then, decide whether or not you feel you can continue feeding dry kibble..We have to think about our cat's health, more than what may be more convenient to feed each day..I want ours to live and nice, long, healthy life with us...They are part of our family and are worth this commitment....I hope I have helped many here who love their kitties as much as we do...let me know your thoughts after visiting these sites and/or reading the awesome book too!  Merry Christmas! :-)
tynk15 February 10, 2016
my cat had crystals but no surgery. His vet suggested a special food. Is it ok to feed Purina Pro Plan Focus urinary dry food and on occasion Prescription SO chunky stew.(likes alot, but expensive more small can) It is very hard to get him off Friskies shredded turkey/cheese... he just really loves it. Will feeding Friskies canned food make him develope more crystals? He dislikes Hounds & Gatos, Wellness brands and most from the Pet Smart. any suggestions of wet canned and non-pate food?
Anne June 26, 2015
There are those who claim that but I have yet to see concrete scientific data to back that claim.
sasha nicole June 26, 2015
I thought that dry food can cause diabetes in kitties.  But then, I'm a relatively new owner. 
gladys September 2, 2014
Well like my cat s only vet says Dry kibble should only be fed as a snack due to the fact that cats just don' t drink enough water to compensate, and they eventually become dehydrated and in the long run end up having cystitis, diabetes, just to name a few. Furthermore, cats do not eat dry food in the wild, they are carnivores and need meat to survive. Just saying...
Anne June 5, 2014
@kollannia please post questions in the cat nutrition forum. Thank you!
kollannia June 5, 2014
My Siamese likes wet only, with @12pieces of dry. how many of you experience this.  eats one day, or so, then turns his tail on the same thing he had been eating..for about a day.... so frustrating.  Weather, or what makes this cat do this......???? 
erikaremmington June 4, 2014
I agree with the earlier comments about preferring dry food over wet. And if need be I just add a supplemental aditive to the food like Nupro and it always works great for my cats.
bshoemaker May 10, 2014
One of my eight kitties was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Our veterinarian, and many articles I researched on the web indicate diabetic cats should have no more than five percent carbohydrates in their diet. Many Fancy Feast pates and flaked food fall into this category. For ease of feeding, I've decided to put all my kitties on this diet. With eight hungry cats, I go through three quarters of a case of food a day! I hope this low carb diet will increase their health, and prevent Leo's litter mates from contracting this dread disease.
ataleof3kitties February 2, 2014
If you have a cat with a sensitive stomach who pukes a lot, I recommend Royal Canin DIGESTIVE SENSITIVE.  It is over-the-counter. You do not have to have a prescription.  The cats seem to like the taste and it reduces vomiting.
mrsgreenjeens January 29, 2014
AllMomsKitties, I hate to disagree with you, but if you compare canned to dry on a Dry Matter Basis, I think you will see that Canned is actually much higher in protein than high quality dry.  Did you see the article on how to figure out the Dry Matter % figures?  It was published earlier this month as well.  But I understand we all have our own opinions :-}

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