The Ocicat

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A domestic cat that has been bred especially to look like a wild cat, the Ocicat is named after the beautiful spotted Ocelot, but is bred from pure pedigreed lines. It has no wild blood in its background. The Ocicat has the friendly, affectionate temperament of your perfect pedigreed cat whilst having the graceful, athletic body, gaze and appearance of the wild cat. The Ocicat is known as “The Leopard Look-Alike Pedigreed Cat” or “The Lap Leopard”.

The Ocicat – Breed History

Fifty years ago in America, a breeder mated an Abyssinian with a Siamese. The spotted kitten that resulted was not the pointed Aby she had hoped for, so was neutered. But as the spotted kitten matured, the breeder realized that the beautiful cat she had produced was worthy of further investigation, so she repeated the mating to again produce spotted kittens. Thus began the journey to produce a new breed of pedigreed cat from mating Abyssinian, Siamese and the American short-hair.

The Ocicat was accepted for registration by the CFA in 1966 then after more than 20 years of devoted breeding, gained provisional status, it was advanced to championship status in 1987. The Ocicat is so-named because of its likeness to the wild Ocelot. Quite popular in the USA, Europe and England more recently, the Ocicat is gaining strong support in the Southern Hemisphere as well.

The Ocicat – Breed Description

The Ocicat is physically beautiful with its short, sleek, silky, shiny coat showing off its muscled body and its well-defined spots. The Ocicat coat is short and sits close to its body. It is a medium to large cat with an athletic appearance, moving with grace and flexibility – just like a wild cat.

The Ocicat’s temperament is affectionate, playful, loyal and sociable. It gets on very well with children, other cats and dogs. In many ways, it is more dog-like than cat-like. It is not a cat to sit and watch – it is interactive – it prefers to join in and help with household and family activities. It has a strong personality and often shows a preference for the men in its household.

The Ocicat is highly intelligent – it is ever ready to learn – its greatest reward is praise for a new skill well done. It comes in 12 colors – chocolate, chocolate silver, tawny, black silver, lavender, lavender silver, blue, blue silver, fawn, fawn silver, cinnamon and cinnamon silver.

Special Needs

The Ocicat has no particular needs. It requires little or no grooming, has no particular health problems, being a strong, sturdy cat.

Written by Nola Kim of Oz Catz
Nola Kim of Oz Catz is a Specialist Registered Breeder of Ocicats.

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Babyroxasman March 13, 2018
It should mention that they are very active and they love to meow. Mine is a talker but luckily its mostly just when she wants food

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