The Litterbox – What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

In every cat lover's home, the litterbox stands as a beacon of feline independence.

While the world rushes outside, our cats enjoy the luxury of their private quarters, caring for their business in peace.

a kitten inside the litterbox with full of cat litter

This convenience, though, isn't just a matter of throwing sand in a box and hoping for the best.

The intricacies of setting up and maintaining a litterbox can significantly impact your cat's well-being and your home's harmony.

Whether you're a newbie hoping to get things right from the start, or a seasoned owner looking for tweaks to enhance your current setup, our comprehensive guides are here to assist.

With insights, tips, and solutions, we aim to ensure every cat enjoys a pristine and comfortable litterbox environment.

1. Make The Right Choices When Setting Up The Litterbox

If you're about to adopt a cat, now's the time to learn everything you can about how to choose the right litterbox and suitable litter.

Cat tray with crystal litter and scoop on floor near light blue wall

This may come as a surprise, but even if you only have one cat, you should probably have more than one litterbox in your home.

Where should you put the litterboxes? Ahh, that's a good question, and we have some good answers for you!

Experienced cat owners should also read these at least once. Find out if there's anything you're doing wrong before you get into trouble:


2. Keep Litterboxes Clean And Well-Maintained!

Even with the best setup possible, you must keep the litterbox attractive for Kitty.

a hand holding a scoop, cleaning the litterbox dirt while a cat inspects the cleaning process of its tray

It takes some time and effort but once you have your litterbox routine down, both you and your cat will enjoy a clean and fresh-smelling box.

Read the following articles to learn all the tricks of the trade:

3. Know What To Do If There Are Problems

When your cat goes outside the litterbox, you have a problem. You're not alone. Litterbox avoidance is one of the most common behavior problems reported by owners.

Address these issues quickly and effectively, and you can get your cat to go back to the litterbox.

woman shows where she was a cat toilet

So, what to do? We'll walk you through everything you need to know.

These guides cover everything from potential health problems through cleaning the mess and on to behavior modification techniques:

Final Thoughts on Feline Litterbox Mastery

As cat owners, our dedication goes beyond the occasional cuddle and feeding; it extends to ensuring the well-being of our feline companions in every possible aspect.

Commitment to their welfare involves providing them with the utmost care, even in aspects as seemingly mundane as their litterboxes.

gray kitten in plastic litter cat on floor

The journey of learning never truly ends, and these guides serve as beacons, lighting the path to mastery in addressing any litterbox's concerns.

May every cat owner find the knowledge they seek, ensuring a harmonious home for both humans and felines.

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9 comments on “The Litterbox – What Every Cat Owner Needs To Know

Tomkahouse July 20, 2018
My cat buddy is getting fixed Tuesday july 24th 2018 . he's about 2 years old with the typical tomcat massive head . And some pretty massive balls .I am feeling guilty about nurturing him . I know he's crazy about his nuts ! But he's strictly an inside cat and will always be . His good health is relative to him being neutered . But I still feel guilty . Am I just being silly ?
Tomkahouse July 20, 2018
I not sure if my cat buddy and me can get much closer without it getting really weird ! I delivered him , he was caught up coming out . I handled him more for good reason . We are like tom and jerry lol .He follows me everywhere in the house and I need to be really careful because im in a electric wheelchair . He's been bit a time or two by this chair and with me In it we are talking several hundreds pounds ! Scare me to death the times how wailed out , I thought I killed him ! But on close inspection , not a thing ? His response was like a banshee in a thrashing machine the sound he made was horrible ! But not a scratch ! Im particularly careful even more and so is he ! Buddy nearly always cuddles up with me at night and use to sleep on my head and under my beard when younger . Love this cat ! I mean he means the world to me ! ❤.
Tomkahouse July 20, 2018
My male cat has pissed on my hat and my extra pillow laying on the floor . I made a cat souffle with him from my blender ! He was delicious Actually I knew it was a sign of affection so I pissed on him ! Just kidding
Tomkahouse July 20, 2018
My male cat has pissed on my hat and my extra pillow laying on the floor . I made a cat souffle with him from my blender ! He was delicious Actually I knew it was a sign of affection so I pissed on him ! Just kidding
Boo Jones Daddy July 14, 2018
im sorry but if my cat pissed on me it might not make it to the vets alive...... LOL Just saying, Boo is 17 and never done anything of the sort.....
saxx March 19, 2018
PLz understand that when a cat pees on you or in your fav chair or bed,it is because 1 of 2 things..1) they have a UTI or are in pain get to vet asap..2)this is a huge sign of love and loyalty..they r trying to protect you from a danger they think is a danger,and by pissing on you they r telling that "danger" your theirs and stay away..the litter box is one of safety and security and that is why a feline marks the one they love most likely this,believe it or not it is the truth..example,my cat ,the male, inside and fixed,has done this 4x in the 8 TRS I have had him, it is always in my favorite chair or bed,where we both sleep,we r very very close in fact he is more like a dog than a cat,and usually another cat or something outside has gotten on patio and he is in his "way" protecting me, this is a huge compliment even though it may not seem that way and any vet that does not agree with this should not be a vet it is a known fact.i am a vet and I have researched this extensively.PLZ never ever get mad at your baby for doing this,he loves u loads to do female never has done this and we r close but def not near as close as me and my "gideon" are..just calmly spray your sheets with a enzyme then wash them in hot water and it's over..NEVER shame your feline..they have empathy but do not understand this is wrong,this is their way of saying I love you and I'm scared there is a threat and I want to protect you..wise up folks,this is such a sad thing when people do not know this and think their cats are bad,,pathetic it truly is and your feline deserves loyalty and devotion just as he or she is giving u,bottom line if your feline has never done it,good,but you 2 are not as close as u think....thanks... Saxx
    Schroedinger's mom October 9, 2022
    Thank you so much, saxx. That is an excellent piece of writing that all potential cat parents should read. I've had cats my entire life but refused to adopt boys because of my mistaken belief that neutering had to be timed just right: one of my beloved childhood cats had been neutered "too soon" and pissed all over the house because of urinary tract issues and the other had been neutered "too late" and pissed all over the house, dashed out the door, and disappeared for days because tomcats are yucky. A few questions from Schroedinger's breeder and my existing knowledge of cat behaviour relieved my concerns. Cats are territorial animals. Peep-eye didn't die of a urinary tract infection, he died of a broken heart. Much as we loved Blackie, he was unquestionably "the interloper" and understandably insecure. Nobody is going to "whack off" anything in my baby's "diaper area". I've got him scheduled for healthcare at four months while i do my research. I love his masculinity and if he feels the need to mark a bit, i love having my house smell like cat again. My "Schroedinger's cat" (as opposed to my new boy kitten named Schroedinger) who ran off and may or may not be alive is/was female.
ietester12 January 30, 2018
SeventhHeaven July 24, 2016
Great articles covering Everything!

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