The Cat Safety Quiz

We all know what curiosity did to the cat. So how are you keeping Kitty safe and out of trouble? Take this quiz to find out if you know how to keep your cat safe. Don’t forget to share your results in the comment section. Helps us spread the word as well by sharing this quiz on Facebook and Twitter!

16 comments on “The Cat Safety Quiz

CrAzY_CaT_MoM June 6, 2018
i love the kitty driving a car option , made me chuckle
PushPurrCatPaws June 18, 2017
It's unfair. Although I got 100%, I think pizza should be made safe for everyone, even cats! :D
tiptopper February 16, 2017
tarasgirl06 December 3, 2016
Although the picture of a cat driving a car is very cute (and Toonces can, but Toonces is only a comedy sketch character!) I got 100% ;)
shadowkitty10 October 20, 2016
DreamerRose September 17, 2016
It took several days, but I finally realized that. Duh on me. :(
Anne September 17, 2016
@DreamerRose The question is which is not a safe cat collar. The correct answer is the regular one :)
sivyaleah September 15, 2016
I only missed the one about being allowed outdoors - I picked the enclosed space figuring being behind bars would be enough but apparently not! 90% though not to shabby!
DreamerRose September 15, 2016
It told me the breakaway collar was incorrect.
Anne September 1, 2016
@SweetieBelle that's an excellent point! I 
sweetiebelle September 1, 2016
Aww I only scored 90%. I just missed the first one about which age is a cat more prone to accidents. I guess I figured it wasn't a kitten because I can't imagine not being extra careful around a baby animal (although I know so many people aren't careful and lots of kittens are hurt because of that), but adult cats who go outside are exposed to all sorts of risks. Everything from owls and coyotes, to being hit by cars and other humans harming them, and dogs going after them, and getting into rat poison or antifreeze or eating poisonous plants or being exposed to deadly illnesses like rabies or leptospirosis or Felv from other cats. Adult cats just seem like they are exposed to so many more risks that way. Oh well, this is why I have indoor only kitties. 
tarasgirl06 August 29, 2016
If I hadn't scored 100% after living literally since conception with cats, I'd be a pretty poor specimen, now wouldn't I? 
leen and alice August 28, 2016
the flower one!! but 90 is great!! Im not realy in to flowers thats why!
Alicia88 August 27, 2016
The only one I missed was the flower one.  I knew irises were a problem but I didn't know about lilies.  It doesn't matter, though.  I have such ridiculous allergies, I can't keep house plants anyway.  Most of them seemed like common sense.  I tried to get Connor to drive himself and Murphy to the vet but he couldn't see over the steering well so I had to take them.
rascalshadownj2 August 25, 2016
I think that applies to dogs too. It's a good idea to put your dogs in a pet carrier or crate too when transporting them to the vet. Back when we had our dogs, I didn't know about pet carriers then. Luckily we had two dogs who liked to ride in the car. They were well-behaved. So they would lay in the back seat when we would take them to the vet. But my other dog Cookie who was part beagle, had to be restrained when riding in the car. I would hold her in the back seat while mom drove. Cookie didn't like to ride in the car. But now that I have my cats, I have two really good carriers that I use to transport them to the vet. I also use a heavy-duty black wire pet crate that has room for both of them to ride in. I made a soft pillow for them to lay on in the crate. They don't seem to mind it too much. Once we get to the vet, we immediately put them in their carriers to take them into the vet.   That's true, raysmyheart. You were Very Lucky that you didn't have an accident with your cat being under the break pedal of your car. Glad you decided to get a carrier for your cat. It's much safer that way. As far as playing with strings, rubber bands, or yarn, I don't let them play with those things. I try to make sure that I pick up any string, that I drop on the floor. Rubber bands too. I once saw on this vet show where this cat had swallowed either a rubber band, or baby pacifier. That was weird. Luckily the vet got the object out of the cat's stomach, and the cat lived. :-) So you have to be careful what you have around your house. ;-) Luckily my cats don't try to eat things that I accidentally drop on the floor. They just sniff at it, and if it doesn't smell like food, they walk off. lol
raysmyheart August 25, 2016
It is a bad idea to take your cat in the car without a carrier or box, I know from experience.  Because Speedy is a pretty mellow cat, I thought she would not have much trouble riding in the car with just a leash and harness.  I will never do it again!  She kept placing herself under the brake pedal and it was very frightening.  It was leaving me with the option of not applying the brakes or  applying them and risk crushing Speedy!  Luckily, I was able to pull over and get her from under the pedal and keep a tight reign on her leash, but it was not easy to drive.  I am just glad my guardian angel was with us and never would I take her without the carrier again!  Speedy doesn't go after much around the house, but if it is an elastic, or thread type of thing, she will go for it, so I never leave those around.  I even made a receptacle for my used dental floss because I can see her becoming attracted to that.     I also have to be very mindful of Speedy burrowing under small rugs.  If I got up fast, not looking, I might step on her.  There are also times when she almost got underfoot, but I try to always keep in mind that she might be close to my feet.  I want Speedy and I to be together for a very long time!

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