The Cat Color & Breed Quiz

We have a new quiz for you! It’s not an easy one but it’s an all-visual quiz with lots of cat pictures, so lots of fun! Take the quiz to see how well you can tell a tabby apart from a calico… Once you’re done, let us know how much you scored in the comments section and please share this with your friends and on your Facebook page!

45 comments on “The Cat Color & Breed Quiz

@baby October 12, 2019
it won't load!
.:|▪ρɛɢɢʏֆǟʊʀʊડ▪|:. April 9, 2019
12/12 I admit I kind of guessed on the 'Newest Cat' one, but I did have a feeling ..
HHoven November 26, 2018
HHoven November 26, 2018
tarasgirl06 February 8, 2018
*Cat Master* :yess: thanks to my folks and the amazing cats who have shared life with me from the very start!
shadowkitty10 November 19, 2017
83%! I'm surprised. I guessed on a few!
munashi September 12, 2015
100%!  Surprised, actually.  I'll admit to guessing on one of them - wasn't sure about the Devon Rex question.
kittycuddler14 September 3, 2015
10/12 · Scored 83% :)
raysmyheart September 2, 2015
10/12.  This was a fun quiz and I always want to know more about identifying cats.
misterwhiskers August 31, 2015
We're a pretty knowledgeable bunch here based on the comments here!! Yay!!!!
misterwhiskers August 31, 2015
I got all but one. Missed the question on which wasn't the Far East cat. I knew all their names, at least!! Did not know the Spinx cat came from Canada. I had a feeling about that one, though. Should have known. StefanZ would be proud!!
frankie the cat August 27, 2015
I scored 11 out of 12 !!!! 
mycatworld August 18, 2015
100% Yahoo!
peterbald love August 15, 2015
troub95 August 13, 2015
10/12 :-)
segelkatt August 9, 2015
I got all of them correct on first try so that makes me a Cat Master! I've been doing a lot of reading on cats and their breeds and descriptions so I am pretty knowledgeable. Whenever I hear of or see a picture of a cat I have not heard of I look it up and so I have learned a lot.
juriesempai July 20, 2015
12 out of 12 Cat master! Yay!
dream May 25, 2015
Top Cat, scored two wrong!
hera April 28, 2015
Ohhhh yeeeah, 12/12! This may well be the only time this has happened to me in anything!
tarasgirl06 March 8, 2015
ConCATulations to new Cat Masters out there.  Together with our felines, we WILL rule the universe.  (Or at least the internet) ;)
knobby wheezer March 8, 2015
I, too, am a Cat Master.
juliek1975 February 3, 2015
I got 100%!
di and bob January 27, 2015
I scored a 100%! A couple of the questions made me really have to think!
mattkat January 24, 2015
It didn't work on my computer. It said server connection failed. 
shadowbaby14 January 5, 2015
91% 11/12 :) The Far East question puzzled me! Now I know that the Sphinx originated in my country!
horatiothecat January 2, 2015
10/12 over here!.
catsroar October 22, 2014
I am the Cat Master! Got 12 out of 12 right!
caralian September 24, 2014
Ah, I had 2 wrong. But I learned something, which is always good. :D
tiggerkitty September 22, 2014
11 out of 12 witch means im a top cat and thats on my 2nd try!
beeofthewoods September 19, 2014
Yeah, I got 11 of them correct!
tarasgirl06 September 18, 2014
100% Cat Master raised from conception with cats >^^<
nicolina September 16, 2014
Yay! I got 100% :D That makes sense, considering I've been reading about cats since I could read  :P
elise1030 September 15, 2014
11/12 !
merlin2000 September 13, 2014
12 out of 12 100%
pat September 13, 2014
I scored 100% :)  Fun quiz.
Anne September 12, 2014
Thanks for the feedback, zoneout. I changed the image to one where the Sphynx is entirely naked! Feel free to retake for a perfect score (and share with your friends!)
zoneout September 12, 2014
11 of 12 tripped up on the sphinx question which was my second choice.  Kind of unfair since they had the sphinx covered with some cloth so you couldnt plainly see it was hairless
whisperer September 11, 2014
I got 9 of 12
caltritwiamb4 September 10, 2014
Cat Master 100%
furperson September 10, 2014
I got all of them right! 100%!
miscetera September 10, 2014
Missed 1 question.
littlelion September 10, 2014
I only got two wrong :) 80-89%
alyssam September 10, 2014
Ugh me too 11/12 91% ... I've never heard or seen a "Devon Rex" before, so I didn't even know what it was when I selected a different cat on that question haha.
micknsnicks2mom September 10, 2014
i scored 11 out of 12 too (91%). i missed the question about which breed didn't originate in the far east -- i chose (it looked like a ) bengal or similar, and the correct answer was the sphynx. i did better than i had expected to.
tammat September 10, 2014
I scored 11 out of 12. 91%.

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