Special Needs Cats: Meet Little

Karen Lyn shares with us the story of Little, the Blind and the Beautiful –

Little is the sunshine of my life. He is my 2nd foster failure. Around 5 months old, I realized he could only see bright lights. Gradually he became completely blind. He gets around so well it took me all those months to realize he couldn’t see and even then I only realized it because I was using him to compare to my other kitten who I thought might have an eye injury. I figured since they were the same age, they should have about the same vision, right? What a surprise.

I was devastated and upset for quite awhile, thinking I had failed him by not figuring it out and angry that none of his vet visits or rescue group had caught on either. But Little didn’t care one bit. He was still hell on paws. At least now I knew why he had so much trouble jumping on the bed when he was smaller. And why he attacked my hand when I tried to pet him sometimes. I was startling him without knowing it. Since then, I rub my fingers together near his head before I pet. He knows this means petting and he leans in for loving.

Little does everything seeing cats do. He runs and plays, chases his cat mates, and he LOVES to climb as high as he can go. Sometimes he climbs the stucco porch walls. He bumps in to the other cats, and occasionally walks into a wall but he keeps right on going. He can catch his tinsel wand in mid air as good as anyone. He recently started flushing the toilet for kicks.

He knows where everything is in the house. I’ve arranged my furniture so that he can get everywhere the other cats can. I don’t change things around without repeatedly introducing him. And if he gets up somewhere new and he’s moving his head from side to side trying to tell if he can jump down, I tap my hand on the floor, etc, to let him know where it’s safe to land. He picks things up very quickly and learns from the other cats explorations.

When people meet him, they don’t believe me that Little is blind. Little doesn’t believe it either.

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5 comments on “Special Needs Cats: Meet Little

kittycatnap May 27, 2012
Wow! If I didn't know he was blind until after reading it, I would have thought Little was a regular cat! He is beautiful!
georgespal May 19, 2012
What a great story! Little sure is beautiful, and it sounds like he overcomes his disability with flying colours! :)
rockcat May 17, 2012
His name may be Little, but he is sure Big in courage!
frankthetank May 17, 2012
great story! Blind cats are awesome, I love hearing stories from people who have them :o)
rosiemac May 17, 2012
Little is beautiful!. And a huge thanks for not giving up on this little boy when you found out something was wrong

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