Quiz: What Do You Know About Feral Cats?

How well do you know feral cats? For many, they are invisible felines. For some, they are beloved kitties who appreciate the care and love their providers offer. Let's see where you stand. Take the quiz to find out how you measure up in your knowledge of feral cats.

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8 comments on “Quiz: What Do You Know About Feral Cats?

British Girls October 16, 2018
ParentsOMooch November 25, 2017
Yay! A 100!! Woohoo and only been doing the feral and stray trap release and fostering for 2 years. My kit-kat 15 year old maincoon mix, Salem the 11 year old all black male, and my mooch 6 month old tuxedo kitten are all strays. Kit-kat I found when she was 6 weeks old all four paws frozen to ground under my car in winter, Salem trapped at age 6 months to take to shelter but he and I bonded instantly, and Mooch was 1 out of a 7 baby litter (all of them we rounded up fostered and adopted out) across street to one of the resident females called "Bones" (whom we still can't trap to get spayed but aren't throwing in the towel of defeat yet). "People don't choose the cat, the cat chooses its people"
AngelKat October 7, 2017
Feral cats need all the help they can get and knowledge is the key to understanding and helping them. Thanks for the quiz
onfiregirl September 6, 2017
a feral cat chased my female who was a feral kitten that i saved a year ago, 4 days ago, i plan on getting him back to full health and taming him then finding him a new home
JustAMaleThatLovesCats August 25, 2017
morpheusmom February 17, 2017
100% My feral cat Morpheus was 3 months when I rescued him from the shelter where someone had adopted him and after a week brought him back because he wouldn't stop hiding and come out to play with their children. I was heart broken when I heard the story. I had to have him when I picked him up and held him next to my heart and stroked under his chin and behind his ears he purred. I took him home and the first week we slept together in my bathroom, the during that week I studied everything I could find on feral cats. I went back to the shelter and got his cage buddy Pandora a non feral. The feral Morpheus sleeps on a pillow on my bed and gently biscuits me ever night before be go to sleep.He will be a year next month. Great Quiz.
sivyaleah November 4, 2016
100% here. I know my kitties :D
tarasgirl06 October 27, 2016
100% correct, thanks in great part to http://www.alleycat.org the website of Alley Cat Allies, the US's database for all things feral feline.

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