Quiz: Are You A True Litterbox Expert?

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Do you consider yourself a cat care expert? Let’s see how well you know all there is to know about the litterbox and its contents. The answers can all be found on this very site in various litter-related articles
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33 comments on “Quiz: Are You A True Litterbox Expert?

CrAzY_CaT_MoM June 6, 2018
'use the litterbox youself to show him how its done' again that answer made me chuckle just picturing it. 10/12 - got the inventor and what is not used to make a type of litter wrong
rascalshadownj2 August 4, 2016
I just remembered what the other question I missed. It was the question about what kind of litter to use when you bring home a new cat from the shelter. I said to use a clumping litter, but the correct answer was to use what the cat in the shelter used, and then later on after the cat was used to its environment, you could switch litters later on. Anyway, I was glad to see that I knew about litter boxes. lol
laura h December 25, 2015
11/12 The only one wrong was amount of litter. Even got the inventor correct. 
peterbald love August 15, 2015
9/12 here
Anne August 1, 2015
@BeverlyJane Your score shows up once you submit the last question. 
beverlyjane August 1, 2015
where is my score??!!
mrcloverthecat July 20, 2015
I'm a student :o
cat com July 10, 2015
got 91 percent accidentally clicked 1 month instead of 1 week but i knew the question.
chipmunk-kim July 9, 2015
11/12 I had no idea who invented litter!
nansiludie July 9, 2015
91% only missed one, that one was which litter should you use if a friend adopted a shelter kitty. I put clumping, the answer was the same as the shelter, shelter litter varies so much that I figured clumping would be better.
meow123 July 1, 2015
I got 8 or 9 wrong im guessing 8
kntrygrl256 June 26, 2015
Best way to take this quiz....Pick the answer you think is correct, click and close your eyes....open eyes really slow to see if you are correct, LMAO It worked for me!!!! :P
kntrygrl256 June 26, 2015
12/12 I did better than I though I would.   The bonus question almost got me. I read that on another article so I had to search my memory for the answer. WHEW!!! It almost got me.
catspaw66 June 26, 2015
12/12  I have been trained by my cats for the last 40 years.
raksha May 10, 2015
11/12- I AM THE LITTERBOX MASTER!!! Well, except when it comes to knowing who invented litter.
sisco1111 May 5, 2015
8 out of 12. I don't pay much attention to what happens in the litter box....
matts mom February 23, 2015
83% not bad all told. I do my cat litter 3-4inches deep, and thought that it was because of Matt's huge size and bladder capacity...never knew that it was actually needed lol! most brands say to put about 2-3 inches in.  And I got that wrong. and I got the one about the extra litterbox wrong. I was thinking one per cat. 
amandatzl February 20, 2015
10 of 12 i misread the question on how often to change the litter  and was totally off on the who invented it. oh well i got the important ones right!
linda rae February 18, 2015
I also got the amount of litter in the box wrong and like you that is how much I use. I just figured I was being frugal in the amount I used. As for the clumping litter and how often you change it I have to tell you this story about a cat friend I knew. She started using clumping litter and would remove the clumps, but never replaced any clumping litter. She started to complain the cat wasn't using the litter box. Come to find out she would remove the clumps and never replace the litter with fresh litter. She was waiting until she scooped out all the clumps before she would replace the box with fresh litter. I could not believe someone could be such a moron. I went on to explain to her that when she goes she is happiest when she has a full roll of toilet paper in which to wipe. With her scenario she would be unhappy if she got to the point where she could only use one sheet to wipe and very unhappy if she didn't have any toilet paper to wipe. Well I told her the cat is unhappy it doesn't have any litter. She finally got it. The cat stopped going outside the box and began to use its litter box once again. DUH!!! Some people shouldn't be animal owners.
mojoseph February 11, 2015
Fun. 11 out of 12, but I missed an important one -- how deep the litter should be, even though that is how much I actually use. I just assumed I was probably doing it wrong(:
Kat0121 February 9, 2015
I got the one about non clumping litter wrong so I got an 11/12. I figured it might need to get cleaned out more than once a week depending on how often the cat/cats use it. That was fun and very informative!!
sallyragdoll February 1, 2015
Ok...maybe I should not be a cat owner. ;)
Anne January 26, 2015
@Di and Bob You should choose reliable sources like Wikipedia or TCS ;) http://www.thecatsite.com/a/cat-litter-the-dust-settles
di and bob January 26, 2015
Missed the bonus question, had just read about the invention of litter in Cat Fancy, they said it was a woman!
tammat January 26, 2015
I missed the bonus question. I know that now!!! I best go and scoop.
carebearbaby1 January 25, 2015
I missed one, but I knew the answer. Just second guessed myself.
mani January 25, 2015
11/12.  Not good on my litterbox invention history!
andieg January 23, 2015
Not bad - one wrong. The question wasn't very clear - it didn't say cat was urinating outside box and it asked what would you do first. I would have asked on the forum.I would have thought behavioral. oh well. Live and learn! . Good info to know. I'm a fanatic - if I'm home, I clean it after each time I see them use it and have a spray bottle filled with bleach/water and paper towels near it to clean the scooper, and I have the storage clear plastic bins, litter pans are too small so their tushies were hanging over or too near the edge. Mr. T practically digs to China (as our parents used to say to us at the beach!)    
huny January 22, 2015
100%,  I had just recently read up on litter boxes when I adopted another abandoned  kitten.  
Anne January 22, 2015
@raysmyheart thank you! That's the best compliment I can think of for our quiz!
raysmyheart January 22, 2015
75% .  Re-took the quiz, makes you think of things from the cat's point of view!
nora1 January 22, 2015
100%! I totally guessed on the bonus question :P
haze n blaze January 22, 2015
9/12. Should have done better. Accidentally tapped wrong answer on one of them...lol! Definitely didn't know the bonus

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