Feline Toy Story: 21 Sweet Cats With Their Soft Furriends

Cats are our sweet little fluffballs, aren’t they? It’s only natural to want to give them their own cute little fluffballs to play with! Here are 21 TCS kitties showing off their teddy bears and other plush toys!

A cat is never too young to have a teddy bear, or a teddy rodent –

Older cats can be just as attached to their stuffed animal toys!

And guard them with jealousy!

Hugging them to make sure they never go away –

Even in their sleep –

With bigger toys, it can be hard to tell who’s guarding whom –

Some cats like having a row of guards around them –

Others go for a really BIG big brother –

Nothing quite like cuddling a teddy bear. Well, except maybe for being cuddled by one, like this –

Or this –

This cat couldn’t decide whether to guard his teddy bears or use them as guards, so they all ended up within the safety of of their little condo –

Apparently, it’s not always about safety. Some cats seem to feel threatened by stuffed toys –

Or not-so-stuffed toys –

But most appreciate the company of a couple of plush toys –

Or five –

Or more? Can a cat ever have too many furry toy friends?

They sure take up a lot of room in the basket –

Ok. that is high up on the “toy volume” dial –

It’s getting crowded in here…

Really crowded!

Do we really need so many toys? After all, each kitty comes equipped with its own pair of sweet teddy bears right there, on those sweet paws!

11 comments on “Feline Toy Story: 21 Sweet Cats With Their Soft Furriends

tarasgirl06 August 24, 2016
It would be impossible to choose the "cutest" among all of these adorable cats and their plushy (and not so plushy) toys.  The topic is a personal one for me; 19 years ago, our family became larger by one tiny fluffy tuxedo kitten, who was found on the street with her siblings by our vet tech and was the sole kitten still awaiting adoption when we came in shortly after bidding farewell to our beloved Queen Simba.  With this baby kitten came a plush toy the vet tech called 'her lion' -- and now, almost two months to the day after our beloved Rani Queen joined Queen Simba at the Bridge, the last sight I have every night is 'her lion' who wears her collar and has an honored place on a little table in the bedroom. 
tabbytom August 21, 2016
What?! What?! Look at those teddy bear paws! Meow! [emoji]128149[/emoji] All the cats here are so cute and adorable! [emoji]10084[/emoji]️
catwoman=^..^= January 7, 2016
Years ago I had bought my kitty a very small, cute as the dickens, teddy bear and she seemed to instinctively know that it wasn't one of her play mice to tear up.  It was so cute.  Sadly, over the years and all the moving that I have done I have misplaced that teddy bear :(
raysmyheart January 7, 2016
This story is so heartwarming, I will never get tired of it!  Thank you for running this!
raysmyheart August 16, 2015
I love this story so much!  
catwoman=^..^= August 16, 2015
Such an adorable collection of photos of cats with their furriends!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!=^..^=
tarasgirl06 August 13, 2015
Adorable!  Of course, when are cats not adorable?  Our furmily really love their soft toys and one of their favorites is a huge stuffed polar bear. 
raysmyheart July 31, 2015
My favorite chapters are It's Getting Crowded In Here and Really Crowded!.  I am revisiting this saga today and I am having a nice laugh!  Adorable!
raysmyheart July 24, 2015
 I think Feline Toy Story: 21 Sweet Cats With Their Soft Furriends should be considered among the classics in literature!  My Speedy sure thinks so!  (I should mention I am still laughing)!!!!
betsygee July 24, 2015
Soooooo cute.  :-)
raysmyheart July 23, 2015
I am still smiling!  The captions have me laughing and they fit the photos so well.  My Speedy likes  stuffed toys attached to a wand or stick!  One of them we call "fishy fish-fish" !!!!!! because it is a stuffed fish on a wand.  Thanks again, these cats and their stuffed friends have really made my day!

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