Fantastic Food And Water Dishes – A Product Guide (updated For 2019)

Think your cat food dish is, well, just a food dish? Think again!

We found you some crazy food dishes that are much more than just a receptacle for kitty chow. Check out these innovative food and water dishes that can control your cat's eating speed, decorate your home, control pests, keep water from freezing, help you save the earth and even talk to your cat while you're away!

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Eat Slow Bowl

Is your cat a food gobbler?

Some cats hoover up cat food so fast they end up throwing it up right next to the food dish. You can try slowing down the process with the Eat Slow Bowl. The unique structure could certainly work for cats but do make sure you clean it properly between uses, especially if you feed canned or raw/homecooked cat food.

Buy on Amazon: Eat Slow Bowl

Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder for Cats

"Don't play with your food!"

That's not something you should ever be telling your cat. Playing with prey is natural for cats, and some cats can benefit from introducing an element of play to their feeding session. I'm not sure if the Northmate apparatus is more of a feeding dish or a toy. Maybe a feeding toy? Either way, it can provide much-needed stimulation for your cat, incorporating that into meal time in a way that allows Kitty to "hunt" down her food.

Buy on Amazon: Northmate Catch Interactive Feeder For Cats

NewAgePet eCo-Concepts Pet Bowl

Go Green!

We're all concerned about the environment, so here's a really nice way to incorporate recycled products into your cat care routine. This food bowl is made of eCo-Flex, a substance that contains nothing but post-consumer recycled materials. The bottom silicon ring makes this a skid-resistant bowl too.

Buy on Amazon: Eco Concepts Pet Bowl

Ant Free Pet Bowls

Ants stealing away your cat food?

These bowls are the cure! They are not only ant-proof but also sturdy, stable and durable. Made of rust-resistant stainless steel, they're perfect for those who feed feral cats and want to make sure the cats' feeding area stays pest-free.

Reviews: Ant Free Pet Bowls

Thermal Water Dish

Another practical solution for those caring for feral cats. This one is a thermal water dish that makes sure the ferals have access to liquid water even when the temperature drops below freezing point. It does need to be plugged in, but this innovative gadget is effective, judging by the reviews of Amazon shoppers, and can be a lifesaving solution during wintertime.

Buy on Amazon: Thermal Water Dish

The Chatterbowl

Speaking of gadgets, here's one for the pampered indoors-only cat: a water bowl that talks to the cat while you're away. You can record a 10-second-long message which will be played back to Kitty whenever she gets a drink. Sing her a song or just tell her how wonderful she is, as long as she gets to hear the soothing sound of your voice!

Buy on Amazon: The Chatterbowl

Ergonomic Ceramic Pet Bowl

No gadgets here, just a great design that reduces whiskers stress as well as neck issues. Your cat won't need to bend her head all the way to the ground to feed off this beautiful dish. The shallow dish itself also means she can eat without any pressure on her delicate whiskers. Easy to clean, this dish also adds a stylish touch to your feeding area. For sensitive cats that love to dine in style, these can be the ultimate receptacles for gourmet dinners!

Buy on Amazon: Ergonomic Ceramic Pet Bowl

Let us know what kind of food dish your cat has. Would you consider switching to any of the ones mentioned in this guide? Leave us a comment and let us know.

6 comments on “Fantastic Food And Water Dishes – A Product Guide (updated For 2019)

erikaremmington June 4, 2014
Ya I think the chatter bowl is super interesting, but not for my kitties either. :)
sherit February 12, 2014
We went to Freds discount dept store  and bought 3 metal bowls same size as the new age concepts  bowl that sells for 31 dollars..Ours had rubber around the bottom to keep it from sliding. We took the rubber ring off the bottom and soaked it over night in water and baking soda because of our sensitivities to the rubber worked..   we paid for each metal bowl with rubber ring at Fred's store..l.00 each.. this was a BIG bargain! Perfect for canned cat food or even dry easy to clean and does not slip on the tile they eat.. Sheri T
meandthegov February 6, 2014
@Joe DiMeowgio my cat has behavioral problems and i read that the interactive feeder satisfies his instinct to hunt in addition to helping him slow down eating. he loves the bowl and sits at it for a half hour at a time, picking each piece of food out. while i think you're right about killing and eating being two separate things, the cycle of stalk-pounce-kill always ends in eating (see Little Big Cat website). that is why interactive play cycles with your cat should end in a treat, to complete the cycle and let your cat know that playtime is over.
joe dimeowgio February 6, 2014
$31 for a bowl?  Just because it is made of recycled material?   The interactive feeder looks interesting however I read that in a cat's mind, killing/hunting and eating are two entirely different and separate things.  That's why cats will kill things and bring them back to you, they really prefer the manufactured food & aren't killing out of hunger, more for enjoyment and due to natural predator stalk/chase/pounce instincts.  My guess is this is more of a toy, because if a cat is not eating under normal circumstances then he/she is probably sick and/or has impaired sense of smell.
meandthegov January 22, 2014
my problem cat has definitely benefited from the interactive feeder!! can't recommend it enough
chai love January 21, 2014
My cats would be terrified of the chatterbowl! lol They would never want to drink out of it again!

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