Discover Your Cat’s Genetic Makeup With Basepaws

Have you ever looked at your cat wondering if there's some cat breed in her or his lineage? With most of our cats, we have no clue as to their genetic origins.

But that's changing fast. You can now find out more about your cat's genetic heritage with a simple test that requires nothing more than a few of Kitty's hairs! We're going to talk today about how to do just that - and help promote scientific research into cat health too!

But there's more: We're giving away TWO FREE Basepaws!genetic testing Catkits!! You can hop over to the giveaway here or keep on reading to learn more about this unique product.

Edit: We have our two winners! Congratulations @M00nshad0w and @RiparianTraced ! :clap: I will be in touch soon to get your Basepaws kits out to you.

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How can genetic testing help my cat?

The science of genetics is moving forward in leaps and bounds. And now genetic testing is becoming available for cats too - more accessible and affordable than ever.

Want to learn more? We did too, so we talked to Anna Skaya, CEO of Basepaws, a leader in the field of genetic testing for cats. Here's our interview with Anna -

Anna Skaya - CEO of Basepaws

Hi Anna, would you tell us a little bit about yourself, your connection with cats and the cats in your life.

My name is Anna Skaya and I am the founder and CEO of the cat genetics company Basepaws. My connection with cats, and really all pets goes back to when I was a kid. My father is an entomologist and my mother is a biologist. Naturally, I grew up with animals, and cats have always been my favorite. They're independent, sassy and smart.

Growing up in Europe, I've had cats living in and out of my home, sleeping in my bed, sharing my toys and eating my food since I can remember.

How did Basepaws come to be? What made you think of the idea and how did you launch the company?

Basepaws came to be two years ago. The idea was actually born because of the recent boom in personalized medicine and DNA testing. Everyone seemed to be doing DNA tests, but the companion animal space was lagging behind.

I did my DNA test all the way back in 2011 and I was blown away by the information available to me. When we started with the idea for Basepaws, we couldn’t believe there wasn’t a cat product in the market yet. I remember thinking that there must be a lot more applications for these powerful tools beyond humans.

In a way, DNA testing of pets is even more important than it is for us humans. We understand our own selves. We can speak, we can run tests. Our pets cannot. They can’t tell us who they are, what they’ve been through, and what hurts them. Sometimes I find myself closer to my pets than to my humans and I want to know them even better.

How does Basepaws work? What steps are needed to analyze a cat’s DNA?

Basepaws works very simply. The entire process can be broken down into 3 simple steps.

  1. Ordering the kit. The cat owners buy the Catkit from our website and we send it to them right away. The small kit we send is meant to help customers collect their cat’s DNA.
  2. Sampling the DNA. We use a very unique and non-invasive method of sampling the fur and extracting and isolating the DNA from the hair follicles. With our kits, we send two pieces of adhesive. The tapes are used for sampling the fur directly from the cat. This does not hurt the cats. They have so much hair, the little bit that comes off with the tape won’t feel like anything to them. We did try out different types of sampling methods and the hair follicles work the best.Initially, we actually collected saliva samples. The kits contained swabs, which the customers were instructed to use for sampling a little bit of saliva from the inside of the cat’s cheeks. Unfortunately, these samples didn’t turn out to be the best because they were highly contaminated with bacteria and difficult to separate feline DNA from the bacteria DNA. This is why we decided to opt for a unique method of extracting the DNA from the hair follicles instead. Saliva sampling is now only used for hairless cats.
  3. Sending the kit back to us. The customers then send these samples back to us and wait for results. We process the DNA and deliver the reports as soon as we can. The waiting period, for now, is from 2 to 6 months, but we are working hard to reduce it to a minimum - the long-term goal will be to deliver the results in 6-8 weeks.

This is what the process looks like -

Can you tell us a little bit about the “behind the scenes” of the process? What do you do with the samples that cat owners send you?

In the Basepaws lab

We process all the DNA samples in our own lab based in Los Angeles. This is because we really want to understand how to continue to make our protocols and systems better with each sample we receive.

When we get the hair sample in lab, we run it through numerous steps of processing. First, the DNA needs to be correctly extracted from the follicles. Afterwards we clean the sample, amplify it and sequence it. Sequencing machines read and record the order of nucleotide bases along the DNA sample. We then run the sequenced sample through our database and compare it to the thousands of cats’ DNA sequences archived in it. Based on this comparison, we can then report the sample to various things such as breed and wildcat indexes.

What kind of information can you provide about a cat based on the genetic analysis?

The genetic analysis allows an insight into so many different things. Right now, our report consists of breed and wildcat indexes. The report will be expanded shortly though and all the early clients will be updated for free. Within this and the following year, we are planning to introduce Health, Traits and Wellness segments to the CatKit.

The upcoming Health index will help discover cat's genetics influences to their risk for certain health conditions, or if their DNA is carrying a genetic disorder. We’re planning to cover seven health markers: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, polycystic kidney disease, factor XII deficiency, hemophilia B, hypothyroidism and polydactyly.

Can you share with us stories of customers that found out something about their cat’s health that helped them take better care of him or her?

We are just about to launch the health part of our reports. So far customers have mostly learned about the breeds only. Breed markers are a very important part of our report though and we’re the only company that does this. Even if a cat is not purebred, if you find out it’s highly related to a certain breed it could help your veterinarian anticipate your cat’s future health needs.

While at the topic of stories, one of our important goals is to build a wonderful, friendly and cat-loving community for all the members joining our growing Basepaws family. We strive to connect to all of our customer and their cats. We want to hear their stories, we want to engage with their cats and, ultimately, we want to connect them with each other.

How wonderful would it be to connect two cat owners from two different sides of the world who have genetically very similar cats? Hearing what other people are doing can be very beneficial for expanding the valuable knowledge of caring for our cats. We hope to create an ambient in which the cat owners will be able to interact and learn in a new and exciting way.

Many of our members are wondering about their cat’s breed. What can your test tell owners about the genetic heritage of their cats?

We run the sequenced DNA through the database and calculate how closely RELATED the cats are to select cat breeds and wildcats. It is interesting, but also super important to learn the ancestry of the cats, as most cats are adopted and we don’t know very much about them.

However, learning the breed from the DNA is actually not that easy. Most cat breeds have been around for only less than 100 years. Out of the hundreds of millions of cats on Earth, most of them do not have any purebred ancestors because “purebred cats” are human inventions. This makes it very challenging to actually find the breeds in the DNA.

We developed a genetic test that tells which cat breeds are most genetically similar to the tested cat. For all the thousands of locations along with your cat’s DNA that can be similar or different in other cats, we record how many similarities your cat shares with different purebred cats. Then we use this value to determine how similar your cat’s DNA is to each breed in our database. We have actually written a very cool blog about this where we went into much greater detail about feline ancestry.

Our customers are also enjoying wildcat index segment very much too. As we explain in our blog about the evolution of wild and domestic cats, your cat is more related to some species of wild cats than others.

On an individual basis, your cat will have slightly more or less than 95.6% of their DNA in common with a specific wildcat. This individual metric is based on random inheritance from your cat’s ancestors. The same type of random inheritance is also true for humans and is the reason why one sibling might look much more like a great grandparent than the other sibling.

Can you verify the breed of a cat that appears to be of a certain breed but has no papers?

No. Not yet. Again, we need a bigger database and more knowledge in order to gain this kind of power. Cat breeders still know a lot better about purebred cats through papers and documents than us. This is why this still remains with them.

Pretty neat, isn't it?

The Basepaws Giveaway!

Basepaws is offering TheCatSite members the chance to win a Catkit! Here's what you need to do to enter the draw -

Add a comment to this article to let us know what breed your cat resembles the most and if you'd like to test him/her to see if that breed shows up in their genetic analysis.

The rules -

  • Add the word ENTRY anywhere in your comment.
  • You can add one comment per cat you'd like to test.
  • You can add one entry comment per day. A total of 14 comments - if you have 14 cats or more!
  • This giveaway is open to members of TheCatSite only.
  • You must be 18 or over to participate in this giveaway.
  • The kits can be shipped (and returned from) the US or Canada only. If you win, you'll have to provide us with a US/CA address.

This giveaway will run for 14 days. The last date for entries is June 7, 2018. We'll run a draw to select TWO lucky winners who will receive the Basepaws Catkit!

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237 comments on “Discover Your Cat’s Genetic Makeup With Basepaws

tarasgirl06 June 19, 2018
ConCATulations, winners -- and be sure to tell us all about your cats' illustrious ancestry!
Anne June 10, 2018
Congratulations to our winners! As stated in the post itself - you can get your own Basepaws Catkit at a $20 discount until the end of June! Go back to the article to see the coupon.
Anne June 8, 2018
Thank you for all the submissions, everyone! They're beautiful to read! This giveaway is now closed for further submissions. We will be announcing the winners soon.
FreyjaBellaTrix June 8, 2018
My sweet young lady Freyja was said to be “for sure” a Korat but I have no proof so I would love an ENTRY for her to see what she’s made of
Serenesunshine June 8, 2018
ENTRY For my little boy Walter, 7 months. He's a brown tabby with white paws, green eyes, and medium length hair. I think he could be part Siamese. He's very vocal and affectionate and the shape of his face is similar. At the Humane Society, he had a sister that was Siamese. I would love to find out if he's part Siamese!
Asacher June 8, 2018
My cat Lilly is our mini maine coon at 8 pounds, 1 ounce. She is a rescue and super sweet and loving. She loves to swim and take baths. Her large paws are the perfect paddles for splashing me in the face. We would love to find out if she is part maine coon or something else. No matter what she is we love her. ENTRY
Heidi K June 8, 2018
Entry I have 2 cats. A Male named BOOTS who is 1 year old and looks like a tiger. And then a female named SKYLER who is almost 2 months old. She is a Black and White Tabby. I am interested in the DNA testing for my cats. I did it for myself so would love to have more information about my kids too. Would love to know their Wildcat family? Thank you, Heidi
MsPrudence June 8, 2018
ENTRY Albus and Sylvia are 1 year old siblings who both had eyes removed at around 5 months of age due to severe infections. I adopted them 2 weeks later and since they were owner surrender, nothing about their past is known. Fast forward 7 months and they are huge (but not fat), very gangly, and very energetic. Albus is 15 pounds and is a unique strawberry/light coffee shade with a white belly, and Sylvia is 13 pounds and is calico with firey orange and tabby patches. They have short hair, long limbs, biggish ears, smallish heads, and long striped tails. They love splashing water around, turn into putty when picked up, and are currently being leash trained. I've been curious for a while what they have in them to make them so big and long. I have a sneaking suspicion they could have a distant grandparent who was a serval, or maybe have some bengal mixed in somewhere. I'd love to find out!
mmjauregui June 8, 2018
Entry - Nelson Brewster adopted from a shelter. Could be marbled tabby or marbled Bengal.
OllieAndJacksMom82 June 8, 2018
Entry - Jack He was a stray cat before i adopted him and his brother, their markings make me believe they may be savanah cats. Their temperment certainly is very wild! Lol!
leedaroach June 7, 2018
Bitters entry, he is a male ginger who is a polydactal Manx. He has no tail at all not even s tiny stump. He has several extra toes on his front paws.
msjay160 June 7, 2018
I have two cats...white one looks like a barn cat to me, the other is a bengal without papers. entry
Erickins June 7, 2018
Entry for my white cotton ball, penny sue! Everybody says she looks exactly like a Turkish angora.
meetal June 7, 2018
ENTRY for Chiku
LeiLana80 June 7, 2018
Entry for my Sunny Buns!
sweetindygirl June 7, 2018
ENTRY I would love to know more about my sweet boy that is twice rescued. I am always saying I know he has a story and often wonder about my sweet Plaxico.
RoxboroughCats June 7, 2018
ENTRY for Guinevere, who I believe is a Manx, please.
GetToTheGate June 7, 2018
Entry- I would like to learn more about my cat Prometheus. We adopted him at a shelter and he's a DSH grey and white, but I would still like to learn all I can.
domh June 7, 2018
ENTRY for Bronn “of the Blackwater”. I adopted this handsome boy 2 years ago and have always wondered what breed he is related to... We’ll find
M00nshad0w June 7, 2018
My ENTRY for my girl Ophelia <3 She was a barn kitten, part of one of 3 litters born with 7 weeks of each other. She turned 5 in March <3 She's a sweetie pie (although nervous around strangers). We have never known for sure what her breed was, but we assumed Domestic Short hair. I've been suspecting that she may have some Maine Coon in her because of her size (about 2x my other cat) and her colouring (brown/silver tabby with orange patches)
MasonCats June 7, 2018
Here is my ENTRY for the Basepaws genetic testing Catkits Contest! This is my cat Henry Mason. Henry was a neighborhood stray who decided to slowly move in. One day outta nowhere he appeared in my backyard & made himself at home. Then he eventually started coming right up to the Patio screen door and curiously peeping inside at all of the other cats. Needless to say, it wasn't long before he decided to come inside & become part of the family. Henry is a HUGE cat, the largest cat that I have ever owned and quite possibly the largest domestic cat that I have ever seen! Henrys huge size is matched by the fact that he is also a huge sweetheart with the sweetest softest meow & I wont even get into how sweet of a face he has. (There was no way that I could ever turn away that face when he first started peering inside at us through the screen door) I suspect that Henry may be at least part, if not almost entirely Raggamuffin, which is why I would like to test him using the Basepaw Genetic Testing Catkit if we were to win it!

Pictured Below: Henry (Front Right) & Joeseppi (Far Left)

Princess_lexii June 7, 2018
 ENTRY for my simba man ❤️ He’s so affectionate and he’s got such a big personality, but he comes from someone’s accidental litter, he has amber eyes and pink paws
Phiney June 7, 2018
Entry, I'd like to enter my male 10 year old cat Chubby he has hypertrophic cardio myopathy. He is getting good care from a veterinarian cardiologist now. Maybe you can use his DNA to help other cats in the future.
EmmaCrazyCatLady June 7, 2018
ENTRY My second boy looks like a tuxedo but has very long fluffy fur and a big poofy tail. Curious about his breed.
Serenesunshine June 7, 2018
ENTRY I would love to know the breed of my little sweetie pie Rosie, 8.5 months. She's very fluffy with beautiful colors of cream, brown and orange on her coat with tabby markings on her arms with white around her face and chin. Curly fur on her tummy. She likes to drink water dripping from the sink, loves to be in on all the action and is sassy and spunky. I think my cat resembles Norwegian forest cat the most!
Norachan June 7, 2018
ENTRY for Heidi Corkscrew, who has a tail that curls right round in a loop.
FlawlessImperfection June 6, 2018
Entry How much we would LOVE to know the breed that gives Buttercup her unique colors, sounds, and personality. Even our vet wonders what breed she is mixed with. She is a lovely spotted tabby, with an incredibly thick, soft shiny coat that has a ridge of longer hair down her spine, longer rear legs and talks constantly. And those green eyes!  Please consider Buttercup for your wonderful service!
LeiLana80 June 6, 2018
ENTRY For my Shadow kitty! He's got super thick fur and he's of short stature.
35 year catdad June 6, 2018
Entry please Love to know what mix this crazy semi feral Calico is? Never seen her dad and momma is tiny and looooong
Binzy June 6, 2018
This is an ENTRY for Zella. She is our 10 week old fluff ball. She looks nothing like her brother. I’d love to know more about her genetics.
Chiggrbear June 6, 2018
This entry is for Richie. I deal with multiple health issues already with Richie. One is pancreatitis, which I've read is more common in Siamese. He is a DSH tabby cat, but I would love to know more about him, especially as far as the health side of things, to help take care of him.
Princess_lexii June 6, 2018
ENTRY This is my Luna, I’m not 100% positive what she is, she came home from a shelter last year in April, she has different qualities (personality wise and physicaly) than I’ve ever seen before. I’d love to know what she is!!
s0mthinG June 6, 2018
ENTRY I just brought home the newest member of my family Coconut, he's 5-6 weeks old and I rescued him from a shelter just a few days ago. All I know about his lineage is that he has the flame point coloration, his brother and sister are black and tiger striped and his grandfather was a Persian. I would love to know more about his genetics so I can properly take care of him if he has any specific needs .
ashleywalker630 June 6, 2018
ENTRY ever since I got my sweet girl 4 years ago I’ve wondered what wild cat she could have come from. my Annie bug has big jade green eyes and black spots on her dark gray fur. from research I’ve done on my own I suspect that she’s either part Egyptian Mau or Bengal. my kitty baby is my whole world and i would love more than anything to know more about her.
Norachan June 6, 2018
ENTRY for Marley, my huge former feral boy. He has a bent tail and he's slightly cross eyed, I wonder where that comes from?
Loper June 6, 2018
I just inherited my son's cat, Penelope. He loved her so much. I know he would be happy for her ENTRY into this contest and even more happy if we won. Penelope is a "tortie" color. but I don't know anything else about her, except that she is a rescue. I am still learning about cats. I am clueless.
empirefalls June 6, 2018
ENTRY for cooney 17 year old male,former stray, does not seem to have health isssues but always wondered if he is a maine coon
MaddiesMom June 6, 2018
Entry for Lucy Meyou, my daughter’s she,tear cat
Jezzi June 5, 2018
My last ENTRY is for Zoey, the sweetheart~ When my mother found her at the shelter they said she was part Siamese, but she has the most plush and luxurious fur I've ever come across! She was feral according to them and we suspect she was kept in a cage a bit long before they picked her up by her paranoia with being trapped, but if she becomes comfortable with you then she's just the sweetest cuddler. Zoey definitely is loud enough to be Siamese when she wants, but I would love to see how she ended up with fur so soft and thick that your hand just sinks into it
Sturiciano June 5, 2018
 Entry- MayBelle is a mewly adopted little gal who has some markings and fur tufts that match up with a Siberian cat. Would love to find out more about her!
MiguelPhotography June 5, 2018
ENTRY. Would love to have my 5 month old kitten tested. He is a black and white tuxedo, American shorthair. He has a small head, and gold gray eyes.
Sandralovebeau June 5, 2018
ENTRY FromAustralia- but I have lots if family in USA, so I would pass onto them! My cat Koda bear is very unique, he doesn't "meow" but mip mips, very silent, looks like a Russian Blue, ( although the Mother was a common tabby , some kittens black and white, two like the mother and the fluffy little grey one, quite a big male though. He has a long tail that touches the ground. After research I found he is mostly Chartrex a cat used in Monastries by the Monks to keep rats away, they say the cats took a "vow of silence" so they are very quiet, guess like the Monks. A very affectionate cat, not a "fighter" loves everyone, and can jump to very high places in a single bound.
ahunter June 5, 2018
ENTRY I'd like a kit for our former feral. She has unknown health issues and knowing more about her genetics might help us better treat her.
macmadame June 5, 2018
ENTRY Salem looks a bit like a Bombay. We call her our Faux Bombay because she is officially a Short-Haired Domestic. (And also she wouldn't win any shows as a Bombay -- too many white hairs mixed in.)
GetToTheGate June 5, 2018
Entry-:happycat: I would like to find out more about my cat Persephone, she is the offspring from a barn cat that was abandoned because she was too sickly due to a bot fly! She's a cream tabby.
Vduncan54 June 5, 2018
Echolane said:
 I would very much like to know if my cats have any pure bred heritage. They were found abandoned on the street and so there is zero info about their backgrounds. But they are a little unusual. Gemini is solid brown, very long bodied, and has an ultra soft coat that has a very strong glitter over a very large area. Timo is mostly Blue Ticked Tabby in coat color, also very long bodied. He has some glitter in his coat, not as much as his sister, nor is his coat as soft as hers. Consider this my ENTRY in your giveaway.
Brown cats are not that common. Could have some Havana Brown in her..
gnoogie June 5, 2018
ENTRY:redtabby: jingles, who owns both my sister & myself & fuzzy, too, well, he's big, um, extra fluffy for an orange tabby, & he's got these cute ear tufts, & he's got such a chatty & gentle meow sometimes. wonder if he's got some ragdoll or Siamese in his background...
Vduncan54 June 5, 2018
Melodia74 said:
Our lil blued Sinatra is all white with a lil bit of orange highlights around his face and striped tail. We first thought he might could be Turkish Angora but he isn't as fluffy as most of that breed. And he has Round Pupils all the time, not slits. Which makes him a lil different I suppose. I just sent off for my own DNA results with so it would be too cool to get my Sinatra results as well. Thanks for the ENTRY for the chance of a great Opportunity. From Tampa, Fl.
Flame Point Siamese start out like this. They get their color as they age! If it is a Flame will have a very beautiful cat soon! Altho he already is a handsome little boy!
Vduncan54 June 5, 2018
I have a 5 yr.old Blue cat that has the shimmery coat and mauve paws of a Russian Blue. I know he is a mixed breed but would like to know,does he have royal heritage? I would love to have an Entry for free DNA!
EmmaCrazyCatLady June 5, 2018
ENTRY I have two boys. I believe one to be Maine Coon or even part. I've been wanting to get him tested since I got him.
RScott June 5, 2018
RScott said:
ENTRY For our 7 month old kitten Sebastian. We always assumed he was just an orange tabby but he has such an interesting coat. Would love to see his genetic makeup as we don't know the breed of either parent!
Oops I just read the mod note. This is a duplicate so you can delete it!
LeiLana80 June 5, 2018
ENTRY Entry for my Moxi cat! He has an interesting face and walk that makes me wonder if he somehow has some type of wild cat in him!
moviebunny June 5, 2018
Entry Mr. Jingles appears to be a tabby American shorthair.
Lionheart22 June 5, 2018
ENTRY for my snugglebug Shadow.
M1008 June 5, 2018
I think my cat is part Maine Coon.
katwiles June 5, 2018
I have 4 black cats but Ellemenopee (Skinny E) is some kind of interesting wiry mash-up, I would love to find out her kitty heritage! ENTRY
the cat's staff June 5, 2018
ENTRY Tawny is HUGE - I'm wondering what his genetics show.
Simba9 June 5, 2018
ENTRY Zazu, my boy just turned 4.. was from a litter very mixed. His mom looked siamese, never saw or knew the father. He is all white with some dark brown and black markings on his face, back of his hind legs, and his tail. He has beautiful blue eyes. Would love to know more about his genetics and overall health. Thanks!
Julesbiscuits June 5, 2018
ENTRY Julian looks pretty Persian and I'm curious if I'm right.
LeiLana80 June 5, 2018
ENTRY Moosie is a very large cat! It'd be fun to know why :)
LeiLana80 June 5, 2018
AbbysMom said:
MOD NOTE - To clarify the rules a bit: One entry per day. One entry per cat. If you have one cat, you get one entry total, not one entry per day. All duplicates have been deleted. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your understanding.
Oh. Oops. So sorry!! The rules were a little hard to understand- at least for me! lol
TheManOfFaith June 4, 2018
ENTRY: Wily was a rescue that I’d taken in when he was 8 weeks old. He was so small and could barely walk, I wondered a lot about him. It turned out he was from a litter that had gotten very sick and he was the only survivor. He almost didn’t make it himself and I feel he was also pulled from his mother too soon. With no information about what his mother and father were, and with Wily having health issues, I’d really like one of these kits to test and see what he may be related to. It may be my best chance of seeing any health issues he could be predisposed to to keep him his healthiest and happiest. IF I can can know what to look out for I can better keep an eye on him as he grows up.
donnae June 4, 2018
ENTRY Major Tom Snickers was a feral kitten who came to us at about 14 weeks of age. He's a beautiful blue tabby with a small stature and we would love information on his genetic background.
squiddz June 4, 2018
ENTRY. I have a gorgeous black cat called Luna that I adopted from a shelter. The shelter didn't know much about her other than the fact she was found as a stray wandering the streets. She's a pretty big cat, 14lbs and not overweight. She is also incredibly chatty, and loves to talk to me at home. Several people have commented that she looks remarkably similar to a few breeds, mostly Snowshoe and Tonkinese (I guess anything crossed with a Siamese). I've always wondered if she has some of that in her somewhere down the line, or even if she was dumped by someone because she didn't end up with the right coat pattern (she is incredibly confident and affectionate with people for a stray). It would be fun to see what this test brings up for her, and if it finds she's similar to any of the breeds people have mentioned in the past!
Meghan M June 4, 2018
ENTRY When I got my cat she was a kitten with really long legs. She also has very large golden/green eyes and is more of a gray colored tabby. She also has very long white fur on her belly. Everyone who saw her commented that she looked a tad unusual. Even the woman who came to feed her while I was on vacation said she was very long and tall. She's also extremely hyper and smart. She's definitely not a lap cat! I got her as a stray. She could be a regular old tabby but maybe she's not.
GetToTheGate June 4, 2018
Entry- I would like find out more about my cat Aoife, she has flame point Siamese markings but she was found outside as a semi-feral kitten and so I would like know more about what mix she is.
AbbysMom June 4, 2018
MOD NOTE - To clarify the rules a bit: One entry per day. One entry per cat. If you have one cat, you get one entry total, not one entry per day. All duplicates have been deleted. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for your understanding.
msTNemt June 4, 2018
Entry Love to test my beautiful siamese male and my gorgeous 2 month old long haired female. Mom just showed up pregnant and I began feeding her, she had her beautiful sweet babies on my porch and raised her babies right there. This baby girl looks like she is a red Siamese and has a semi flat face, more flat than any of the other babies, with large round blue eyes. I'd love to know what her DNA shows because she has a home here with me just as soon as momma weans her.
Wolfloverz1223 June 4, 2018
ENTRY We picked up a stray kitten at seven weeks, she's now 8 months. Freya looks like a long-haired gray tabby, but I thought it would be cool to see if she has anything else in her! We also have another cat named Ginger, who is 13 years old. She's a black long-haired cat, but we don't really know if she has purebred in her either.
aliceneko June 4, 2018
ENTRY Toffee and Fudge are ginger domestic shorthairs, but we are certain that they have some Siamese heritage. Toffee especially has Siamese features, such as pointed ears, and Fudge's personality matches many of the Siamese character traits (he has the loud meow that a lot of Siamese are known for so is very vocal). It would be great to win so that I could find out for sure where the boys come from.
Melodia74 June 4, 2018
Our lil blued Sinatra is all white with a lil bit of orange highlights around his face and striped tail. We first thought he might could be Turkish Angora but he isn't as fluffy as most of that breed. And he has Round Pupils all the time, not slits. Which makes him a lil different I suppose. I just sent off for my own DNA results with so it would be too cool to get my Sinatra results as well. Thanks for the ENTRY for the chance of a great Opportunity. From Tampa, Fl.
Goodriel June 4, 2018
My girl, Pooka, is almost 15 years old! When I was in college a classmate said she found a tiny kitten she couldn't keep and left her with me. If Pooka wasn't so tiny, I would swear she was full Maine Coon!
Echolane June 4, 2018
 I would very much like to know if my cats have any pure bred heritage. They were found abandoned on the street and so there is zero info about their backgrounds. But they are a little unusual. Gemini is solid brown, very long bodied, and has an ultra soft coat that has a very strong glitter over a very large area. Timo is mostly Blue Ticked Tabby in coat color, also very long bodied. He has some glitter in his coat, not as much as his sister, nor is his coat as soft as hers. Consider this my ENTRY in your giveaway.
RavenMouse June 4, 2018
ENTRY For my 7y grey calico girl, Lacie. Her mother was a semi-feral stay cat that we domesticated two years before Lacie was born. We knew that Lacie's mother, Lilly, had several litters with several different toms in the old neighborhood before we managed to domesticate her, and she got out during a fire when we moved into a new neighborhood and came back with a full belly! Her mother was a calico but her father could have been anything! There's a tuxedo cat that roams up the street, a tabby, and even a Maine coon that has the full range of our neighbor's backyard that could all be the father! Curious to see her DNA analysis.
Jtaylor June 3, 2018
This is an entry for our Bella Lucie!!! Bella is our 12 week old kitten that is of resemblance to either a brown-tiger Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat. The owner states that she is a purebred Maine Coon kitten. However, Iam skeptical to the accuracy of this only because I know it's not very often that purebred Maine Coons are just given away for free. Therefore, Basepaws Catkit would be the perfect solution for us to finally be able to find out the genetic heritage that our Bella has hailed from!!!
anasta June 3, 2018
This is my ENTRY for a test to see what my boy Shadow is. He was a rescue and all of us are lucky to have found each other! He resembles a Ragdoll and I’d would appreciate a conclusion on this exclusive breed. Thanks
Norachan June 3, 2018
ENTRY. Entry for Toby, a short haired, bob-tailed ginger kitten that someone dumped outside my house a few years ago. Their loss and my gain! Toby is a little darling.
tamtaur June 3, 2018
With this entry, it would be so much fun to figure out how my cat came to look how she does. She's a long-haired Maine coon look-alike at a fraction of the size. She has some tabby stripes, and her fur is really really fine, unlike every other long hair cat I've seen.
Musicforever444 June 3, 2018
ENTRY Vada reminds me of a Maine Coon, but we really aren't sure. It would be super cool to get a DNA analysis for her!
Boris Diamond June 2, 2018
ENTRY Leo is a purebred, but it would be interesting to see his genetic analysis.
GetToTheGate June 2, 2018
Entry- I would like to know what mix of cat my Ronan is. I found him outside and my secret hope is he is a Norwegian Forest Cat!
whosjeebus June 2, 2018
I recently did a DNA test for myself and would love an ENTRY in this contest so that if we won, my cat Tom Riddle could get tested, too!
Karleehassinger June 2, 2018
 My cat Charlie would love an entry! He is only 9 weeks old and he is huge!!! I’m sure he has Maine Coon in him but I have never seen either of his parents only one of his sisters which did look like one as well.
GoldyCat June 2, 2018
ENTRY I have an abyssinian. I would be interested to see how the results match up with a known breed.
snootledootle June 1, 2018
ENTRY For the new addition to the family, Snootle
1lorre June 1, 2018
This entry is in hopes I will be able to gift it if I win. In my position, I have a lot of people asking if their cat resembles a certain breed. I hope to be able to refer them for the testing now and I will gift the nest person who asks if I win.
Father of furbabies June 1, 2018
Entry - Noka is what you would call a generic shorthair but she is so intelligent for her age.
Charmdbowler June 1, 2018
My cat
KZemon June 1, 2018
ENTRY My cat needs help. Hes been suffering from diahrrea since we adopted him and so far we've tried everything the vet recommended including the panacure trial. This has been going on for months. h adopted my cat who has been very sick with diahrrea for months. I wish I could find out if he has a genetic disorder which could be contributing to his upset stomache or maybe he is allergic to something in his food.
Geralizze M. June 1, 2018
Entry: Curious to know what breed Li might be
Norachan June 1, 2018
ENTRY. I'd like to know where Mia gets her tiny frame, delicate bone structure and curly tail from.
Ashley H June 1, 2018
My 9 month old boy Duncan looks like he might have some bengal in him! He is always trying to climb as high as possible. Duncan wants an entry please :)
MSCW118116 June 1, 2018
Entry for Charlotte. She resembles a Maine Coon mixed with a domestic shorthair moggie. I'd be very interested to see if she actually is a Maine Coon or if she is something else.
LokiandDaisy June 1, 2018
An entry for a chance to win a Basepaws Catkit is just purrfect for me to find out stock what my kitty Daisy comes from as she has a very unique face. She has a strong straight nose with no dip and she has long white hair. I have been leaning towards Turkish Angora but would like to know for sure. Thanks for this opportunity!
himawari May 31, 2018
Entry. I know for sure that my cat has to be mixed with something else because he seems much bigger than a regular DSH. Would love to find out!
jdwns12 May 31, 2018
Second Entry for 2nd cat. My cat Tyler, red and white bicolor DSH. A couple of the Siamese cats Ive met had obnoxious meows. He doesn't look anything like a Siamese cat, but he's got that obnoxious meow that reminds me of the Siamese cats I've met. Maybe he's got a tiny, tiny bit in him. Then again, maybe not! Maybe there are many other cat breeds or mogggies that have that loud, low, obnoxious meow too. I figured why not enter him anyway and see.
Meow Meow Mama May 31, 2018
This is our ENTRY, and MWOW, do I hope we get picked! My owner is so fascinated with me; she's always staring at my beautiful tortie coat, and so amazed by my instinct driven shows of primal hunting. I know she would be the happiest 'kitty mama' to learn more about my roots, and maybe understand me a little better. When I do things like 'hide' my wet food I don't finish by scratching at the carpet, or make my unique noises when we communicate, I can see her wheels turning in wonderment. I know she loves me whether she knows more about my breed or not, (she thinks there may be some Abyssinian in here) but I can tell this is something pretty important to her, and I would just love to make her happy. Plus, this can help fill out our family tree (although I prefer the kind you can climb), especially since I was a shelter kitty, and maybe even help keep me healthy in our years to come. We thank you for this pawpportunity! -Meow Meows and Lisa
Sheeeeela May 31, 2018
Entry: A friend seems to think my cat Boo might have some Egyptian Mau blood. Would love to find out what makes up this fantastic feline faithful friend! Thanks!
Krdyorke May 31, 2018
Entry: we were told our rescue, Tucker, is an American Bobtail.
jdwns12 May 31, 2018
Entry: I believe my cat resembles American Shorthair; some people have said she is an Egyptian Mau lookalike, but she's not that spotty. I would like to see if either one of these breed shows up in the genetic testing.
kbreimhurst May 31, 2018
Shirley (Sherlock, female) and Mikey (Mycroft, male) look like domestic shorthair cats who have a few quirks. They are 3.5 year old littermates. What people don't know is that those quirks come from their unique ancestry. Shirley is a calico with markings on her back that look like stripes and Mikey is a black and white lean hunting machine (reallly he just steals his sister's prizes). Her markings and his sleek physique come from the East African Wildcats in Uganda. He has the shape and she has a the coloring of the wildcats. I would love to know how much wildcat is in them and what their wild ancestors mixed with. I adopted them as four week old kittens when I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and brough them to the US when my service ended. That is why I am putting in this ENTRY.
Theaxer May 30, 2018
My older female Calico went into heat really early which I read is a trait for Siamese cats. Osiris (the cat) was overly vocal. So much so that she had to be fixed. But before it was done, she had an unplanned litter. Out of it, only one other female came out - my younger calico. She's about six months old now and just had her last heat. I'd like to know if Arcitur (the younger calico) is indeed closely related to Siamese cats to see what else there may be. It's why my ENTRY is here in the first place.
teestro May 30, 2018
My Carlton resembles and acts very much like a Bombay cat! He is vocal, playful, affectionate, and very dependent. I adopted him a few months ago, and have very little information regarding his previous owner. This is why my ENTRY is needed- as I would love to determine if he is a bombay!
Paradox May 30, 2018
I would love to be able to test my kitty, Light! He looks like a Colorpoint Shorthair, but since he doesn't have any papers & was found in a trailer park in the town I used to live in, there's not much to back it up other than his appearance. He just turned 6 this year & he is the first pet that has ever been truly *mine.* I love him so much & do hope that this ENTRY can win him a DNA test!
lori n May 30, 2018
I have a special kitty, Jake. Jake came to me when he was 5 days old, his mother was MIA after his 3rd day of life. I raised him up to a healthy 4yr old, sweet, 16# boy. He’s a ginger with the strangest fur. Its a rough, thick medium length coat & rings on his tail. Out of my 11 rescue cats, Jake is very worthy of a DNA entry. Thank you.
adriennes May 30, 2018
ENTRY I would love to test one of my ferals, Frankie! The vet suspects he might have some maine coon in him!
YBBesco17 May 30, 2018
I'd love to make an ENTRY to test my handsome baby boy BB. He almost resembles a Ragamuffim cat, I'm just not sure. I know almost everything about the love of my life I just want to know more!
maggiedemi May 30, 2018
ENTRY: I would like to test Maggie. She looks like a Siberian also known as Siberian Forest Cat.
Binzy May 30, 2018
I would love to make an ENTRY for my kitten Zeus. He is nine week old grey kitten with amber eyes and looks nothing like his sister.
Davchun May 30, 2018
My kitten looks very similar to Danby from Alley Cat'S kitten progression guide (I'm not allowed to post links for some reason) I don't really know what breed he is, but I'd like to add an ENTRY for my kitten, Butters so I can figure out what breed he is.
epona May 30, 2018
Hi, I am in the UK. How much information is in the database about UK breeds? Because they may have significant DNA differences from US breeds. (I know that 2 of mine are OSH and another is 1/2 Cornish Rex, but am just wondering how you account for differing gene pools).
Norachan May 30, 2018
ENTRY. Mu was the first feral cat I rescued in Japan. At that time we were living in Kanazawa, which has a big fishing port where Russian boats sometimes dock. I wonder if Mu has any Russian ancestors?
megancj25 May 30, 2018
ENTRY for Whiskers. She was a stray until I took her in, and I would like to know her breed so I can get a healthy weight on her! She looks like an Domestic Shorthair to me.
EchoEcho May 29, 2018
ENTRY I’m a cat rescuer of sorts, I like in a trailer court where people just let their cats run wild there are baby kittens everywhere at this time of year and I like to feed the cats outside when baby baby kittens come up to my porch I usually take them in get rid of their terrible fleas and bottle feed them and when they’re ready I get them their shots and deworm them and find them new homes (if I haven’t seen them walking around with a momma cat that I recognize) that’s also how I’ve gotten each and every one of my cats. I have 5 of my own and a 3 week old kitten that I found outside and I have no idea what any of them are, Aquarius and Jezzabell are both calicos and they almost look identical, people get them mixed up all the time, Silver ans Neptune look to be a Bengal mix of come sort ones grey and has Bengal looking spots and the others Bengal colored with what looks like target marks on her sides which I’ve also seen in Bengals and I believe they’re sisters as I found them together, my kitty Jinx is almost all black and just has the very tip of her tail marked with white. And the newest addition little Finley is an orange little tabby with gorgeous baby blue eyes and I’m hoping they stay that way. I’d really like to get silver and Neptune genetically tested 1. To see if they’re really related to each other and two to tell exactly what breed they are. Thanks for taking the time to read this comment if you did
Shoppinghappens May 29, 2018
Part of me is having flashbacks to feline genetics over a decade ago. But part of me wants to know about my cat. Both of mine were would rescues. The female is 16 lbs and not overweight and doesn't overeat. Her litter mate brother has a smaller frame and will binge eat the treats if I let him (I don't). So the non practicing biochemist in me (not by choice just never found a job) really wants to compare the allels and also see which came from mom and which came from dads. I would love to see the dna sequence so please consider my ENTRY. Thank you!
stormyandklaus May 29, 2018
This is my ENTRY for my cats, Stormy & Klaus. I think they are Nebelungs (doubtful pure bred, but they have Nebelung features) and Klaus may have a little Maine coon based on his ears, facial features, and giant fluffy tail.
DarwinsMum May 29, 2018
Submitting my entry for Darwin! We think she might be domestic medium or long hair but it's hard to tell. She has very pretty coloring and is only six weeks old!
ChaoticEva May 29, 2018
ENTRY For Banjo, our tripod cat! He's a rescue and we would love to know what breeds he has in his DNA!
GOODFELLA May 29, 2018
Entry for Aphrodite She woke me up from a nightmare and were speaking to me in some weird language
Norachan May 29, 2018
ENTRY. Toby looks like a classic Japanese bob-tail. Short tail and stocky build. He was dumped outside my house when he was just a kitten, so I'd like to know if he is just like all my other cats or if he has something special in his genes.
Chippy922 May 29, 2018
My ENTRY is for my huge fluffy white cat named Alfred. He is so unusual looking and acting with his big black eyes. I would love to know more about him.
tmig May 29, 2018
ENTRY: I'd love to test my cat Alfie to see if he's Siberian like we think he is :)
Hartingm637 May 29, 2018
This is my entry for the contest! My cat is a 3 year old large cat that looks like a tabby. Orange and white. I adopted him, he was a feral cat before and for his size I wonder what else he may have in him. I love that you guys offer this test!!
stormyandklaus May 29, 2018
Here's my entry for the contest! I have 2 cats, one 8 month kitty named Klaus and an 8 year old named Stormy. I think that they are both Nebelung cats. They have long gray hair, and bright green yellow eyes. Klaus may have a little Maine coon in him based on his facial features and the fact that he has longer hair than stormy. I'd love to win & find out!
JGriffs722 May 28, 2018
My kitty is 11 weeks old. He appears to be a little orange tabby, although I'm not sure!
melontine May 28, 2018
Entry Suki is a buff colored tabby cat, almost the standard for dsh, but there is something about the shape of her face and her huge paws. It makes me wonder if there could be something else in her linage.
KaliDuchess May 28, 2018
ENTRY. I think my 3 month old kitten is a Domestic Shorthair but i'm curious if she might be a Burmese/Bombay Cat because she has very similar physical and mental features of one! We rescued her so we don't know!
lyrajean May 28, 2018
ENTRY. Picked up my Aya in Japan. She was one of the local "mura neko" (village cats). I lived in Okinawa where the dog population is very mixed with American and Japanese breeds. Curious if the cat population is as well as Aya greatly resembles Japanese kitties.
n0ntoX!c May 28, 2018
For my 3ish? year old cat. Maybe 4. I don't know, I picked him because he was the only one in a cage when I was brought out to get a cat because I let go from work over really weird stuff having to do with the owner's personal life and my not agreeing with him. (He's the kind of guy who thinks suicide is funny) To my Mom, my cat's been, my savior. But for me, I didn't like to have responsibility thrust on to me when I had lost what little income I could make, however, he's become my best friend of course. He's a mix of all sorts, which I found rather important. I don't like that they are designing kitties. He's black and white and think's "No" means "Keep trying, but in different ways" and that's helped me a lot. He's also a cat that stuns everyone that he comes when I call and how closely he stays by me. But one thing that's really sad that I found that I've done differently than most the people who've been amazed that he sticks by me is, I've never once tried punishing him. I'll ignore him, but honestly, he just knocks stuff over until I come and see what he's on about. Usually, he wants to go outside, but he's only got the indoor vaccines and there's a cat lady in the building who can't stand to see cats suffer, so she keeps feeding all the strays left behind from uncaring owners and that's the main reason I won't let him out. That, and they all have fleas, which it turns out I'm allergic to. So, he's also let me realize I've never had to deal with fleas before recently. And I took care of them all using a bit of diatomaceous earth, and a flea comb.
ChaoticEva May 28, 2018
Norachan said:
Mod Note. One entry per member per day please! We don't want to have to delete any posts.
I'm kinda confused. What if We have more than one cat? Is it not one entry PER cat PER day???
ChaoticEva May 28, 2018
ENTRY For Sassy-Minoue, who I suspect has some Ragdoll in her!
Lizzard Jane May 28, 2018
Entry for Lily and her new baby!! He was born lastnight and is all white. I think he will be a Lynx Point just like her.
TerinaJean May 28, 2018
Entry Our little "Ziggy Stardust" is a 10 week old polydactyl Blue Point Siamese mix. We adopted him from a foster home. Unfortunately because of this they had limited information about his lineage. He's very small for a Siamese his age yet his personality fits the breed. We are incredibly curious to find what created this tiny wee bit miracle.
SherriC May 28, 2018
Entry Kitty Brat is a one year old male who is reportedly an American bobtail. Parents are not registered. I would like to know more about his background in order to care for him as well as possible. He is absolutely delightful. I am just really curious if he is truly a part of this relatively new cat breed, or not.
Sonatine May 28, 2018
Entry! I suspect Amelia might be part manx. She's not nearly as round as a fullblooded one (and much more talkative than most), but she's kinda weird shaped nonetheless: huge back legs and a nubby tail. She looks like a normal cat in her front half and a rabbit in the back half!
Norachan May 28, 2018
ENTRY. I've always wondered if Button Moon has some Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat in his genes. Not very likely in a former feral cat from Japan, but he is huge, with long thick fur, massive paws and quite a distinct muzzle. He has the same face as his Dad. Dad was all white apart from his black ears and tail and was a lot bigger than any of the other feral toms I TNR'd.
lucisabsentia May 28, 2018
Entry! I'd love to test Scamander. The more he grows, the more he resembles a Wegie, in looks, size, and temperament. I want to see if it's anywhere in his background! The woman I got him from seems to think so too, she owns his parents.
Docs Mom May 28, 2018
ENTRY - I've always been curious about Dweezil.... He did not look like his dad and two brothers. They were black, grey and white with a gray spot on the head. Average, stocky build. Then there is black Dweezil, always been slender and long legged with an obnoxious meow. Love to know if he has Siamese in his background.
lacy2000 May 28, 2018
Entry for my fluffy black cat, Bear! I've asked many people what they thought his breed is and have never gotten a definitive answer. I'm curious to know!
Wilzeenyc May 28, 2018
 ENTRY - We rescued Talia with her 2 sisters and all we know is she is a domestic short hair but we think she has Siamese traits in her looks and personality so we would love to have her DNA tested.
Mother_Superior May 28, 2018
nourya May 28, 2018
 Entry ❤️ We would like to know what breed is our cat, we know his mother, but we haven't had a chance to met with his father lol Some people say he was a Russian Blue and some say it was a Korat (our neighbors) :D but we don't know and there is this belief in our religion that marked cats are related to our prophet's cat which is from Middle East and he has a mark in his mouth I am curious, we would like to find outttt help us out please ❤️
veggietreegirl May 27, 2018
 Entry I'd love to win for my two cats. My newest cat is Persephone. She was picked up as a stray by the shelter. No clue as to her breed, but she's a beautiful tortoiseshell. My other cat is Primrose. We got her as a kitten from someone who was moving. Not sure how they came by her, but they hadn't had her long and didn't know much about her. She's the black and white in my profile photo. Not sure of her breed either.
rgwanner May 27, 2018
Entry I have 2 rescue cats that were both rescued in my commu out They look alike and have some similar mannerisms I would like to k ow if they are really related
Curlynn May 27, 2018
ENTRY: My mom found a cat outside that looks like some sort of siamese cat because of her eyes. Luna has big light blue eyes that are always slightly crossed which is adorable, but shes gray and white with a few stripes thrown in there. My family has a thing for finding stray cats and taking them in off the streets (though we always search to see if they have an owner first even though usually you can tell with how malnourished they are). So all of our cats have a mystery background that I would love to explore!
Lari May 27, 2018
Norachan said:
Mod Note. One entry per member per day please! We don't want to have to delete any posts.
Question. We only get one comment total, not one per day, if we only have one cat, right? I was slightly confused by that.
Benjamin Franklin (Benji) May 27, 2018
Entry Benji’s traits and interesting spotted markings along with his muscular build really remind me of a Bengal! It would be really cool to see if he really did have some in him.
soubida May 27, 2018
Entry! My mom and I are dying to know any kind of background information about our cat LOL.  instagram @zoeythemao
Norachan May 27, 2018
ENTRY. I found Forest Cat way out in the woods, miles from any houses. I'm sure he'd been dumped, I doubt he could have made his own way out there. I've been told he looks like a Doll Face Persian. He has the temperament to match, so I'd like to know if that's true.
KristinD44 May 27, 2018

IMG_1849 by KristinD44 posted May 27, 2018 at 3:45 AM I found my guy, Finnegan in a parking lot. Don't let the Irish name fool you, I think he may be part Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat. Since he's not talking, I'd love to find out some of his background! Thanks
Nouveau May 27, 2018
ENTRY! I’d LOVE to know if my boy is related to a chantilly!
Norachan May 27, 2018
Mod Note. One entry per member per day please! We don't want to have to delete any posts.
AmyTheKittyMommy May 27, 2018
Entry: Jasper is a sweet flame point Siamese lookalike, and I’d love to find out more about him.
Jackalac May 27, 2018
 Entry! This is Tinsel And Cinder. Not sure what Breed or breeds Tinsel has. Cinder we we were told Siamese and Manx and mother calico. Would be interesting to find out
nansiludie May 27, 2018
Ktizzll said:
ENTRY- These are our is kitties. The orange ones name is Murphy and the little white one is Finnegan. We would love to get them tested because they are from the same litter, yet they look so different! They are going to be 4 months old in June, it would mean the world to us to find out what they really are!! :)
Finnegan looks like a Siamese mix, the other is a ginger tabby.
Trsnp May 27, 2018
ENTRY I am looking to enter for my kitty Ocehualli. He appears to have this raccoon fur pattern. It would be nice to find out his heritage!
Ktizzll May 26, 2018
ENTRY- These are our is kitties. The orange ones name is Murphy and the little white one is Finnegan. We would love to get them tested because they are from the same litter, yet they look so different! They are going to be 4 months old in June, it would mean the world to us to find out what they really are!! :)
LeiLana80 May 26, 2018
ENTRY Our Miss Kitty came to us in the middle of the night in February 2017. She fully looks like a Turkish Van! Long extremely thick white fur, the grey marking on her head, and a beige-ish tail. Her eyes are slightly different colors- one is greenish, one is brownish. However, she is no fan of water! haha. I would LOVE to find out what she really is!
MaddiesMom May 26, 2018
Lucy is a beautiful brown/gray tabby that we adopted from the local shelter. While we were told she is an adult, she is only about 6 lbs. I would like to know more about her background, so would like an ENTRY to your genetic test giveaway.
RScott May 26, 2018
ENTRY For our 7 month old kitten Sebastian. We always assumed he was just an orange tabby but he has such an interesting coat and everyone that meets him comments on it. Would love to see his genetic makeup as we do not know the breed of either parent!
KarenKat May 26, 2018
Entry - our cat Gohan is a grey and white domestic shorthair, but we always wondered if he has some oriental or Sphinx in him. He’s so slender and energetic we’d love to test him and see the possibilities!
lalagimp May 26, 2018
Entry I would also like to find out more about my tortie cat, Amalie, and wonder if they can compile information on why some cats develop severe, persistent dental disease. She's 8-9 pounds and has FORLs. Is this a predisposition in different breeds?
Norachan May 26, 2018
ENTRY. Susy turned up at out house very skinny and very pregnant about 7 years ago. She and her daughter Mia are both very dainty little cats. They have a slight arch to their backs and Mia's tail curls right up and touches the back of her head. Their faces are a different shape to the rest of our cats too. I'd love to know where they got their looks from.
Boris Diamond May 26, 2018
Lilah, a stray that wandered up, is a very unusual looking cat. She has a short, thick body with long legs. She has a short tail, and where it attaches to her body the fur is 3 inches thick, though she is a short-haired cat. It looks like an otter tail! She is a dilute torbie and down her back she has a black stripe that stands up sometimes. She is a very pretty cat, but I wonder where she got her characteristics. I would love to have her tested.
SilverNova May 26, 2018
ENTRY ! we have a huge stray cat problem in our area and one of my cats was a stray we brought in so I'd love to know what breeds he has in him because I'm sure he's got a few!
Motherbear01 May 26, 2018
ENTRY - It would be so cool to find out my fur-babys origin! Please enter me in this wonderful giveaway contest! New to the site. Love what Ive seen thus far. Thanks for an informative safe site to talk Cat!
Curlynn May 26, 2018
ENTRY: My parents found a cat up north that needed love at our rv campground. They went around through the whole parking asking if this cat belonged to anyone, no one claimed the baby. They decided if she stuck around by the time they left they would bring her home for me, and she never left the porch that weekend so they told me I could keep her. I would love to know more about her since we know nothing about her life before she kind of just made herself part of the family. The vet said she looks like a regular ole tabby, so I'm curious what breeds shes mixed with because she seems to also have some calico colors/patterns in her tabby stripes.
Kayla70711 May 26, 2018
Entry for my cat socks. I'd like to know if he's part Simaese, or not. He look it a little in the face. He's blue color with white feet. He's very muscly, but his face is thinner, and shapped differently.
Jezzi May 26, 2018
Entry for my lovely fatcat~ Jet and I have had many loving years together and I swore the day I found her, starving and alone, that she would never need to look for another home. She's almost pure black and seems to have an eating disorder, but I love her all the same. I think what I'm most curious about is where she gets her tail from- that thing has more muscle than any other cat I know of... She's knocked my glasses off my face with them on several occasions, along with many other items.
MFCroo May 26, 2018
ENTRY for Bolero. Hi, I would be very interested to know if a cat we recently adopted is a Turkish Van. Bolero is the most unusual cat we have ever had. According to the descriptions we have read and pictures we've seen, he sure looks and feels and acts like he could be one of these Vans. In addition to the physical characteristics matching to the descriptions, he is intensely attached to my husband. He will do anything to get to my husband, including forgoing eating his favorite food, if it's a choice between the food and being able to climb all over my husband and snuggle.
Entery for Chatty Katty , we rescued each other one night in October of 2017 as I was taking pictures of the moon. I thought I was saving her from being raped by about 4 or 5 toms as she leaped into my arms(ferals or kept kittys they are all friends even to this day). I later found out I figure they brought her to me <3 because she was pregnant. I checked around for an owner nothing even with the Pet FBI nothing until a neighbor informed me that she was a stray. then I heard from another neighbor that the church next to me she used to be a mouser their, but the church has changed owners and they threw her out. keeping comments about that to self because they aren't so church like ha. I discovered in November after she gave birth to 4 beautiful babies later all in furever homes. I was told by friends she looked a little Maine Coon, or Norwegian but she is so small. But Chatty has a forever home with me and has been spayed and current on all her shots. Love her to death, and would love to know her heritage. Thank you
carebearbaby1 May 26, 2018
Entry for Lilly. I adopted Lilly from the shelter. She was listed as a Maine Coon mix but I have my doubts about that. She's an average sized cat, but has the thickest coat. It's twice as thick as any of my domestic long haired cats, but medium length.
Geralizze M. May 26, 2018
Entry: I would love to know what breed my little Milo is!
Coonmommy May 26, 2018
Entry! Freya would so much like to have her Maine Coonish verified!
Norachan May 26, 2018
ENTRY. Albert looks like a Siamese, but he and his sister were born into a feral colony. I'd be interested to find out where they got their blue eyes from.
DeeSweetie May 26, 2018
Entry, my Sweetie's face is the spitting image of the first cat, Pussywillow. Sweetie is a white and black domestic short hair.
Par5nb May 25, 2018
Entry for Ivan who we think has quite a bit of Russian blue mixed with something interesting!
Moz May 25, 2018
Entry - I'd also like to make an entry for Indy. She was orphaned at three weeks old. She and all of her siblings are black with some white patches, but I don't know what her parents looked like. Indy is the largest cat I've ever had - she's very tall! I've wondered if she's some kind of American Shorthair.
beckbjj May 25, 2018
ENTRY: Everyone who sees my big guy Quincy asks if he's a Maine Coon. He looks like a Maine Coon to me, and he has some Maine Coon traits, but I would LOVE to know for certain if he really has any in him!
KSV May 25, 2018
Entry: this cat is being fostered from the streets. We will try to get it adopters. It be nice to know if it’s partly related to any breeds to promote it. Could it be a Turkish van or a Turkish angora Cat? Who knows. It’s white with blue eyes and spots on head and tail. But it also has spots on the back. But not too many. The fur is long and soft.
nathaliewhite May 25, 2018
Entry- I would like to enter my cat Isis. I think resembles a colorpoint shorthair. She is now 2 and her colors have all came out. People were giving kittens away one day and nobody wanted Isis so my mothers bestfriend took her only for the same day she wanted to throw her out. So I stepped in and took her, she fell asleep in my shirt on the car ride home. She was def too young to be separated from mama, maybe about 3 and a half to 4 weeks? I'm glad we saved her anyway, but I'd really love to know her bloodline. She used to be so white now she has all these spots on her it's pretty cool. But as I said, she really resembles a colorpoint short hair in her colors.
RiparianTraced May 25, 2018
Hi, thank you for hosting this giveaway! I would also like to make an ENTRY for my 9-week old kitten, Naomi. We think she is an American Shorthair, but her tabby pattern hasn't fully come out yet. She has very distinct spots on her stomach. I would love to know what other breeds she has in her.
sapphireblu76 May 25, 2018
Entry- I'd like to test my 2 year old cat. He was found abandoned as a day old kitten, with a severe eye infection. I bottle fed him, treated his infection, and couldn't bring myself to adopt him out, lol. I'd love to know if he's got Maine Coon in his background. He's very talkative - in a very sing-song way - and fluffy. He's broken mackerel with white, and either smoke or lilac colored, with pale green/hazel eyes.
AmyTheKittyMommy May 25, 2018
Entry: Percy is a Siamese lookalike who I adopted from a rescue organization. He’s 9 months old now, and an absolute sweetheart. However, I have always been curious about which breeds he is a mix of, since he has many Siamese traits but also some distinct traits that don’t fit the Siamese breed. I would also love to have insight into his health, to see how I can keep him healthy and happy.
Jenannrooney May 25, 2018
Our cat Casper is what we call a “flamepoint siamese” I don’t think this is a recognized breed persay but identifies him. He is white with the ‘flame’ markings on his tail, head, paws and a teeny bit on his back. He has big blue eyes and has the siamese personality. He is only 4 & about a month ago out of the blue he could barely breath & his lips & tongue started turning blue (Soo scary!) we rushed him to the emergency vet & he has feline asthma. He is now on daily prednisone. It would be great to know more about his breed to see if possibly the prednisone + breed will make him more susceptible to complications & other problems. We love this cat so much & want to do everything we can to help our little boy. Entry.
Margret May 25, 2018
ENTRY- Jasmine is the only cat I'm entering for.
melontine May 25, 2018
Entry~ Socks is a sweetheart, at times acting more dog than cat. Her thick coat of muted tortishell fur and the polydactyl snowshoes she’s got for toes always had us thinking she was made for the cold. I’d like to know for sure, but maybe she’s got some Maine coon in her after all.
Norachan May 25, 2018
ENTRY. I'd be very interested to find out what makes up Carpet and her 3 sisters. Carpet is a long haired bob-tailed cat. She comes from a litter of 3 long haired, 1 short haired, 2 long tail and 2 bob tail kittens.
Docs Mom May 25, 2018
ENTRY Roxie, will be a yr. in end of Aug. 2018 She is a torbie, but shares a few characteristics with Stormy... A broken, spotted & striped coat and the tiny squeak of a meow. I would be curious to see what her background is...Tks !
Minxrat May 25, 2018
I think Poppy has Maine Coon in her, due to her fluff, her face shape and her ears. Sadly she has also lost her sight, which apparently is a Maine Coon trait. I'd love to know breeds she is made up of (she is my profile picture). So this is my ENTRY.
Boris Diamond May 25, 2018
ENTRY Diamond has more fur than any cat I have had. It's long and thick, and he has a tremendous ruff! He weighs almost fourteen pounds. I've always called him a DLH, but I am curious what genetics led to all that fur.
manda-midnight_612 May 25, 2018
Entry: My cat Cracker is a black tabby SH. He came from a black and white cat (with mostly white with black patches) and as far as I know, his father is a mostly white with grey tabby patches, so I'm not really sure what breed he resembles as they are probably mixed breeds as well. I've seen so many people doing DNA tests for their dogs and always wondered if they had a DNA test for cats as I'm also really curious to know what types of breed he comes from. I created my account just to enter the giveaway lol
Curlynn May 25, 2018
ENTRY: I'm curious about my cat Bowser that was found outside at just about 3 months old. She looks like she's a maine coon or has maine coon in her but she is pretty small. She has a giant fluffy tail and big green eyes. Shes the most loving, affectionate, energetic cat I've ever had. She's always been extremely vocal and very determined to get all the attention ever. I'd love to figure out what breed she actually is!
Jezzi May 25, 2018
ENTRY- I suppose I'm most curious about our little one, Nashandra. She is beautiful and has such luxurious fur, but she is so small! Roughly the size of a half-grown cat but looking for all the world like a miniature Maine Coon; finding her genetic information would be lovely~
Moz May 25, 2018
Entry - I guess Tango looks most like a calico Egyptian Mau to me. I'm actually not too knowledgeable about all the different cat breeds out there. She was actually born feral, so there's really no way for me to find out what she's closely related to without testing!
sabrinah May 25, 2018
ENTRY- Cookie is a domestic shorthair tabby, but she's a pretty big girl at 12.5 pounds and is almost frighteningly strong, even as an old lady. I would be interested to see if she has any large breeds in there. Also, even though I've had her since the day she was born, she's never been a particularly lovable cat so I'm curious if she could have an aloof breed hiding somewhere.
Brian007 May 25, 2018
Entry. Well then, Dudley is a ragdoll of considerable size, and I wonder where those beautiful big brown bearpaws come from, a big brown bear, perhaps? He's terribly interbred, poor sizeable mite, but I was in an emergency situation when I found him and he rescued me. I wonder what all that interbreeding throws up in his gene pool? I'm from a small gene pool myself so I feel for him and his freakery.
overseascatlady May 25, 2018
Entry My cat Kasut a tuxedo cat from streets of Malaysia. I have always been interested in seeing what breed she is.
Korinmewmew May 25, 2018
This is entry is for my cat Korin, she resembles a Lynx point siamese, or a Birman.
ChrissyC May 25, 2018
I would like to make an entry for my cat, Steve. He looks just like the one in the picture above! Chrissy
maggie101 May 25, 2018
ENTRY for Coco. She has the personality/traits and looks of a mixed Egyptian Mau. One of the Egyptian Mau's colors is bronze. She is brown and white with spots and stripes. She has a unique meow,quivers her tail when happy, and looks like she may be from the Persian family which is where the Egyptian Mau is from. Her eyes change from brown to green.
Pucks104 May 25, 2018
This is my entry for the Basepaws Catkit to test my cat, George, and his brother, Louie. They are DSH tuxedo kittens.
thevoice May 25, 2018
ENTRY My cats' foster mother said they were probably Maine Coon (they were 8 weeks old at the time). If so, they're miniature Maine Coons at not quite 8 lbs for the female and 13 lbs for the male at 13 mos old. They do have big ear tufts and major paw tufts. Girlfriend is a medium haired mackerel torbie with a white chin. Her torbiness is more visible in the sum. Big boy is a mackerel orange with white and might wind up a long hair the way his coat has been filling out recently. They're litter mates and the vet thinks they're full siblings given that they have the exact same stripe patterns.
sivyaleah May 24, 2018
Entry. This will be for Cocoabean. While we know she's a domestic longhair, I do suspect she may have a couple of breeds not too far in her background. She has very long ear and toe tufts like a MC, and round shaped eyes similar the Persian type breeds. We've done genetic testing on ourselves, so why not the kitties? :D
nansiludie May 24, 2018
ENTRY I would like to enter my cat Joey. He's a blue tuxedo cat. I always wondered what breed he might be of. He has a sister, named Daisy, exactly like him.
Lari May 24, 2018
Hey why not? I don't expect to win, but here's an ENTRY. Lelia is a reformed feral, so likely has nothing special in her, but she is rather chatty, and long and lean, so I would assume she looks closest to an Oriental or Siamese.
Saphena May 24, 2018
I am submitting this ENTRY for ItzelBelle. She was dropped off as a stray teeny kitten 6 weeks or so, and I adopted her from the rescue house. She resembles a Siamese and was listed as a Lilac Point on her adoption papers. She's cream with slate gray points and ice blue eyes. Still just a cute little thing and already doubled her weight! We would love to find a little more about her genetics as she was a stray and no history as to where she came from. Thank you!
carebearbaby1 May 24, 2018
Entry for Toby. I adopted Toby from a local shelter when he was 8 weeks old. His brothers were all short haired brown tabbies and his sister was a short haired calico; Toby is a long haired silver smoke. I'd be very interested to know where in his ancestry his unique coloring came from.
NekkoUchi May 24, 2018
This entry is for Sami! We believe Sami is half DSH tabby, half ocicat. Ocicat is 50/50 Siamese/Abyssinian mix. It would be fun to verify if the information from the shelter is correct. She's a terrific cat, very tolerant of children and extremely social.
Brian007 May 24, 2018
Entry. Just how much of a ragdoll is Parker the puff, I presume he's fully gened up but maybe he's got some angora rabbit in him, one never knows. He's still quite small and ragdolls are supposed to grow big. The breeder did mention she had angoras too, and they're only very small. I do, of course, realise cross species breeding is somewhere between highly unlikely and impossible. But it's always wise to check. :lol: Thank you for adding him to your draw.
kashmir64 May 24, 2018
ENTRY Samai was found in a bowl with her sisters at 10 days old on the side of a highway. Neither of her sisters looks like her and she looks so much like a Siberian that I believe that her father must be. There is a Siberian breeder in the area which she was found. I truly believe the stud got out and bred her mother, but it's impossible to know for sure without a DNA test.
RiparianTraced May 24, 2018
Nickolas is a long-haired blue tuxedo pattern. He was adopted from a rescue but at 3 months old he's already almost the size of a small full-grown cat. We would love to know if he is partially Maine Coon. Thank you very much for considering this ENTRY in your giveaway.
IndyJones May 24, 2018
I don't really need a fancy DNA test. Indy is a former feral born on the streets and Kabby was rescued by the SPCA. Both cats have their own personality and I love them both. I don't need to know their genetic backgrounds so if I got the test I would pass it on to the next person or to someone who actually needs it for predisposed health reasons (hip problems, cancer, heart disease)
weebeasties May 24, 2018
ENTRY Keith is our fluffy boy. He definitely has some big breed in him, but which one? I would love to find out!
Meieiei May 24, 2018
ENTRY Navi S. Timoshenko is the name of my cat, it is inspired by an mechanical engineering author I admire, I thought it would be fun to have a last name for her like humans do! I adopted her from a local shelter, and have always wanted to know her ancestry. I read information online about many breeds, and I think that she could be a mix of an Aegean Cat!, the description of that breed suit her so well! Navi loves water and is mostly white with wide base ears and rounded tips. I would love her to be an Aegean cat because from what I have researched up until now.. this breed is known for being almost free from genetic deceases, and I really hop she get to live a long healthy life.
cassiopea May 24, 2018
ENTRY - Bijou, she is this Torbie with little black ear tuffs. Black lips and black eyeliner eyes. Amber eye colour. My parents and I joke that maybe her daddy is a bobcat or lynx :lol: To me she is pretty exotic looking. Might just an overall normal thing of course but curious nevertheless.
lalagimp May 24, 2018
Entry I've love to test my boyfriend's tuxedo cat. He's my stepcat. What could they tell me from a bicolor DSH?
2rescuekitties May 24, 2018
ENTRY- I would love to know if my Stella is mixed with anything! She's so super cute either way but I would love to be able to get an idea of her background :)
Father of furbabies May 24, 2018
Entry We were told Shade could be a mix of Black Turkish Angora and Maine Coon but we are curious to know the true heritage of this feral kitten rescue.
2rescuekitties May 24, 2018
ENTRY- I really think Toby has some Egyptian mau or Bengal in him....he can jump soooo extremely high and his features resemble those breeds I would love to find out
Etarre May 24, 2018
entry: My husband swears that Juniper is part panther. I think she's more like a little jaguar. We'd love to know who's right. :D
Azazel May 24, 2018
ENTRY- My girl Nya is definitely a mix. I believe she has some Siamese in her background because she has lynx point coloring but her history is a mystery. She came from a hoarding situation and wasn’t treated very well before we adopted her. We have no idea what her actual background is.
Gizmobius May 24, 2018
ENTRY- Gizmo, in my opinion, looks like your typical domestic shorthair but he’s so big (usually in the 13lb range) and sometimes I think he could eat constantly and never truly be full. He has a clean bill of health so I’d be curious to see if there’s some tiger or perhaps lion in his genetic markup somewhere. :lol: In all seriousness, it’d be interesting to see if there’s anything I don’t expect in his genetics.
SpadaLuca May 24, 2018
ENTRY While Luca definitely doesn’t have the size of a Maine Coon, he has some personality characteristics. I just want to know what sort of mix he might be and if there is or isn’t some Maine Coon.
Lizzard Jane May 24, 2018
Tiger Lily would live to be considered for this ENTRY. I have adopted her from a neighbors barn. I believe she is a Lynx Point Siamese and want to know what percent Siamese and perhaps American shorthair? She is due to have kittens any day and would love to add them to the Entry.
FunnyFaceFamily May 24, 2018
ENTRY I believe that Funny Face is Arabian Mau crossed with something but don't know what. We rescued her from the streets of Saudi Arabia. She has the big ears and loyal personality similar to Arabian Mau. I would also love to know how old she Is, vets estimate her to be around 18months to 2 years. Thanks
destinyz12 May 24, 2018
ENTRY- I've always suspected that Foxy has some Bengal lineage in her. Between her marble and spotted markings, her similar personality and intelligence, it would make sense. There is also a Bengal breeder not too far away from where I live, so even though she was found as a tiny kitten on the street abandoned, I'm very curious. I hope that this can be tested even though Bengals have wild cat genes in them
Kokomo May 24, 2018
I would love to test Kokomo. I have been told by numerous people now that they believe he has some Bengal in him due to his markings. He is a big boy already, at almost 14 pounds at just under a year and a half. He has an amazing attitude, loves to try to catch my fish, caught one of my sister's when he was home, and adores my 2.5 year old niece and nephew. If my entry wins I would be super excited to see what he is closest to breed wise. Thank you!
MCPrescott May 24, 2018
ENTRY - Tatiana is 5 months old and she is a long haired Tortie. I would love to know what her lineage is! Us and her foster parents have no idea who her mother and father are, so her background is really vague. But she is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen!
Tigerteddy55 May 24, 2018
ENTRY- Teddy is a shorthair with tiger / tabby cat markings! He has short little legs, and I am wondering if he has any munchkin mixed in?! He is a rescue and I am curious to see what his genetics are made up of!:)
abyeb May 24, 2018
ENTRY- Charlie is very clearly a Domestic Shorthair, and an adorable one at that! He doesn’t have any clear breed lookalikes, but I’ve always been curious to get him tested! He’s a little bit larger than average (12 lbs), so I’ve wondered if he has some giant breed ancestry, though it would probably be far back in his history.
ailish May 24, 2018
ENTRY: I got Ailish from a rescue in my area. She was a young mother and had just weaned her kittens. I was looking around for a black cat and my sister found her and thought she had a nice personality. She is thin, lithe and muscular with a very long tail and is quite the jumper and climber, as well as being quite a formidable huntress. She is very opinionated. My thought is that maybe she has some Oriental in her.
Boris Diamond May 24, 2018
Entry Seal's body shape is very similar to a Siamese. I've always wondered if he had some in him, even if he is dark grey and white.
ileen May 24, 2018
ENTRY-Luciano was discovered abandoned in Chinatown in NYC. He is black & white, but his white fur is longer than his black fur. I would love to learn about his genetic background.
Docs Mom May 24, 2018
ENTRY - Stormy came to me as a 5 wk. old kitten just about 2 yrs ago. He has an interesting tabby pattern and a strange little squeak of a meow. He's fit and very active at 13 lbs. Curious about what breeds he contains or resembles.
foxxycat May 24, 2018
ENTRY Honeybee is an unusual mix of ? And I would love to know her breed. I think she's Norwegian forest cat and Somalia breeds together. Thank you for this opportunity!
donnae May 24, 2018
ENTRY Capt KitKat Jack came to us at 10 months old as a rescuse, so we have no idea of his background. His size, soft pelt like fur and highly contrasted markings combine with his athleticism to make me wonder if he has a Bengal ancestry.

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