15 Cat Quizzes That Will Make You Smile (And Teach you something too!)

If you love cats and are looking for a fun way to spend a few minutes, look no further! We have a collection of cat quizzes that will keep you entertained. Some of these may even help you learn one or more new things about cats too! Each and every quiz stands in its own right, so you can do them all at once, or come back once in a while to take one.

Once you have your score, do please share the results with your friends (you'll be prompted to do that on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter). We hope this can be a way for us to introduce new information to more pet lovers - and animal lovers in general - to the joys of the feline world.

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Let's play some cat trivia!

Think that you know everything there is to know about cats? Let's put that to the test! Try one of these cat trivia quizzes and leave us a comment to let us know just how much you scored.

Cat Trivia Quiz

Think you know all there is to know about cats? Put yourself to the test with this fun quick trivia game! What’s your score going to be?

Cats In Popular Culture

We all agree here: Cats rule! They rule the media as well and have done so for many years. Now, it’s time to find out how well you’ve been keeping track of the famous felines of the media.

Cat Health Trivia Game

We all care for our kitties and want them to be healthy, but how much do you really know about feline health? Take this fun quick test to find out!

How well do you speak "Cat"?

Quizzes about You!

Just for fun - try these personality tests. Crafted especially for cat lovers, of course!

Are You A Crazy Cat Lady?

You don’t have to be a woman to be a “Crazy Cat Lady”. All you have to be is utterly and totally committed to cats! So, are you a crazy cat lady? Or maybe a cat lover (that’s awesome too!), or just someone who happens to like cats? Let’s see how you score – let us know in the comments!

Let Us Guess Your Age By Your Preferences In Cats

We think we can tell your age based on your choices. To do that, we’ve put together a fun little quiz with 10 questions and lots of cat pictures. Give it a try and see if we got it right!

Let Us Guess Your Favorite Cat Coat Color

Sure, you love ALL cats and will go out of your way to help a cat, no matter what his or her coat color is. But when it comes to enjoying the sheer beauty of our feline friends why not have a preference?

So, let’s see if we can guess what your favorite cat color is. Are you a fan of white cats? A tabby addict? A black cat aficionado? Or maybe blue-eyed colorpoints are your idols? Tuxedo or Orange? Tabby or pure white? Take this quick super fun quiz and let’s see if we can guess what’s YOUR favorite cat color!

If You Were A Purebred Cat Which Breed Would You Be?

Are you a vocal Siamese or the strong and quiet Maine Coon? Or maybe there’s another cat breed that reflects your personality even better?

Which Famous Cat Lover Are You?

Many famous people – past and present – are or were avid fans of felines. Take this quiz to find out which one of them you resemble the most and let us know in the comment section below! Historic or current, we bet we can find a celebrity that’s your long lost twin – at least where it comes to cats!

Where In The World Should You Retire To? (Cat Lovers Version)

We’d like to ask you 8 fun cat-related questions now, and based on your answers, we’ll tell you where in the world you should retire to! After all, why settle for staying in the same old place when you can make the most of your retirement and live somewhere else, new and exciting?

Fun Quizzes about YOUR Cat!

Curious about kitty's personality, preferences or even favorite song? No worries - we have the right tools for figuring out everything you need to know about your precious feline friend. Just take a quiz!

What Should Be Your Cat's Title?

Ever wondered if your cat is royalty or a high-ranking officer? Take this quick fun quiz to find out what your cat’s real formal title should be.

Which Superhero Is Your Cat?

Don’t be fooled by your cat’s seemingly boring routine. It’s not just eating, sleeping and playing for Kitty! The truth is this is just the cover story for Kitty’s secret identity as a feline superhero! And we can help you figure out which superhero yours is! Just take this fun quiz to find out!

If Your Cat Had A Job What Would It Be?

Let’s play “career advisor” and see what our kitties can be! This quiz is for pure fun and the very tiny chance that Kitty will someday grow opposable thumbs and start speaking. You just never know! Best to be prepared and some quality job advice!

What Would Be Your Cat's Fantasy Vacation?

Most cats prefer to stay in their own natural territory – hopefully a safe and comfortable home! Imagine if our kitties were travelers though! Where would you think your cat would like to go on his or her vacation? Take this short quiz to find out!

What's Your Cat's Song?

Which famous song best represents your cat’s character? If your cat has a theme song, what would it be? Let us try and answer that question after you take this quick and fun quiz! Tell us a little bit about your precious Kitty and we’ll tell you what’s his or her song!


4 comments on “15 Cat Quizzes That Will Make You Smile (And Teach you something too!)

Toiger123 April 30, 2021
This was such a fun article!
MeowWhisperer848 August 5, 2020
I spent a good hour taking these quizzes while my kitten was acting as wild as she could be with her toys and doing the most hilarious things ever!! Now she's laying down and possibly going to sleep in my blue crate of some books and magazines 😂 I've learned quite a bit! I see her as a very active, bold (yet a little shy), funny, sometimes aggressive, needy, attention seeker, brave lion! Now I really want to write a book, articles, and just multiple stories about her! Thanks so much for sharing these! 🥰💖
Furballsmom December 29, 2019
Such a fun article!

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