Cat Enclosures – Freedom Without The Risks For Curious Cats

Cat enclosures are more than just a trend—they're a revolution in feline care.

If you've ever grappled with the question of whether to let your cat explore the great outdoors, you know the dilemma.

The outside world is full of wonders, but it also harbors risks like cars, dogs, hostile people, and other threats.

Kitten at outdoor cat enclosures

What if there was a way to give your cat the freedom to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and nature without the dangers?

Let's explore the world of cat enclosures and discover how they provide a safe, stimulating environment bridging the gap between indoor comfort and outdoor adventure.

Exploring Cat Enclosures: A Tailored Haven for Your Feline Friend

A cat enclosure may prove to be a safe and effective solution to the problem.

An enclosure on the porch or in the garden provides your cat a protected area to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and sometimes even birds, trees, and grass.

You can either build the enclosure yourself or have one by a professional.

The smaller enclosures, such as closed window perches or large cages, can be purchased and easily fit into your home.

If you decide to build one yourself, take your time and plan everything before you begin. A good plan can be invaluable and save you a lot of changes along the way!

cat enclosures with natural background

Enclosures vary in size and shape. The smallest is the windowsill enclosure - an outside perch surrounded by a see-through box or a safe net.

This can be installed even in a small apartment and provide your cat with a lovely outside view, preferably one with trees and birds.

You can offer your cat a larger enclosure if you live in a house. Here too, sizes vary from a relatively small cage on the porch to a huge enclosure covering your backyard.


Cat Enclosures Considerations

If you are considering attaching an outside enclosure to your house, here are a few points to keep in mind:

1. Your Cat's Safety

The enclosure must be strong and sturdy so no cat can get out and no dog or other large animal can enter.

Use only the best and strongest materials and ensure there are no sharp edges inside that may cause injury to your cat.

Don't forget the roof! Cats can climb and jump very high; they may very likely get outside without a secure roof.

2. Size Matters

The enclosure will soon become part of your cat territory, and the more space there is to explore, the better. This is especially important if you have more than one cat.

two cats in cat enclosure

Ensure all your cats can share the enclosure without feeling overcrowded.

3. Easy Entry Back into Your House

The enclosure must be connected to the inside of your house to allow your cat to get back in at all times.

In the case of sudden severe weather conditions or some other outside threat, your cat must get back inside immediately, even if you are not at home to let her in.

A cat flap door is the best solution - you can build the enclosure right on the other side of the cat flap or build a safe and sturdy tunnel between the door and the enclosure.

4. Easy Access for You

Occasionally, you may need to get into the enclosure yourself to fix or change some things. Getting in may also be crucial if you ever need to get to your cat in case of an emergency.

When building the enclosure, ensure you have a well-sized door that can be kept locked when not in use.

5. Think about Vertical Space

You can use your space better if you build a tall enclosure with shelves and perches.

Black and white cat going downstairs in cat enclosure

Cats appreciate vertical space and often feel more secure when they have a high perch from which to look over their surroundings.

6. Enhance the Inside

Keep the enclosure interesting and stimulating for your cat. Add boxes, tunnels, toys, and anything else you can think of that will make your cat at home.

Many cats appreciate having grass to nibble on, so a nice pot with grass or catnip is a good idea.

Another nice feature is a bird feeder just outside the enclosure - your cat will likely be mesmerized!

A Closing Note on Safe Outdoor Exploration

As cat owners, our primary concern is always the well-being and happiness of our feline friends.

Cat enclosures present a harmonious blend of safety and exploration, allowing our cats to experience the outdoors without the associated risks.

Whether you opt for a pre-built setup or embark on a DIY project, the joy and enrichment these spaces provide our pets are immeasurable.

So, give your cat the gift of fresh air, sun, and a safe environment, ensuring a contented and fulfilling life for your beloved companion.


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buzzkat19 November 6, 2020
Need to find a design for a "Catio" that can be built over a window with an awning style opening. Difficulty is the restricted space this style of opening presents. Have found one company that makes cat doors to fit into glass but no design ideas for building the enclosure that might fit the entire window area first and give reasonable space for kitty. Would really appreciate some ideas here!

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