8 Superb Automated Cat Toys That You’re Going To Love!

Looking to transform your feline's playtime with the magic of automated cat toys? You're in the right place!

Whether you're grappling with a spirited kitten's boundless energy or trying to curb the boredom of a solitary indoor cat, these marvelous inventions are here to save the day.

cat surrounded by toys

Automated cat toys aren't just toys; they're a harmonious blend of technology and feline psychology, designed to stir your cat's primal hunting instincts.

Offering an exciting, interactive experience, they ensure your beloved pet remains engaged, active, and most importantly, joyful.

Join us as we unveil eight of the most outstanding automated cat toys currently available.

With these gadgets in your arsenal, you're guaranteed hours of contented purring and playful pouncing.

Ready to discover the ideal playmate for your feline companion? Let's jump right in!

Why Should You Offer Your Cat Toys?

Before we start looking at these electronic gadgets, let's consider what makes these systems so effective.

Cats evolved to hunt small critters on the ground and in the air.

Each one of our sweet kitties is in fact a talented predator whose mind and body are made to locate, stalk, and chase small animals.

kitten playing with a blue and gray toy mouse

In fact, hunting instincts are so strong in the cat that many cats will hunt down prey even if they are not hungry. That does not mean you should allow your pet cat to hunt.

On the contrary, hunting puts your cat at risk and can harm the environment. Read more here about why you should never let your cat hunt.

All we're saying is that you should be aware of your cat's needs and fulfill them in a safe and healthy way through appropriate playtime.

How Automated Cat Toys Help Fight Boredom

Playtime affords cats a hunting simulation that's safe and rewarding. Unfortunately, regular cat toys are passive and immobile.

In other words, they don't do a very good job pretending to be live prey. You can overcome this by operating cat toys in various forms of interactive playtime.

If you choose to do that make sure you read our guide: Playing With Your Cat: 10 Things You Need To Know.

Automated cat toys provide you with a hands-off way to mimic prey behavior.

These systems intrigue cats with simulations of mice and birds, getting them to exercise their natural repertoire of hunting skills.

What's more, some of these automated cat toys can be programmed to operate at set times, helping you make sure your cat isn't bored while you're away.

With that in mind, here are eight gadgets that keep cats fit and alert!

1. Electronic Hide & Seek Mouse Cat Toy

What's more fun than trying to hunt down a mouse that's hiding in a maze of tunnels?

Click here to see this hide-and-seek mouse-cat toy on Amazon.

This mouse pops out and then hides again - just like a real mouse does.

Lightweight and portable, the Hide & Seek cat toy by Qiaozeng is easy to move around the home, so you can always entice your cat to play next to you.

2. PETGEEK Interactive Cat Toy

The next cat toy is from PETGEEK which has a tail that moves in unpredictable ways, which can keep your cat engaged and allow them to exercise its natural hunting and chasing instincts.

Click here to see this PETGEEK interactive cat toy on Amazon.

This toy can help fulfill your cat’s desire to hunt mice, provide physical activity, and reduce stress.

The string that goes in and out of the toy is thin enough that cats won't find it threatening. Supervise your cat to make sure he or she doesn't end up chewing off the string.


3. SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Concealed Motion Toy

Has your cat ever tried to chase the mice that live under your blanket, i.e. your covered feet? If so, he or she will probably love this next toy.

Click here to see this electronic concealed motion cat toy on Amazon.

This automated cat toy offers Kitty a lot of spy-style action: under cover!

4. Potaroma Automatic Interactive Kitten Toy

For a more comprehensive - and more expensive - play/hunt experience you may want to invest in the Potaroma system.

It offers modes of play such as shooting feather from random holes, flying butterfly, balls in the track, and you can even run it on "random" mode.

Click here to see this 3-in-1 automatic interactive kitten toy on Amazon.

This fantastic cat toy can be powered by either 4 AA batteries or by plugging it into an electrical outlet, whichever is more convenient for you.

5. PetSafe Cheese Pet Toy

There's a little mouse living in this wedge of cheese, and you just never know which side it's going to pop out of.

Click here to see this cheese pet toy on Amazon.

Place this toy so Kitty has a good view of both sides and let the fun begin! You can even set it to work while you're away, and the little mouse will put on a peep show once every two hours.

6. Hexbug Mouse Robotic Cat Toy

Forget about the elusive mice that hide in mazes, under covers, or in fake cheese. The next toy has the rodent out in the open!

Click here to see this Hexbug mouse robotic cat toy on Amazon.

Fully visible, this hexbug mouse moves around on its own, simulating natural walking patterns, stopping occasionally to change its direction.

And don't worry - if Kitty manages to topple over this critter, the mouse knows how to flip over from its back to its feet!

7. Tumbler Cat Interactive Toy

This Tumbler interactive toy offers your cat not only constant stimulation but also some reward.

Click here to see this tumbler cat interactive toy on Amazon.

Just fill the inner compartment with kibble or cat treats, and the ball will gradually dispense a few pieces at a time as it wobbles around.

Even without the food, this automated cat toy is a huge hit with its bird-like movement. No wonder reviewers love this one!

8. Valonii Cat Laser Toy

Speaking of laser... if your cat loves chasing that elusive red dot, you definitely should try this cat toy from Valonii.

Click here to see this cat laser toy on Amazon.

This laser toy has two modes (fast and slow) that can be activated with a single button.

By positioning the laser head on different parts of the base, the laser moves in a circular pattern on floors or walls, stimulating cats’ natural hunting instincts.

Red lady-cat plays with green feathers

Have you tried any automated cat toys? Let us know in a comment how your cat reacted, and share your insights.

You can also review any of the products featured in this list by clicking the link under the listing.


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8 Superb Automated Cat Toys That You're Going To Love!

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4 comments on “8 Superb Automated Cat Toys That You’re Going To Love!

catlover4ever1423 March 13, 2018
My Cat loves her new toy! (no batteries required!)
SeventhHeaven October 31, 2017
SeventhHeaven October 31, 2017
They love electronic mice good until cell dies then toy vanishes Similar to above posts: The Cat's meow is still on my list :gift: runs only on batteries though (walmart -$16.00)
IndyJones May 6, 2017
Personally I found cats are like kids when it comes to these things they are more interested in the box than the actual product. My guys don't like these motorized things in fact they seem spooked by them. My cats favorite toys are the wand type toys like the bamboozle. Indy likes laser pointers though.

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