American Shorthair Cats

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The American Shorthair cat can trace his roots back to the Mayflower’s landing in North America. These cats worked their way across the ocean as ratters on the ship. Once landed, they continued to work beside their people, keeping barns and homes free of vermin. They were sometimes bred with imported Longhairs and Siamese. Those who appreciated Shorthairs as a breed of their own selectively bred to preserve the conformation and gentle disposition.

History of the American Shorthair

Originally, this breed was known as the Domestic Shorthair. Its name was changed in 1966 to American Shorthair to mark its differences from any other shorthaired breed. While many cats may resemble the American Shorthaired, the purebred cats can reproduce kittens with specific traits such as quality of coat and temperament, generation after generation.

Breed Description

The Shorthair can come in many colors including brown tabby, silvers, and the striking pin-stripe of shiny black and charcoal. This cat ranks in the top ten list of popular breeds. Affectionate and gentle, good with children, she will fit in with family living. She will also get along with dogs. Males may weigh between ten and fifteen pounds with females being a bit smaller at eight to twelve pounds. Between three and four years of age they are considered fully grown.

Shorthairs are a healthy breed, living between fifteen and twenty years. Annual veterinary visits, good food, nail trims and lots of love are all this breed needs to live a long and happy life.

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Vinnypoo42 April 4, 2018
 I’m wondering if my cat is an American Shorthair, I got him from the streets a few months ago

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