All About Purraise

Purraise is our positive feedback system for TheCatSite community.

Purraising a content item means you like it and think it is quality content. Purraise is a great way to let a member know that you appreciate his or her contribution. It is a nice way to spread a positive vibe around the community, so use it liberally!

What kind of content items can be purraised? Purraise can be given to posts, articles, cat pages, reviews, gallery albums and images.

How do I give purraise?

If you find a content item you particularly like or empathize with, look for the appropriate emoticon and click it. For example, when you see a post that you like and you want to show your appreciation, hover on Purraise and click on the thumbs up or heart-shaped emoticon where it says "Purraise" or "Love":

When should purraise be given? Purraise should be given for a specific piece of content: a useful post, a great image or a helpful review. You should be recognizing the contribution, not the contributor.

When should it NOT be given? Purraise should not be given for personal gain. This includes giving purraise to friends for no reason, or for anything that does not benefit the community as a whole.

Why should you give purraise? Use purraise with care, but use it often. It is a very useful tool for us as a community, for two reasons:

1. Encouraging quality content by letting members know their contribution was appreciated.

2. Helping the site admins feature and surface the best content we have.

Who can view the purraise on a post? Everyone can see the purraise score of a particular item of content (such as a post). They can also read the comments that were posted along with purraise.

Who can view my total purraise score? Purraise votes get added up on your profile and are shown in the snippet under your username which indicates the number of posts you've made and your purraise score:

You can also view your purraise score here, along with a detailed report about who purraised which content item and when. Access to the detailed page is limited to yourself and the moderators. Other members can only see your total Purraise score.

Purraise Etiquette In order to keep things positive and fair, we have a few guidelines and rules for purraise:

- Do not ask for purraise, explicitly or otherwise, for a specific contribution or in general.

- Do not hold grudges with purraise. Give purraise to any contribution that you feel deserves acknowledgment, regardless of your relationship with the contributor.

- Do not give purraise to a post of a member just because you like them. The POST itself should be worthy of the rep.

Should I thank someone for giving me purraise? There is no need to thank people for purraising your content. Please don't be offended if your own purraise does not get acknowledged by the recipient. It doesn't mean that they didn't see it or that they don't care. They just follow the usual netiquette that's used on other online social networks.

If you do wish to thank someone for purraising your content - perhaps if they left you a very specific comment you'd like to address - it's best to do that via private messaging. If everyone started thanking in posts, threads could soon become very cluttered and difficult to follow.

Share the love and purraise liberally when you like the content! Thank you for being a part of our community!

Note: We may get commissions for purchases made through links on this page.

9 comments on “All About Purraise

Georgia on my Mind March 2, 2018
As of today I can no longer purraise anyone. Did the rules regarding purraise change?
Anne March 20, 2017
That would be the difference between "unique" purraise and the total of purraise. This is due to the moderating team's votes counting as two purraise votes each. The smaller amount is the more accurate one in terms of number of votes.
golondrina March 20, 2017
My profile shows two different amounts of purraises, the amount  shown next to a red heart and the amount shown next to the green ribbon. What does it mean please?. Many thanks
golondrina February 17, 2017
People have been generous towards me with their purraises for which I'm thankful and feel encouraged. I have been somewhat shy to give purraises myself probably because I haven't felt qualified to judge other people's posts but thanks to your article I feel more courageous.  Many thanks.
rgwanner February 17, 2017
I want to add my thanks for a very useful article.  I am new to social media and electronically challenged.  I have volunteered for a shelter for 6 years, and have had cats for 40 years.  i read a lot and talk to the med techs a lot, so I know enough to know that the advice i have seen seems to solid.  I can tell it is from actual experiences.  I Love this site!  
golondrina October 18, 2016
Since it was me who asked the question about the meaning of the word  "purraise" I wish to thank you Ann for this interesting and useful information. It is always very encouraging and rewarding to receive a reply to one's questions and doubts. 
kittylove53 April 28, 2016
I am also sorry to you Ann for not realizing that you are the one to go to for most of the info to use the site correctly. Thank you.
kittylove53 April 28, 2016
Dear Betsygee,       I did not know anything about giving praise,or other things to use on the site.I am so sorry to the people who deserved praise that I did not know how to give. I am new to using the computer and I did not know who to ask for advice on how to use this site.  Thank you for posting the info.
keyes July 9, 2015
Thank you for this article.  I didn't realize that the heart symbol was now being used for purraise.

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