7 Stunning Cat Rings That Will Make You Go “meow!”

Cat rings, as in cat-themed rings! Because if you're looking to add some bling to your look, why not go with cat-themed jewelry? Fashion accessories allow you to express your love for all things feline and look pretty doing so. Win-win! Here are seven stunning cat rings that help you make a statement about your passion in life: cats.

Cat-themed jewelry items also make great gifts for cat lovers. Most of these rings are adjustable so you can buy them for a cat-loving friend and know they'll be a good fit.

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So, let's take a look at these seven wonderful rings!

A cat lying on the bed up right while looking on the camera, 7 Stunning Cat Rings That Will Make You Go "meow!"

Blue Swarovski Crystals Cat Ring

This cat ring has the perfect romantic look: a cat wearing a heart-shaped bow tie. Authentic premium Swarovski crystals guarantee this ring will get people's attention for many years to come.

Cat Ring In Silver Tone Alloy

This dark ring cast in an antique-looking alloy (nickel and lead-free!) is cute and mysterious at the same time. Let this kitty's black eyes watch over you.

Sterling Silver Women's Filigree Cat Ring

This cat ring was made using the intricate trace-out art of filigree. It is ornamental and detailed without losing focus on its feline theme.

Sterling Silver Zirconia Princess Cat Ring

This luxurious cat ring goes for the regal look. This feline princess with her little crown, sterling silver and Sapphire blue Zirconia gems will make your hand look absolutely majestic.

Hexagon Cat Ring

As you may have observed, cats tend to have just one mood (sassy). Since humans have more, use this cat, wrapped mood ring to show which one you're feel-ine!

Alloy + Crystal Cat Statement Ring

A special ring for people you really love! This non-toxic, harmless, lightweight, not easy-to-slip-off cat ring is all about understated elegance. This is the perfect gift for cat lovers and animal lovers.

Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring

Sometimes elegance is all about simplicity. It may take a fellow cat lover to recognize the feline shape of this cat ring. They're going to love it when you show them the little paws that are pressed into the ring's inner side.


So, which is your favorite?

Are you a Swarovski crystals type or maybe the delicate alloy crystal is your thing? Leave a comment letting us know which is your favorite cat ring and why!

Update: When this article was originally published, we ran a giveaway for one of the rings. Asking our members to let us know which ring they would like best. This comment by @BuddyBellaMom came up in the draw.

And she received that very ring as a gift from TheCatSite! If you enjoyed these cat rings, please share this post with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

41 comments on “7 Stunning Cat Rings That Will Make You Go “meow!”

alinatitov December 16, 2016
Who else though some of these were so cute and unerpriced:) so cute
walkingrock October 1, 2016
Congratulations, BuddyBellaMom! Now go get yourself that pretty ring!
tarasgirl06 October 1, 2016
ConCATulations to the lucky winner and may you wear your beautiful ring in good health and happiness!
novathekittycat September 30, 2016
They are all so pretty!
rubysmama September 24, 2016
This is the first time I've seen cat rings. They are all very cute. I rarely wear rings, but could make an exception, for the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring.  :)
eothecat September 24, 2016
I prefer the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring  because it resembles one of my cats the most to me, she stretches out long and also wraps around my leg when I'm on the couch.
catbehaviors September 23, 2016
The engraved titanium band is pretty nice. But then again, the cat ear adjustable ring is nice, too... Let's go with my first choice. :)
kitty kisser September 20, 2016
I would like either 2 or 3 if I had to choose 1 though it would be #2 the silver tone alloy
raysmyheart September 19, 2016
I love the Blue Swarovski Cat Ring because I love Swarovski designs and I love the way the ring incorporates the curve of the cat's tail!  Brilliant!  All the rings are very beautiful and this thread is a lot of fun!  Thank you!
scootermom September 18, 2016
I love the #3, the Filigree Cat Ring! It is so intricate and unique!
badems human September 18, 2016
Blue Swarovski Crystals Cat Ring !!!!! :D Love it!
boney girl dad September 17, 2016
I would choose the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Ring. I have not worn a ring since I wore through the back of my wedding ring 23 years ago. I'd wear those ears.
kas1065 September 17, 2016
There are two I like best the titanium band because it is cute with the two cat in love and the blue color kis sharp and I like the adjustable ring because it is just to darn cute to pass up.
ape48066 September 16, 2016
I like number 7!! >^^<
SeventhHeaven September 16, 2016
Cat ring in silver tone alloy looks very rustic antique very decorative
leftiesrock September 16, 2016
My favorite is the Zirconia Princess kitty ring. So pretty and stylish!
catminionjess September 15, 2016
It is a tough choice, but I think #3 Sterling Silver Women's Filigree Cat Ring is really cool looking. 
iluvlilpaws September 15, 2016
My favorite is the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring
walkingrock September 15, 2016
My favorite is the Titanium Cat and Heart Blue Concave Engraved Ring! 
lonelocust September 15, 2016
I like the silver alloy one, but I believe the zirconia princess is my favorite because it actually looks a bit like my wedding ring before you see that it is a cat, and I rather like that.
Lyzzie September 15, 2016
I'm gonna have to go with n°3, the Sterling Filigree one. It's meowing my name right now...
louann jude September 15, 2016
There is three that I like but to wear I would choose number 6. I like that it's beautiful and simple. 
Margret September 15, 2016
Ooh, this is tough!  They're all so gorgeous.  I really like number 3, the sterling filigree, but it's just so big; I don't think I would fit on my finger properly as my hands are small.  So I think I'd have to go with number 2, the cat ring in silver tone alloy.
ashade1 September 15, 2016
I LOVE the Blue Swarovski Crystals Cat Ring, it is absolutely gorgeous! Simple yet elegant! All of these rings are beautiful though!
Columbine September 15, 2016
I just love the filligree ring - so pretty and intricate [emoji]128151[/emoji] I'm not usually a ring person, but I'd definitely make an exception for this beauty!
segelkatt September 15, 2016
It's definitely the Sterling Silver Filigree Cat Ring, it would go so well with the filigree butterfly I wear on my left forefinger.
nurseangel September 15, 2016
Sterling Silver Filigree ring.  It's beautiful.  
buddybellamom September 15, 2016
It's the sterling silver and blue zircona princess one for me!  I'm a BLING girl!!  
Norachan September 15, 2016
They're all so pretty! I think my favourite is the silver filigree ring. It's so intricate, but at the same time quite subtle. It looks like it would be really comfortable to wear.
tallyollyopia September 15, 2016
They all look awesome, but I think my favorite is the Princess Cat Ring.
tarasgirl06 September 14, 2016
Black diamonds.  ;)
kirathecat September 14, 2016
These are stunning pieces of jewelery! My favorite is Swarovski Crystals Cat Ring because of its elegant design and bright yet soft crystals' colors. It's a perfect statement ring. :)
red top rescue September 14, 2016
My favorite is #2, the antique mini kitty who watches over you from the safety of your finger.  Personally, I'm an antique hippie so it fits my style.
mrsgreenjeens September 14, 2016
My favorite is the Titanium Cat and Heart Blue Concave Engraved Ring because it's very simple, BLUE, which I wear frequently, and understated, which I prefer.  I'm not a foo-foo kind of girl :-).
Draco September 14, 2016
I love them all!! But I had to pick one, and it's the Blue Swarovski Crystals ring. Love the designs and colors!   I already know which ones I am buying my friends for Christmas!
cassiopea September 14, 2016
I fancy the Blue Swarovski Crystals Cat Ring. I like the colours, and it is so charming! Sort of reminds me of a cute mischief side too. 
caitini September 14, 2016
I like the Cute Cat Ear too. I wear silver rings and this would go really nicely with them!
margd September 14, 2016
I like the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring best.  It's simple and elegant and I like that it's subtle.  
hbunny September 14, 2016
I love the Sterling Silver & Zirconia Princess cat ring!  All female cats are princesses/queens!!  Love it!
kntrygrl256 September 14, 2016
I love the Titanium Cat and Heart Blue Concave Engraved Ring. It's attractive yet simple like me. With the two cats and heart reminds me of the special love I have for my cats. Plus I think the blue would bring out the blue of my eyes, LOL.
tabbytom September 14, 2016
My favorite is the Cute Cat Ear Adjustable Open Ring. Reason why I like this ring is that the ear on the ring is similar to my cat's ear and the paws on the inner ring resembles his paws holding my finger.

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