31 Embarrassing Ways For Cats To Get Stuck

You have not begun to understand the meaning of "stuck" until you've seen a cat stuck somewhere and boy, do TCS (TheCatSite) kitties get themselves into some sticky situations! Here's our guide to the feline beginner about "getting stuck" with aplomb. Make sure your cats read this guide and if they manage to outshine these kitties, post about it in the Fur Pictures forum!

Curiosity and cats go hand in hand, but exploring can get you stuck, like this cat who couldn't resist trying to dig his way between the Huge Sofa Pillows

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Cat stuck in sofa

Sometimes, you dig your way in, without going down. Getting stuck behind furniture is purrfectly natural. As long as your paws are out, you're doing fine!

Think sticking to cat furniture will save you from getting stuck? Think again!

It's particularly awkward when you're stuck high up, like this cat -

Or this one,

Or cats that get stuck climbing up curtains, which may or may not hold their weight.

Windows are irresistible, aren't they? Oh boy, can you get stuck climbing a window screen, just ask this kitten

Or this Velcro Kitty here -

It doesn't have to be the screen itself. Windows of all sorts can get you stuck even if you don't climb any screens, honest!

They may be too tight to maneuver but you still can't resist trying to squeeze in there.

Blinds. We're not sure if they're stickier when they're shut or open -

Never assume that spaced bars are safe. Bars and cats don't mix well. Any kind of bars!

Hiding under furniture can definitely get you stuck as well -

Or just hiding in "things".

Never underestimate a box. It might be bigger and deeper than you think -

Remember, cats don't only get themselves stuck. They can get other cats stuck too, like this:

Or this:

When the circumstances are right, you can get other animals stuck in awkward positions as well:

Animals can be a challenge, just take care not to get stuck yourself while stalking prey -

Humans are even more of a challenge. Try to get them stuck in their chair and you may end up stuck yourself, between a chair and a hard place -

But pinning down humans is doable, and can be very useful sometimes -

Just make sure you never ever release the human or you could end up all wet and stuck in a towel -

Climbers start getting stuck at a very young age, sometimes with their Mom around to watch over them -

Or with no parental supervision -

It's why you sometimes need some help. Just don't get stuck being "the ladder"!

As you grow older, you can climb on your own and get stuck in brand new fascinating things like this contraption:

Or this one, which the humans seem to favor more -

Speaking of drinks. Now, there's a whole new way of getting stuck. Just innocently drinking, like this -

Or this -

Going in head first definitely can get you stuck and put you in a stinky situation:

But remember, when life gives you shoes, make a comfy bed! Never admit to being stuck and when in doubt take a nap just to make your point:

25 comments on “31 Embarrassing Ways For Cats To Get Stuck

Mamanyt1953 January 9, 2019
Blinds...OH DEAR, the blinds! This is why I invested in good sheers and keep the blinds UP at all times! SOMEONE can't resist a blind!
tarasgirl06 January 5, 2019
ROFLMOTO! I wish we had a contribution, but they never seem to get stuck anywhere, or at least not when I have my phone or camera to hand...:lolup:
angels mommy January 1, 2019
LOL! These are so cute! That picture of my Angel :rbheart: in his purple towel is one of my favorites! I love the look on his face. After a bath, with that smug irritated look! "Stupid 'ol mommy giving me a bath! " :mad2:
silverstartbs December 10, 2016
I've seen my cat stuck in a tall box before! XD And I have a picture of it :P
greytiger November 8, 2015
This made me laugh!
4senuff October 5, 2015
I love this ssoooooooo much!
lovemyzeus September 23, 2015
Awesome ;)
camillel September 11, 2015
LOL these are soooo cute
tarasgirl06 August 6, 2015
...and the tux in the BIG, BIG box.  ;)
sisi 1 August 6, 2015
they are so cute....
tarasgirl06 August 4, 2015
That tiny calico just gets me every time. ;)
peterbald love August 4, 2015
Funny and cute!!!
tammat July 24, 2015
So gorgeous. Love them all.
Margret June 18, 2015
"I meant to do that." Jasmine
emmalovesmak June 17, 2015
I smiled the whole time. ADORABLE!!
lyrajean May 20, 2015
Glad Aya was able to contribute the dangers of typhoon bars!
catwoman=^..^= May 19, 2015
Those are the darndest and cutest photos that I have seen in a long time.  I had a cat who jumped on the top of doors all the time, but, she never got stuck.  She was always able to get back down.  No problem!  LOL!
tarasgirl06 May 17, 2015
Love these!  
tails up May 12, 2015
Love it! So cute.
the siamese May 11, 2015
they are sooo funny my kitties get stuck like that a lot!
cat nap May 8, 2015
fantastic photos and article! 
mservant May 6, 2015
Haa haa, 'never admit it'!   Sadly for these kitties they have been snapped.  :-D
raysmyheart May 6, 2015
I have enjoyed this so much!  I love all these kitties, every one of these photos touched my heart!
mattkat May 5, 2015
Draco May 5, 2015
lol, this is awesome!!

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