31 Embarrassing Ways For Cats To Get Stuck

Ready for some feline fun? Well, you've not seen "stuck" until you've seen a cat truly stuck!

Our TheCatSite (TCS) kitties sure know how to land in some sticky spots. In this photo compilation, we'll take you on a hilarious journey through the world of cats "getting stuck" in style.

Be sure to have your cats take a peek at this guide, and if they top our list, we want to hear about it!

Share your cat's mischievous adventures in our Fur Pictures forum. Get ready to laugh, because these cats are turning "stuck" into an art form!

Furry Explorers: Cats Getting Stuck in the Home Territory

Cats and curiosity? They're a pair, alright! And boy, can exploration lead to some tight corners. Just look at this adventurous kitty who burrowed too deep between those giant sofa cushions!

Cat-sandwich: Hold the cushions, please!

Cat stuck in sofa

Even when you're not digging down, you can find yourself in a pickle. Trapped behind furniture? It's a cat's rite of passage! Paws sticking out? You're in the club!

Extreme Hide and Seek: Level – Couch Cushion

Believe your cat tree will keep you safe from these shenanigans? Guess again!

When life's a circle, but you're a square peg!

Sky-High Stuck: Cats Defying Gravity

The awkwardness doubles when you're stuck up high. Ask this kitty:

Hey, they said 'reach for the top.' They just didn’t mention how to get down...

Or this daredevil:

Living on the edge...of the bunk bed!

Even curtains can become climbing challenges - testing their strength and yours.

Hanging by a string, literally and metaphorically.

Windows, irresistible, right? Clambering up a window screen can land you in a bind, as this kitten discovered.

Caught between a screen and a glass place!

Or this stick-to-it kitty:

Screen door: 1, Cat: 0. The battle for freedom continues!

But beware, it's not always the screen. Windows of all sorts can be a trap, even without the climbing.

Cat wisdom: 'If you can't be on the outside, be on the in-between!'

Squeezers and Hiders: Cats in Tight Spots

Sometimes the squeeze is too good to resist. Even if you end up wedged.

Cat: 'I'm not stuck, I'm just conducting a secret investigation of the wall's secrets.'

Blinds? They're a gamble - closed or open, they're a sticky situation waiting to happen.

When your cat takes the term 'window dressing' a bit too literally!

And never trust bars. Cats and bars - not a good mix. Any kind of bars!

When your cat attempts their own version of window jailbreak!

Hide and Seek... and Stuck: Cats in Quirky Quandaries

Even your go-to hiding spots can turn on you.

Cat: 'Peek-a-boo, I see you... but I can't get out!

Or hiding in "stuff."

When your cat turns into a 'paw-some' vending machine mascot!

And boxes? Beware! They can be deceivingly deep.

When your cat's eyes say, 'I didn't sign up for a surprise deep dive!'


Team Effort: Cats Getting Others Stuck, Too

And remember, cats aren't just pros at getting stuck. They're experts at getting others stuck, too.

When the cat bed turns into a feline game of 'Twister'!

Like this:

Cat wrestling: When nap time turns into an impromptu WWE match!

With the right moves, you can even get other animals stuck in sticky spots.

Caught between a bird feeder and a hard place: the epic squirrel vs. cat showdown!

But hunting can be tricky - don't end up caught yourself!

Cat: 'Note to self: Stick to catnip mice and leave the guinea pigs alone!

Cat vs. Human: The Ultimate Stuck Challenge

Now, humans are the real test. Try to trap them, and you might find yourself wedged.

Cat: 'I'm not stuck, I'm just providing extra lumbar support. You're welcome, human!

cats to get stuck

That said, pinning humans is possible, and quite useful at times -

Cat: 'I'm just keeping an eye out for any soap bubbles that might sneak up on us. Safety first!

cats to get stuck

But careful with the release, or you might end up all wrapped up and soggy!

Cat: 'Towel, the ultimate nemesis of my dignity and dryness.

cats to get stuck

Growing Pains: The Evolution of Cat Climbers

Climbers start young, sometimes with mom keeping an eye -

Kitten: 'One small step for a kitten, one giant leap… into a sticky sofa situation!

cats to get stuck

Or flying solo.

'Hanging by a thread... or should I say, 'hanging by a paw?

And sometimes, you need a little boost. Just don't end up as the stuck "ladder"!

When teamwork makes the kitty dream work!

cats to get stuck

As you grow, you explore higher, finding new spots to conquer and get stuck, like this thing:

When you aim for the stars and end up stuck on the laundry rack!

Or this one that humans seem to fancy -

'I may be in a 'pinot' of trouble up here, but at least I'm the toast of the kitty wine world!'

cats to get stuck

Thirst Quenchers: Drinks Lead To Sticky Situations

And drinks? They're a whole new stuck territory. Just drinking innocently, like so -

'I wanted a unique view of the world, but this glass seems to have a different perspective!'

cats to get stuck

Or this -

When your morning pick-me-up becomes a literal 'cat-in-a-cup' situation!

cats to get stuck

Headfirst is a surefire way to a sticky - and stinky - situation:

'I heard the saying goes, 'If the shoe fits, wear it'... but no one warned me about getting stuck in it!'

cats to get stuck

Stuck or Snug? Cats Making the Best of It

But remember, when life gives you shoes, make a bed! Never concede defeat. If in doubt, nap it out - you're not stuck, you're just resting:

Cat: 'Just taking my nap in the coziest 'bootyful' sleeping bag I could find!'

cats to get stuck

From Missteps to Mischief: Our Furry Friends' Unforgettable Adventures

So there you have it - 31 hilarious, heartwarming, and utterly surprising ways our feline friends find themselves in quite the bind.

From tight squeezes between sofa cushions to daring climbs up the curtains, there's never a dull moment in the life of a curious cat.

If your kitty manages to outdo any of our TCS stars in their stuck adventures, we want to hear all about it! Share your furball's mischievous escapades on our Fur Pictures forum.

Can't wait to see how your feline takes "stuck" to a whole new level! Until then, keep those cameras ready for your cat's next unforgettable adventure.


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Mamanyt1953 January 9, 2019
Blinds...OH DEAR, the blinds! This is why I invested in good sheers and keep the blinds UP at all times! SOMEONE can't resist a blind!
tarasgirl06 January 5, 2019
ROFLMOTO! I wish we had a contribution, but they never seem to get stuck anywhere, or at least not when I have my phone or camera to hand...:lolup:
angels mommy January 1, 2019
LOL! These are so cute! That picture of my Angel :rbheart: in his purple towel is one of my favorites! I love the look on his face. After a bath, with that smug irritated look! "Stupid 'ol mommy giving me a bath! " :mad2:
silverstartbs December 10, 2016
I've seen my cat stuck in a tall box before! XD And I have a picture of it :P
greytiger November 8, 2015
This made me laugh!
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I love this ssoooooooo much!
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Awesome ;)
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LOL these are soooo cute
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...and the tux in the BIG, BIG box.  ;)
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they are so cute....
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That tiny calico just gets me every time. ;)
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Funny and cute!!!
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So gorgeous. Love them all.
Margret June 18, 2015
"I meant to do that." Jasmine
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I smiled the whole time. ADORABLE!!
lyrajean May 20, 2015
Glad Aya was able to contribute the dangers of typhoon bars!
catwoman=^..^= May 19, 2015
Those are the darndest and cutest photos that I have seen in a long time.  I had a cat who jumped on the top of doors all the time, but, she never got stuck.  She was always able to get back down.  No problem!  LOL!
tarasgirl06 May 17, 2015
Love these!  
tails up May 12, 2015
Love it! So cute.
the siamese May 11, 2015
they are sooo funny my kitties get stuck like that a lot!
cat nap May 8, 2015
fantastic photos and article! 
mservant May 6, 2015
Haa haa, 'never admit it'!   Sadly for these kitties they have been snapped.  :-D
raysmyheart May 6, 2015
I have enjoyed this so much!  I love all these kitties, every one of these photos touched my heart!
mattkat May 5, 2015
Draco May 5, 2015
lol, this is awesome!!

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