23 Derpy Cat Smiles That Will Brighten Up Your Day

We all know how hard it is go get that perfect smile on camera. Some people are naturals, but most of us just don’t have that movie star smile to show and we end up with all kinds of derpy smiles captured on film or in digital file.
Cats are the same. These TCS kitties illustrate the full range of feline smiles – from bashful grins to all-out guffaws, here are 23 of the derpiest kitty smiles caught on camera! Guaranteed to make YOU smile!

1. This girl who appreciates TV comedy.

2. This cat who shut his eyes just as the flash hit – right after setting the perfect pose and smile.

3. This happy cat smiling in anticipation for a good chin rub

4. And this one, too lazy to get up, but not too lazy to smile for the camera!

5. This kitty, overdoing the whole “smile for the camera” thing

6. This cat caught just before he managed to smile properly

7. Or this one, with another classic camera blooper, or shall we say “blueper”?

8. This one, demonstrating the perfect “pirate smile”. Aye!

9. Another jack tar smiles for t’ camera!

10. And this captain o’ smiles! Yaar and a bottle of liquid catnip!

11. You know that crazy look some people get when they laugh? Well, this cat:

12. And this one, sharing a heartfelt guffaw

13. Wouldn’t you like to be in on that joke?

14. Or this one?

15. Ok, this joke may just be too funny for us humans.

16. But this cat gets it!

17. As does this one!

18. This cat is literally begging to stop with these jokes, it’s just too much, stop it!

19. If a cat is going to have a belly laugh, hold him tight!

20. Or he may lose his ears from laughing so hard. That’s LMEO – Laughing My Ears Off!

21. Nothing quite like the whiskerless smile of a naked Sphynx!

22. Laughter – better together!

23. And if you haven’t smiled so far, you’d better do it now with this overdose of kitten cuteness! Kittens laughing together!

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21 comments on “23 Derpy Cat Smiles That Will Brighten Up Your Day

PushPurrCatPaws June 29, 2017
That belly laugh in #19 is a great one!
cassiopea June 11, 2016
Ah, this is fabulous ~ Thanks for making the article!
kittylove53 June 8, 2016
I really enjoyed all these funny kitties, thank you all for sharing them.
rickr May 26, 2016
These are just too funny.  Numbers 19, 21 and 23 especially cracked me up.
mservant May 9, 2016
Laughing my ears off right now.  Love these pic's.
foxxycat March 30, 2016
aww too funny!!!
donutte March 20, 2016
Oh, I needed this so bad right now, thank you.
tarasgirl06 March 7, 2016
Too cute.  I have quite a few of those smiling cat pix. 
raysmyheart March 7, 2016
This is just too funny, the cats and the quotes and way it is put together!
grizzlysapien November 16, 2015
I so laughed with these kitties.. But I had a good laugh with the descriptions too! =D
happybird September 5, 2015
These kitties really did brighten my day! And I was (pleasantly) surprised to see my Frannie in there! Thank you for making and sharing this.
Margret August 16, 2015
Adorable. But, a few of those smiles looked a bit more like, "Oh, by the way, please notice how many teeth I have and how sharp they are." I never realized that sphynxes don't have whiskers. I thought it was just the fur. Nice to learn something new. Margret
catwoman=^..^= June 22, 2015
So incredibly precious!  Thank you so much for sharing such cuteness!=^..^=
tarasgirl06 June 18, 2015
There's nothin' cuter than cats.  And cats smiling?  Well, that's off the charts! ;)
Kat0121 June 18, 2015
Best article ever!
emmalovesmak June 17, 2015
Some made me smile, others made me cringe (in a good way!)
arielthechunk22 June 17, 2015
Aww That was awesome!
loopycann June 12, 2015
Great article!
segelkatt June 4, 2015
still belly-laughing!
feralvr May 29, 2015
This just brightened my day - the WHOLE day. Passing these smiling cuties along to friends/family. Smiles all around!
kntrygrl256 May 29, 2015
Thank you so much. I really needed that this morning.

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