19 Funny Cats That Will Teach You How To Stretch Properly

Are those long hours at your desk taking a toll on your body? Feeling the strain in your back and shoulders?

Well, fret not, because we have the perfect solution to your stretching woes!

And who better to learn from than our furry friends themselves? These TCS (TheCatSite/Top Cat Stretchers) kitties are here to demonstrate the art of stretching like true masters.

As you marvel at these TCS kitties in action, you'll discover that stretching is more than just a physical act.

It's a rejuvenating ritual that improves circulation, boosts flexibility, and enhances overall well-being.

Plus, let's not forget the sheer entertainment value of watching these adorable felines contort their bodies into unimaginable positions!

They have mastered the art of stretching, and now it's our turn to follow their lead.

Stretching Delights: A Gallery Of Adorable Kitten Stretches

Witness the perfection of early stretching mastery! Even at a tender age, these kittens show us how to embrace the art of stretching.

Just like this adorable orange tabby, they effortlessly stretch out their limbs, their tiny bodies relaxed and their bellies exposed.

Tabby kitten stretching out

Master the art of easing into it! Just like this graceful gray cat, begin your stretching routine with gentle movements. Embrace the simplicity of light stretching and start by extending your arms.

gray cat is stretching an arm forward

Embrace your inner orange tabby and unleash the power of single-leg stretches! Take a cue from this adorable feline perched on the couch, extending one leg high into the air.

Orange tabby stretching a leg

Just like this adorable kitty, lie on your back and extend both arms forward to alleviate pressure. Witness the blissful display of flexibility as this feline expertly stretches, inviting you to follow suit.

cat lying on a back and stretching arms forward

This beautiful gray cat has quite a mesmerizing leg stretch! Follow its lead while lying on your back, reaching both legs towards your head. Feel the gentle tension in your muscles and the soothing release as you find your own perfect stretch.

gray cat is stretching legs

As you become better at stretching, you can try some advanced techniques like the full tail-to-nose stretch, also known as "I will measure the floor space for you".

black cat stretching out

With mouth wide open, this gorgeous kitty shows us the pure joy and exhilaration of stretching to the max. Embrace the contagious enthusiasm and let it inspire you to push your own boundaries.

cat stretching to the max

Sleep Like A Cat: Defying Gravity With A Comfortable Stretch

Despite being fully stretched out on its back, this blissful feline has found such a state of tranquility that it has peacefully drifted off to sleep. Behold the epitome of cat nap perfection!

cat sleeping while in a cat bed fully stretched out


Let this adorable sleepy stretch serve as a reminder to prioritize rest and relaxation in your own life.

Beautiful fluffy kitty stretched out and napping

In the land of dreams, this kitty finds bliss in its slumber and stretches to the fullest extent.

A cat in a cat bed fully stretched out and sleeping

With an incredible range of motion, this feline contortionist effortlessly folds its body forward, showcasing its impressive flexibility.

cat forward bend stretching

Now, here's a very advanced level: Stretch and then... twist!

cat is stretching out on a couch

Who says you can't sleep like that?

orange tabby sleeping and stretching

Some cats are true contortionists. They can turn and twist to the "Not sure I have a spine" level -

Black cat stretching and twisting

Important note: Is the window open? Are your neighbors watching? If you're stretching in the nude this could be a problem!

Orange cat stretching and cleaning

Here's how one cat covered that aspect -

orange cat sitting up, stretching out

Experiment while stretching. Worst case scenario, you'll end up looking silly -

cat giving the camera the stink eye

And shock your friends -

primarily white cat stretching

The important thing is to keep at it and enjoy your stretching!

Black cat stretching and in a very weird position

How About Your Cats? Share Your Stretching Stories

We would love to hear about your feline friends and their remarkable stretching stories. Do your cats have their own impressive contortionist-like poses?

Are they masters of the art of stretching like the ones we've showcased in this article?


Share more photos of bendy flexible cats stretching to the max in the Fur Pictures forum!

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10 comments on “19 Funny Cats That Will Teach You How To Stretch Properly

Rombiee11 July 15, 2019
 belly up lol
calico man July 12, 2019

Snoozin' with her tail between her legs! by calico man posted Feb 22, 2018 at 8:21 PM It's amazing some of the twisted positions our cats get into and they seem as comfortable as can be. Love the tail between the legs!
ZaMM April 10, 2019
 I must say this is still the wierdest stretch I have seen out of a cat! And she was sleeping hard like this, only my LunaBug!! Lol
raysmyheart July 21, 2017
Cats are beautiful stretchers. I studied a cat's skeleton, muscles in college and it made me love cats even more. The photos in this article are awesome! Thank you!
mazie July 18, 2017
What a cute and delightful thread. Enjoyed every picture and cleverly put caption. Fun thread!!:lol:;)
mattkat July 17, 2017
Tiger does it all the time...
tarasgirl06 July 17, 2017
I have a lot of pictures of a lot of stretching cats, but this has got to be my favorite: my angel Maryam in the "frog position". No other cat I have known has ever done this.
tarasgirl06 July 17, 2017

IMG_1357.JPG by tarasgirl06 posted May 31, 2012 at 11:54 AM
mservant July 17, 2017
Loving it - what spectacular mentors we are surrounded by when it comes to the best ways to stretch out our stress and tension.
mama africa July 16, 2017
 Missy's full body stretch

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