13 Surefire Tips For Getting Better, Faster Replies In The Forums

When posting on the board, we all look for friendly and supportive responses from fellow cat lovers. Nothing is more frustrating then posting and not getting as many replies as you were hoping for. Or none at all. Here are some guidelines that should help you enhance your user experience on TheCatSite.com and help you create lots of positive interactions on the board.

Writing Posts That Get Read

If people are having trouble reading your posts, they're simply less likely to bother. Here are some simple guidelines for online writing that will make reading your messages off the screen much easier.

1. Use proper grammar and syntax

Commas, periods, semicolons - these are all your friends! They help others follow your sentences and “hear” your voice.

2. Use short paragraphs

Three to five lines in each paragraph is a good size. Don't let your paragraphs overrun. Long paragraphs are difficult to read off the screen.

3. Use lists

Bulleted or numbered lists can help people follow your story or argument. It can also help them reply to specific parts of your post and reference them.

4. Use smilies

With no tone of voice or facial expressions, it can be difficult to tell if you're being genuine or cynical. Smilies can replace facial expressions and help others interpret your intention. Still, take a close look at how you might come across. Sometimes a smilie can't save something from being offensive.

5. Avoid using ALLCAPS

Using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS comes across as shouting. What’s more, once you have more than a few words capitalized, it becomes a visual challenge to read. Many people will simply avoid reading your post. Release the SHIFT key and CAPSLOCK and capitalize only where it’s grammatically correct.

6. Avoid texting abbreviations

People prefer to read proper English. Don’t use "2" instead of "to" and do capitalize the first letter in a sentence.

7. Stick to the original text color

Our editor does allow you to change the color of the text, but most people prefer to read in the default text color (black), and not, say, in "Light Salmon".

Establishing Your Forums Presence

Members tend to respond more to other members that they already know and have an established relationship with. Don't worry, TCS is a friendly community and you’re likely to make new friends and establish connections of your own soon enough  .

Here are a few tips for making new friends on TCS and generating more “buzz” in your own threads.

1. Follow the guidelines above and make your posts easy-to-read

This is an online board and it’s based on the written word. If people are having a hard time reading your posts, they’re likely to move on and will not get a chance to get to know you.

2. Introduce yourself

It’s always a good idea to start your TCS journey with a detailed introduction post. We have a forum just for that - New Cats on the Block. Tell us all about yourself and your cats (pictures are always appreciated too!) It’s ok if this is not your first post on the board too. Also, visit New Cats on the Block occasionally and join in on welcoming others.

3. Treat others as you wish to be treated

Make sure you keep your tone friendly. It’s not only part of our site rules, but also a good way to make friends. Remember, others will be reading your post too, so even if you don’t particularly like the member who posted the question, your answer still reflects on your own image and can deter others from getting close to you.

4. Post, post, post

The more you post, the more you get your username out there for people to know and remember. Again, make sure your posts are polite and friendly, to encourage others to interact with you. Also, try and keep your posts positive. Just like in real life, Debbie Downers are not much fun to hang around.

5. Engage others: interactions are reciprocal by nature

Other member want feedback to their posts, just as you do on yours. If you offer them a kind word, they will be more likely to reciprocate and reply to your future posts. Don't just sit there waiting for responses to your thread. Instead, browse around and offer your own input to other people's questions and comments.

6. Socialize on the board

We pride ourselves on our cat care forums, but we also have several forums that are “just for fun”. I have already mentioned New Cats on the Block, but you can also interact with others in the other social forums.

Follow these golden rules, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be making new friends here. It's the best way to get more replies to your own questions and queries too!

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18 comments on “13 Surefire Tips For Getting Better, Faster Replies In The Forums

zorr October 9, 2015
I am another new registered fellow today. Now learning to handle this forum. When I know how I hope to post pictures, post some history and make friends.  Zorr is my forum name. 
2pizzapaws August 31, 2015
Hi all, Just joined this site.  Looks friendly. Hope to chat with and learn from other friendly feline fanatics ;-)
spunki1 August 6, 2015
Thank you for welcoming me to your site. The info on how to post and reply was very helpful.  This is the first time i have been on a site like this and i am looking forward to using it. 
catluvr321 July 31, 2015
thank you very much! this helps so much.
fullhouse June 24, 2015
Thanks for welcoming us.  We look forward to learning how to use the site.  We really need a support group. :)
artyjill June 14, 2015
I think i had better go to school again, we didn't do none of this at school. Going to get school bag and pens and rulers and of l go, anyone else. Jilly
artyjill June 14, 2015
I think i had better go to school again, we didn't do none of this at school. Going to get school bag and pens and rulers and of l go, anyone else. Jilly
pocko April 15, 2015
Cool! Ghanés
furry123 March 22, 2015
Thank you 
kathy552 March 22, 2015
Thank you for the wonderful welcome.  You have great information on your site for all cat lovers to enjoy.
Anne June 1, 2014
Thank you, Sally!
supermax1943 June 1, 2014
So happy to have found you. I am learning so much and am so impressed with all of the information collected in all of the forums. What a fantastic place for people to come to who have concerns or questions about their cats. Thank you for taking the time to create this website for all of us. Sally
ownedbykarma April 1, 2014
very well said- this site has been a huge help to me already
misssweetkitty March 31, 2014
Very helpful post! Thanks! :)
themeowsercrew February 17, 2014
cheshiremonster January 9, 2014
Very helpful reminders that I relate to completely. Thanks for the insight!
scootersmum April 29, 2013
Just joined today, love the site, great tips.
saphira101 March 25, 2013
Thanks for this post! It's very helpful. :)

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