13 Decals That Show The World How Much You Love Cats

Whether you call them decals or stickers, they provide you with a whimsical and affordable way to add a unique personal touch to your ride. Whether your ride is a cool sports car, a huge truck or anything in between, you can use that to show off your love for cats. There are many styles and messages to choose from and here are some of our favorites.

If you're shopping for gifts for a fellow cat lover, these can make great gifts at under $10, often under $5. As part of a larger gift, or on their own, it's a cute way to tell someone you share their love for cats and appreciate their commitment to the felines in our lives.

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1. Loving Kitties forming a heart with their tails

A beautiful expression of your love for felines, this design is artful in a delicate and understated way. Place it in the right spot and this silhouette makes the cats seem as if they're looking at the driver of the car!

Buy on Amazon: Love Of Cats Vehicle Vinyl Decal Bumper Sticker

2. Cats Spell Love

Anyone seeing this one will first be impressed by the positive sense of love and then notice it's all about cats... This decal is available in many colors so you can find the one that best matches your vehicle.

Buy on Amazon: Cats Spell Love Car Vinyl Decal Sticker

3. I Heart My Cat Decal

Simple and to the point and oh, so true!

Buy on Amazon: I Heart My Cats Decal

4. A colorful cat design

This decal is psychedelic enough to give your car a touch of flower-power style without going overboard. Colorful and elegant it's a perfect symbol for your love of art and cats.

Buy on Amazon: Floral Cat Vinyl Sticker Decal

5. Happiness is being kneeded

A whimsical play of words here on the phrase "Happiness is being needed". Add a k and you have a reference to the heartwarming feline habit of purringly kneading your owner into a mass of happy dough.

Buy on Amazon: Happiness Is Being Kneeded Cat Decal Sticker

6. Simon's Cat Decal

Simon's cat is always hilarious and those familiar with the character will surely smile when seeing this decal on your car. The great thing about this decal is that even those not familiar with Simon's cat will get a chuckle from the funny look on this cat's face.

Buy on Amazon: Simons Cat Vinyl Decal Sticker

7. Grumpy Cat Decal

Grumpy Cat is by now an icon of internet fame. A Grumpy Cat decal conveys "an attitude", a sense of cynicism and nonetheless, a love for cats.

Buy on Amazon: Grumpy Cat "NOPE" Car Decal

8. Missing husband and cat: Reward for cat

You need a special kind of sense of humor to appreciate this one. If you think the people around you share that sense of humor (and perhaps even if you think they won't) this could be the right decal for you.

Buy on Amazon: Missing Husband And Cat Reward For The Cat Decal

9. Dynamic moving tail decal

Once you switch on the back wiper, the eye-catching moving tail is bound to entertain the driver in the car right behind you! What an innovative playful way to say you love cats!

Buy on Amazon: Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal Rear Window And Wiper Decal

10. Cat paw marks on your window

Some people shudder at the thought of paw marks on their furniture but how about paw marks on our car window? That along with the "Crazy Cat Lady" title is bound to tell the world that cats and their paws are entirely acceptable to you!

Buy on Amazon: Crazy Cat Lady Vinyl Decal Sticker

11. Stick figures cat family

Some people have a decal with illustrated stick figures that are supposed to be a humorous depiction of their family. If your family consists of yourself and your beloved kitties, this is the purrfect comeback decal!

Buy on Amazon: Crazy Cat Lady Stick Figure Family Vinyl Decal Sticker

12. Real men love cats

You don't have to be a woman to have cats in your life. The male version of the "Crazy Cat Lady" slogan appears to be "Real Men Love Cats" and it's a great statement to put on your manly ride!

Buy on Amazon: Real Men Love Cats Vinyl Car Decal Sticker

13. Rescue and adopt

An elegant design of yin and yang reflects two simple and important messages which promote cat welfare. If you're involved with cat rescue in any way, this is a great way to say it out loud.

Buy on Amazon: Rescue Adopt Yin Yang Bumper Sticker Let us know in a comment which is your favorite decal on this list or add a photo of your own ride adorned with a feline-themed decal!

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Anne October 27, 2015
Just to clarify - you MUST post in the thread in order to qualify for the giveaway -  http://www.thecatsite.com/t/308407/i-want-to-give-you-a-free-awesome-cat-decal-for-your-vehicle
camillel October 27, 2015
OMG they are all cute. I can't pick just one I love 1,2,3 and 5. I drive a RAV4.

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