13 Decals That Show The World How Much You Love Cats

Do you like cats? Or maybe you're looking for a gift for a cat lover? We've got something fun and cheap for you: cat decals.

Think of these as cool little stickers that show everyone how much you love cats. They can go on your car, your bike, or anything else you drive.

You'll find all sorts of designs - from sweet and fluffy cats to funny ones that'll make you smile. And the best part? Most of these cost less than a fast-food meal.

These stickers are a great way to add some cat love to your ride or to give as a gift to a friend who loves cats as much as you do.

So, are you ready? Let's look at 13 awesome cat decals that will show off your love for cats to the whole world. It's going to be a lot of fun!

1. Whiskered Hearts: Kitties Sharing Love On The Go

This design is a sweet way to show your love for cats. The kitties are made in a simple but lovely way, with their tails coming together to form a heart. Pick a good spot and the cats will look like they're watching the road with you!

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2. Alphabetic Affection: Cats That Literally Spell Love

This decal is all about love and cats - in that order! At first glance, it's a big, bold message of love. Look a little closer, and you'll see it's all about the cats.

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3. Devotion Defined: The 'I Heart My Cat' Declaration

There's nothing quite as straightforward and heartfelt as this decal. It simply says, "I Heart My Cat," and that's a statement many cat owners can relate to. It's a genuine, no-frills proclamation of your love for your furry friend.

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4. Artistic Flair: The Colorful Cat Design

This decal is the perfect blend of color, cats, and a dash of 60s style. It's vibrant enough to catch an eye, but not too flashy - a cool balance that makes your vehicle stand out. This design is the ultimate sign of your appreciation for both art and our feline friends.

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5. A Play On Words: 'Happiness Is Being Kneeded' Decal

This decal adds a fun twist to a common phrase, showing your sense of humor and love for cats. It's a cute nod to that lovely feeling when your feline friend kneads you, turning you into a ball of joy. This is definitely for those who know the true happiness of being "kneeded" by a cat.

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6. The Universal Cat Call: 'Tell Your Cat I Said Pspspsps' Decal

This funny decal is a hoot for all cat owners who know the magic of the 'pspspsps' call. It's a great way to show your cat-loving humor and maybe even spark a smile from fellow cat enthusiasts on the road. After all, who could resist a good 'pspspsps'?

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7. Attitude On Display: The Iconic Grumpy Cat Decal

Featuring the beloved internet celebrity, the Grumpy Cat decal brings a dash of attitude to your ride. It's a perfect pick for those who share a love for cats and a dash of cynicism. Display your fondness for felines and your sense of humor with this iconic decal.

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8. Marital Humor At Its Finest: 'Missing Husband And Cat: Reward For Cat' Decal

This decal is for those with a unique and playful sense of humor. It's a fun twist on a classic phrase, prioritizing your cat in a cheeky way. Whether your audience shares your humor or not, this decal is sure to bring a smile or a laugh, making it a great addition to your collection.

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9. Tail Wagging Fun: The Moving Cat Tail Wiper Decal

This decal brings a unique twist to your car with its moving tail - an attention-grabbing feature when you switch on the back wiper. It's a fun and innovative way to express your love for cats, sure to entertain any driver following behind. This an amusing reminder that cat lovers know how to have fun!

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10. Embracing The 'Pawsome': Cat Paw Marks Window Decal

While some might frown at paw marks around the house, this decal celebrates them on your car window. Combined with a "Crazy Cat Lady" title, it sends a clear message: you're more than okay with cats and their adorable paws. It's a fun, unapologetic display of your love for our furry friends.

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11. Furry Threshold: The 'One Cat Short of Crazy' Decal

This decal is a humorous nod to all those who are teetering on the edge of cat-lovers' nirvana. Featuring an image of a 'crazy cat lady' with felines at her feet and the fun phrase "one cat short of crazy," it's a playful way to embrace your love for cats and recognize that you're just a whisker away from 'crazy' cat lady status!

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12. Defying Stereotypes: 'Real Men Love Cats' Decal

Who said only women can be cat lovers? With the "Real Men Love Cats" decal, it's clear that feline fondness isn't just for the ladies. This is a bold statement for any guy who isn't afraid to express his affection for cats, making it a great addition to his robust ride.

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13. Feline Harmony: The 'Rescue And Adopt' Yin Yang Decal

This decal does more than just show off your love for cats - it speaks volumes about your commitment to their wellbeing. Featuring a yin and yang design, it carries two crucial messages: rescue and adopt. Perfect for anyone engaged in cat rescue, it's a beautiful, outward display of your dedication.

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Show And Tell: Your Cat Decal Love Story

So there you have it - 13 cat decals that can help you showcase your love for cats to the world. Each of these decals has its own unique charm, and we'd love to know which one has captured your heart.

So, why not drop us a comment and share your favorite? Or better yet, snap a photo of your own vehicle, decked out in its cat-themed glory, and share it with us! We're excited to see your feline love on full display.


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Anne October 27, 2015
Just to clarify - you MUST post in the thread in order to qualify for the giveaway -  http://www.thecatsite.com/t/308407/i-want-to-give-you-a-free-awesome-cat-decal-for-your-vehicle
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OMG they are all cute. I can't pick just one I love 1,2,3 and 5. I drive a RAV4.

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