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You Never Really Lose - Inspurrational Quote

Sep 2, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    "I never really lose - I either win or I learn."

    What a wonderful way to look at our the consequences of our life's struggles. A positive approach that finds self-growth where others may see failure.

    I thought the look in this sweet ginger tabby's eyes really echoed this phrase. It resonates through the feline tendency to always be curious and learn from life's experiences. Some cats - like some people - seem to take on this fearless approach to life and that's something we should all do. At least occasionally.

    What do you think? Do you manage to see challenges as opportunities for growth regardless of the end result? How about your cat? Is she or he the daring type or maybe Kitty shies away from challenges? I always enjoy reading the comments, so please share your own impressions and if you enjoyed this quote, don't forget to share on Facebook, tweet or pin so your friends can enjoy it as well.

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  1. grizzlysapien
    Oh, Grizzly has no fear.. He is hardwired to challenges all the time. I like to believe I have encouraged him to do so, from when he was still a baby. I didn't want him to be afraid, like he was before I adopted him. I keep him safe, but I don't overprotect him. I like him to make mistakes, cause next time around, he doesn't repeat them ;)

    I am like that in a way. I like challenges and don't let failure be the boss of me (also, I don't want to be the boss of failure, cause it doesn't sound good! LOL). But I don't go buttnaked to war, sort of speak. I calculate hard before I engage a challenge. I have failed SO many times, it's rediculous, but I'm like "meh.." I try harder next time :)
  2. jtbo
    I always say failing is a great thing, it is chance to learn
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