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Xena 2001?-November 19,2016

Mar 3, 2017 · ·
  1. boney girl dad
    As I write this, my Xena has been gone 102 days and I still can't imagine my life without her.

    My wife and I are a childless couple and Xena filled the role of being our first born daughter.

    She came to us shortly after the passing of the last dog I will ever have. The 13+ years she spent with us is the longest time any of my pets have ever stayed with me. Her estimated age of 15 1/2 years is older than any other pet I have had.

    The memories, stories and feelings I have for her would fill many pages if I were to write them all down.

    I have not the words to adequately describe the joy, love, companionship and comfort she brought into my life.

    I thank God for sending her to me and know that she has made heaven an even more beautiful place.

    I love you forever Xena.

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  1. Mashkasheli
    Your Xena was beautiful. She seems like she was such a character. Much like my Sheleg, my prince who I lost just 3 weeks ago today. Xena was blessed to have you, just as you were blessed to have her. So sorry for your loss.
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  2. fantisticat
    Let me thank you for sharing those marvelous photos.  What a lovely, lovely girl.
    I hope I can help ease the pain you are feeling, too, with empathy.  Though I have had many cat kids, my "favorite" remains my first girl Cynthia.  She died of an unusual disease at too young an age, while her dear brother (who I also loved) lived on for many years.  I cope by remembering the terrific times we had; knowing she did ok in getting me as a mom, even though I think I did not make the best choices (not purposefully) in the end; and continuing to adopt cats who need and deserve homes.
    My best to you, catsite friend!
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  3. lavishsqualor
    Awfully sorry for your loss.  She was a lovely cat.
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  4. Mother Dragon
    I lost my feline soulmate in 2010 and I still miss her. I love my current cats, especially my special girl, but there will never be another one to love me as she did. I was deep in grief when someone told me something I've kept in mind ever since, even through the suicide of my nearly 16 year old granddaughter in February. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." I concentrate on all the good times we had.
    Perhaps this will bring you some comfort, too. I know how much it hurts. 
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  5. msmamakat1
    Is new to the site and was unsuccessful in completing the memory page for Buddy.
    I'm still reeling.
    I love her pictures, she was
    My Girly looks similar to Zena.
    I will try to post a pix here of her.
    If I can't do that just look at my profile.. THAT'S MY GIRLY GIRL!
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  6. boney girl dad
    Thank you jcat.
    Thank you Msmamakat1. I do believe. So sorry for your loss of Buddy.
  7. msmamakat1
    8 days ago I lost my Buddy.
    I can't even type his name without folding over with grief.
    This night is especially hard because I created an album in his memory... It will pay tomorrow, please come and visit.
    8 days,! and 4 hours, 3 large boxes of kleenex, countless soaked two-ply paper towels (*and I'm crying as I write this 😟 ) later I begin my journey to live, to live a life without him. I have to go on for the same of my others...
    I'm sorry.....
    Just had to share.
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  8. msmamakat1
    I am in awe! She was exquisite!
    I fully understand that hole that remains gaping wide open in your heart.
    Cats are mysterious. No two love alike. None can be duplicated. And that love is held encapsulated in area we might call our soul, yet we felt our heart ache when a memory, a scent, a toy, a blanket, or some little spot where they used to lay upon or touch us. We never forget the sweet, the sassy, the frisky, the lazy, the head butt, the nose rubs, the eyes, the preening of themselves and of us.
    Our love runs deep, intertwined with theirs. Tears flood our eyes.
    One thing we can hold onto is the truth that our love IS eternal and we will see each other again. Some are apt to use an illustration of THE RAINBOW BRIDGE, others can "feel" the bond and know the beloved is standing right next to them in just a fraction of time and space away.
    You know, deep inside that she waits. She waits to sense your presence in world she now exists. Call it heaven. Call it what you want, but you can hold on and persevere because of her.
    Godspeed you to her when the day comes....
    Bless you for giving her a life time of love. You both are better for it.
    Her spirit soars....
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  9. jcat
    What a beautiful girl she was. I'm very sorry about your loss.
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  10. boney girl dad
    Thank you. The squirrel is a rabbit. Xena was so proud to show it off that it did get away. It was one of the very few lucky ones. @Boris Diamond
  11. Boris Diamond
    So sorry for your loss.  There is nothing like the love of a good cat.  I enjoyed your pictures - and I must say the one with the squirrel made me chuckle.  
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