When You Can't Afford A Veterinarian

Nov 4, 2011 · Updated Feb 18, 2018 ·
  1. Anne
    The article that used to be on this page was put together over 15 years ago. We found that the tone in that article was not a good fit for our site in its current form. If your cat needs medical help and you can't afford a veterinarian, we have a new resource in place for you -
    No Money For Vet Care? How To Find Help And Save Your Cats Life

    We're here for the cats and we listen to your feedback. If you see anything on the site that you think we should change, update or edit, please remember to flag that item. Leaving comments is a great way to interact with other site visitors but flagging is the right way to get in touch with the site editor and deliver your feedback.

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