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What's The Largest Cat Litter Box (and Why Your Cat Needs It)

Jun 11, 2018 · ·
  1. Anne
    What's The Largest Cat Litter Box (and Why Your Cat Needs It)
    Wondering about the right size for your cat's litter box? This topic worries many cat owners who intuitively realize that the box they're using may be too small for Kitty.

    Here's the bottom line -
    Where it comes to your cat's litter box, bigger is better.

    We're going to show you why cats prefer larger litter boxes and offer scientific evidence that supports the claim. Then we're going to talk about sizes of actual models currently on the market.

    We checked all popular models available at amazon.com for exact sizes and bring you the list of the 15 largest cat litter boxes, along with pros and cons for each one, so you can make the best choice for you and your cat.

    Why Cats Prefer a Larger Litter Box

    Many cat owners have found that their furry friend loves a large litter box, but why is that? We’ve gathered a few possible reasons for you, along with an interesting scientific study done on the subject.

    In a nutshell, the reasons cats prefer a larger litter box are -
    • It reminds them of the great outdoors
    • There's more room to turn around
    • Larger box = more clean areas
    • Keeping solids separate from liquid
    Let's explain each of these reasons in more detail.

    A large box is more like the Great Outdoors

    Consider where a cat goes to the bathroom in the wild. They certainly don’t have a little 8-by-10-inch square filled with sand that they’re limited to. Instead, they can go pretty much wherever they want.

    Calico cat digging outside - where there's plenty of room

    Although they do prefer to go in the same general area, they also like to have the ability to go in new spots when their old spots start to get full. With a large litter box, they get back some of that feeling of being in the great outdoors.

    A larger box offers more room for turning around

    Cats need to be able to turn around when they’re using their litter box. Part of it is because they need to find the perfect spot, and the other part is they need to be able to bury their waste when they’re finished.

    If a litter box is too small, then your cat may not have enough room to properly turn around. This is especially true when it comes to top-entry litter boxes and others with high sides.

    Nobody likes to encounter moisture when using the bathroom, and cats are no different. They don’t want to stick their paw in something they left in the box yesterday, so they always look for a clean space to go in.

    The larger the box - the more clean surface area there is

    With larger litter boxes, your cat has a much better chance of finding a clean spot, especially if you don’t clean it out as often as you should (which we’re all guilty of sometimes).

    Provides Room for Separating Waste

    For whatever reason, some cats like to urinate in one part of the litter box and defecate in another. However, a small litter box just doesn’t give them the opportunity to do this.

    If you have a cat that regularly uses the litter box to urinate but defecates elsewhere or vice versa, it’s possible your cat just wants a bigger litter box so they can do both but in different parts of the box.

    What science has to say about the size of the litter box

    A recent study looked at a total of 74 cats over a period of 4 weeks to find out if they preferred a larger or regular-sized litter box. For the larger box, they used one that was 33 inches (86 cm) in length, much bigger than any pan you can buy at the pet store.
    Not surprisingly, the cats chose to use the giant litter box far more often than the smaller one.

    During the 4 weeks of the study, the big box was used 5,031 times while the smaller one was used 3,239 times. The difference might have been even bigger if they hadn’t switched the locations of the boxes halfway through the study.

    For two days following the switch, many cats showed a location preference and continued going where the big litter box was before going to the other side of the room to use the large box once again. This proves that while cats are creatures of habit, they will change that habit to use a bigger litter box.

    Why cat owners should want a larger litter box too

    No, we don't mean that! Feel free to use your own toilets (whatever size they come in). We're talking about what's best for your budget as a cat owner - in the long run.

    Although you obviously want to make your cat happy, there are a few reasons that you also benefit greatly from having a larger litter box for your cat. Here are a couple of the ones we’ve come up with.
    This box is too small for the cat
    Some cats are meticulous about using the litter box, so much so that they will hold their bladders and bowels if the box isn’t clean enough for them. This can lead to bladder infections or constipation, both of which are not good for your cat.

    A bigger litter box means your cat has more space in which to go, so there’s no need for them to hold it, reducing the chance that they’ll have one of these issues. This not only helps give you more peace of mind about the overall health of your cat, but it can also save you money on vet bills. Bonus!

    Sometimes, a larger box can solve litter box avoidance issues!

    With over 740,000 cats across the United States eliminating outside of the litter box, you’re certainly not alone in your struggle. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to impossible to figure out what the problem is if it’s not an obvious medical issue.

    Sometimes, the problem may be as simple as the litter box being too small or else the sides being too short. For that reason, a large litter box is recommended as it could end up solving your kitty’s problem. It may simply be that they just need a bit more room in the box to feel comfortable.

    Since cats need to turn around while they’re digging, eliminating, and then burying their waste, they need to have plenty of room in which to do that. If they don’t feel like they can do that in the litter box, they may find somewhere else to take care of business.

    Having said that, keep in mind that one of the most common reasons for litter box avoidance is a background health problem. If Kitty goes outside the box, your veterinarian is the person to talk to first. Only once you rule out - or treat - health problems can you work on the behavior aspects of litter box avoidance.

    Read more -
    Litterbox Problems? Here's Why You Should Call Your Vet
    How To Solve Litterbox Problems In Cats: The Ultimate Guide

    So, what are the largest litter boxes available

    Before you start clearing your schedule to find the biggest litter box on the market, relax. We already did the leg work for you. In fact, we managed to find 15 of the largest litter boxes that you can buy today so you can take a look and pick one out that you feel would be best for your feline friend.

    Before we get to it, though, here’s some insight into how we determined which litter boxes to include in our list.

    We found the measurements for the inside of the litter box to calculate the surface area. The dimensions we used don’t include anything but the litter pan itself, so the numbers were adjusted for self-cleaning boxes to ensure only the usable area was considered.

    As you may notice, there aren’t any round litter pans on our list. That’s because they tend to be the same width as some of the largest ones, but because they’re round, they end up offering less usable space than a rectangular box.

    Now, without further ado, here the largest litter boxes for cats:

    15. Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Pan

    Although this is the smallest litter box on our list, it’s also got some huge upsides. It’s a sifting litter box, which means cleaning it out is as easy as dumping the litter from one pan into another. Since there’s no need to go digging for treasures, you can save time and avoid scooping.

    Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Pan at a Glance:
    • Enclosed
    • 21.5 x 17 x 19 inches (55 x 43 x 48 cm)
    • Surface area: 365.5 sq. inches (2365 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 7326 cubic inches (6945 cubic cm)
    • Swinging door keeps odors down
    • Coated in a finish that prevents staining and odor buildup
    • Works with any clumping litter
    • Low maintenance
    • Multiple trays make it heavy even when empty
    • Can get very messy if not used properly
    The Van Ness Sifting Cat Litter Pan is the perfect solution for people who hate scooping. Be sure to keep the sifter in the empty tray rather than the one that’s in use to avoid clumps getting stuck to it and you’ll be golden!

    14. So Phresh Open Cat Litter Box

    This is the second smallest litter box on our list, but it’s still a great option if you’re looking for a large and simple litter pan for your cat. It has a reinforced bottom which will help it last longer. Its open design is ideal for most cats so they can feel safe while taking care of business.

    So Phresh Open Cat Litter Box at a Glance:
    • Open with rimmed or hooded options
    • 22 x 17 x 5 inches (56 x 43 x 13 cm)
    • Surface area: 374 sq. inches (2408 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 1870 cubic inches (31,304 cubic cm)
    • Inexpensive
    • Familiar design to cats
    • Works with any type of litter
    • Durable
    • Have to buy hood separately to convert to a covered litter box
    • Not the largest litter box available
    Overall, the So Phresh Open Cat Litter Box provides an inexpensive option for a large litterbox. To add onto it, you may also get the rim attachment or hood.

    13. PetMate Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan

    Only slightly bigger than the previous one on our list, this hooded litter pan has plenty of room to accommodate your cat. It’s made with Microban, a substance that helps eliminate the growth of bacteria and mold, providing a safer, cleaner, and more pleasant-smelling bathroom for your furry friend.

    PetMade Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan at a Glance:
    • Enclosed
    • 22 x 18 x 18.5 inches (56 x 46 x 47 cm)
    • Surface area: 396 sq. inches (2576 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 7326 cubic inches (121,072 cubic cm)
    • Provides privacy for shy cats
    • Cover easy to remove for cleaning
    • Large opening for easy access
    • Carbon filter eliminates odors
    • No flap option for door
    • Some cats may not like covered litter pan
    The Petmate Jumbo Hooded Litter Pan works well for owners that need to have it in a high-traffic area of their home but don’t want to see or smell the dirty litter box. It also comes in an assortment of colors to match your décor.

    12. Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan

    With a large litter pan area and door opening, this litter box is perfect for larger cats or multiple-cat homes. It also has a built-in filter holder in which you can place carbon filters that trap odors to keep your home smelling great.

    Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan at a Glance:
    • Enclosed
    • 22 x 18 x 17 inches (56 x 46 x 43 cm)
    • Surface area: 396 sq. inches (2576 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 6732 cubic inches (110,768 cubic cm)
    • High sides keep litter inside
    • Locking tabs keep box together but are easy to remove to clean
    • Provide privacy for your cat
    • Removable door flap
    • Unprotected filter allows curious cats to get at it
    • Does not work for cats that spray
    When it comes to a well-designed litter box that’s easy to use for the cat and easy to clean for you, the Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Pan ranks high. If you want a really good deal, you can get this litter box kit that comes with a scoop.

    11. PetFusion BetterBox

    This large litter box has several features that make it a great choice for a multiple-cat home. It has a low entry so elderly cats and kittens alike can get in and out. For your sake, it has a non-stick surface so you don’t have to worry about scraping clumps off the bottom.

    PetFusion BetterBox at a Glance:
    • Open
    • 22.5 x 18 x 8 inches (57 x 46 x 20 cm)
    • Surface area: 405 sq. inches (2622 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 3240 cubic inches (52,440 cubic cm)
    • Curved sides are inviting to cat and make cleaning easier
    • Open design feels more natural to cat
    • High walls keep litter in
    • Made of durable plastic
    • Cats may fling litter from the low opening
    • Slippery surface can prove difficult for elderly cats
    All in all, the PetFusion BetterBox works for cats of all ages who don’t like covered boxes. If you do have a home with multiple cats, we recommend you order the set of two to make sure all of your cats have a place to go.

    10. AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

    If you want a cat litter box with plenty of bells and whistles, you came to the right place. This pan has a door flap and carbon filter to keep the odors from infiltrating your house, and a large opening so that any cat can go in and out as they please.

    AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box at a Glance:
    • Enclosed
    • 23.5 x 18 x 16.5 inches (60 x 46 x 42 cm)
    • Surface area: 423 sq. inches (2760 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 6979 cubic inches (115,920 cubic cm)
    • Removable door in case your cat isn’t a fan
    • Snaps are sturdy enough to keep it together but still easy to remove for cleaning
    • Made with heavy-duty plastic so it lasts
    • Works well with any type of litter
    • Crevices on back wall can become clogged with waste
    • Replacement filters difficult to find
    Altogether, the AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box has a lot of conveniences to offer a cat owner and is already well-loved by cats and owners as well.

    9. So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box

    This is another example of a simple litter box that’s also effective. Your cats will love its large size and low entry point, and you’ll love its slick surface designed to be easy to clean. It also has high sides which help keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

    So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box at a Glance:
    • Open
    • 24 x 18 x 10 inches (61 x 46 x 25 cm)
    • Surface area: 432 sq. inches (2806 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 4320 cubic inches (70,150 cubic cm)
    • Low entry point for kittens and older or arthritic cats
    • Long-lasting
    • Slick surface makes cleaning easy and reduces bacterial buildup
    • Open design that reminds cats of being outside
    • Over-exuberant cats can toss litter out of low side
    • Can’t be easily converted into a covered box
    All in all, the So Phresh Scatter Shield High-Back Litter Box solves the problem that owners of large or multiple cats face with a simple yet effective solution.

    8. Suncast Litter Pan

    If you’ve got one of those cats that can’t seem to get the knack of the litter box and keeps dropping things over the edges, then you need a litter pan like this one. This has high sides so that even the biggest cats won’t miss the pan.

    Suncast Litter Pan at a Glance:
    • Open
    • 24 x 18 x 10 inches (61 x 46 x 25 cm)
    • Surface area: 432 sq. inches (2806 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 4320 cubic inches (70,150 cubic cm)
    • High sides that prevent messes
    • Durable and long-lasting material
    • Slick surface that makes cleaning a breeze
    • Low entry point
    • Relatively expensive
    • Low side may still allow for messes to occur
    The Suncast Litter Pan is large enough for multiple-cat homes or larger breeds of cats and helps you out with slick surfaces that don’t allow anything to stick to it.

    7. Petmate Open Litter Pan

    For young, enthusiastic diggers, even a box with one low point can mean constantly having to clean up messes that just aren’t staying inside the box. That’s where this litter pan comes in, with all four sides being high so everything stays in.

    Petmate Open Litter Pan at a Glance:
    • Open
    • 25 x 18 x 10 inches (64 x 46 x 25 cm)
    • Surface area: 450 sq. inches (2944 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 4500 cubic inches (73,600 cubic cm)
    • Fits up to 30 pounds of litter, which means less frequent changes are needed
    • Durable plastic saves you money on replacements
    • Sloped area in front allows most cats to enter easily
    • Keeps litter and other messes inside the box
    • High entry point makes it unsuitable for elderly cats and young kittens
    • Extremely heavy when filled with litter
    If you want to solve the problem of accidental spills and misses from big cats or those who need extra space in the litter box, the Petmate Open Litter Pan is the answer.

    6. Petmate Giant Litter Pan

    With this litter box, you can solve more than just the problem of having a large enough litter box for your big cat or multiple cats. You’ll also get a handy place to keep the scoop so you don’t have to leave it where it may touch other things.

    Petmate Giant Litter Pan at a Glance:
    27 x 17 x 10 inches (69 x 43 x 25 cm)
    Surface area: 459 sq. inches (2967 sq. cm)
    Volume: 4590 cubic inches (74,175 cubic cm)


    Convenient compartments for storing scoop, etc.
    Tall sides all around keep litter inside
    Open design provides a natural feel for cats
    Micro-ban plastic helps reduce bacteria and therefore odors

    Side compartments are off the ground, so if a cat steps on them, they could dump the litter
    Curved area in front could lead to accidents

    For an easy way to store your dirty litter scooper and a great way to give your cat plenty of room to take care of business, the Petmate Giant Litter Pan is what you’re looking for.

    5. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

    This is another litter box that streamlines the cleaning process so you don’t have to get up close and personal with your cat’s dirty litter. Instead, simply roll the entire box to the side, set it flat again, and pull out the tray filled with clumps.

    Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box at a Glance:
    20 x 23 x 19 inches (51 x 58 x 48 cm)
    Surface area: 460 sq. inches (2958 sq. cm)
    Volume: 8740 cubic inches (141,984 cubic cm)

    Incredibly simple and sanitary litter removal process
    Covered design limits foul odors
    High sides keep the litter inside
    Comes with mat to prevent litter from being tracked throughout the house

    Only works with clumping litter
    Can become a huge mess if things go wrong

    The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box offers owners a quick and painless way to clean their cat’s box and it gives cats a large, private area to do their business.

    4. Petphabet Litter Box with Lid

    If you needed a litter box that fits 2 cats at the same time, this is the one for you. What sets this one apart from other covered boxes is that the top cover is clear, so light easily penetrates the box, but odors are still kept inside.

    Petphabet Litter Box with Lid at a Glance:
    • Enclosed
    • 25 x 19 x 16.5 inches (64 x 48 x 42 cm)
    • Surface area: 475 sq. inches (3072 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 7837 cubic inches (129,024 cubic cm)
    • Made with durable materials
    • Deep pan allows cats to dig and less frequent changes
    • Clear cover gives cats privacy and light
    • Non-stick sides that make scooping easy
    • Hood fits loosely so it may come off easily
    • Entire hood must be removed to clean box
    With high sides that keep litter where it belongs and an open design that allows cats to feel like they’re outside, the Petphabet Litter Box with Lid is a huge litter box that could work for you.

    3. KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box

    Designed with senior cats in mind, this massive litter box would work well for any large cat that has excellent aim or else kittens. Since the sides are so low, it may also be used for cats that are having trouble using the litter box as this feels very much like going in the great outdoors.

    KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box at a Glance:
    • Open
    • 24 x 20 x 5 inches (61 x 51 x 13 cm)
    • Surface area: 480 sq. inches (3111 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 2400 cubic inches (40,443 cubic cm)
    • Extremely low entry works for all cats
    • Works with all types of litter
    • Large size is great for multiple-cat homes
    • Reminds cats of going outside which can solve some litter box issues
    • Low sides make accidents more likely
    • Open design may lead to odors
    Whether you have tiny kittens or elderly arthritic cats, the KittyGoHere Senior Cat Litter Box will help ensure that they’re able to go exactly where they need to go.

    2. PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

    Nobody likes scooping cat poop, and the less often you have to remove it, the better. Once you get this box set up, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let it do its job. After a couple of weeks, remove the litter and you’re ready for another few weeks of freedom!

    PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box at a Glance:
    • Open or Enclosed
    • 27.5 x 19 x 11.5 inches (70 x 48 x 29 cm)
    • Surface area: 522.5 sq. inches (3360 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 6009 cubic inches (97,440 cubic cm)
    • Minimal maintenance requirements
    • Covered design helps keep litter inside
    • Effective odor control
    • Can help identify cat health problems early with its built-in health counter

    • Clumps can get stuck in the raking mechanism
    • Can only use clumping litters
    By counting how often your cat goes, the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box can help alert you to health problems, making it great for anyone who wants to monitor their cat’s health closely.

    1. Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box

    The largest litter box on our list and possibly even the market, this is also the heaviest non-motorized litter box at a whopping 16 pounds when empty. It’s massive size with high sides provides the ideal place for your large cat to go when they need to go.

    Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box at a Glance:
    • Enclosed
    • 29 x 19 x 20 inches (74 x 48 x 51 cm)
    • Surface area: 551 sq. inches (3552 sq. cm)
    • Volume: 11,020 cubic inches (181,152 cubic cm)
    • Heavy-duty plastic is extremely durable
    • Seamless interior prevents litter from sticking
    • Odor-eliminating design
    • High, seamless sides stop even the tallest standing urinator from making a mess
    • Can be difficult to clean because of how deep it is
    • High entry point can be difficult for older cats
    For standers or squatters, the Kattails Kat Kave Litter Box will keep everything right where you want it. You’ll be sure to love its classy design and your kitty will love a new place to climb onto.

    The Largest Cat Litter Box - More than just size

    Now that we've looked at the largest litterboxes in the market, you may be wondering if you should be ordering the very largest one possible for your cat.

    So is that your next step?

    Changing an existing litter box can be a big decision. Before you get rid of a box that works, consider adding a second box. Buy the largest litter box you can afford and place it next to the current box your cat uses. Now, give Kitty a few weeks and see if there's a preference.

    Avoid sudden changes and don't remove a box before you know for sure your cat prefers the new one. Especially if it differs from the original in aspects other than size.

    And remember, if you're not sure, you can always start a thread in the Cat Care Forum and let us know about your specific situation. Our members would be happy to share from their own experience and offer you advice and support.

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  1. Moka
    I just bought an XL So Phresh litter box from PetCo. My 11 month old, 10 lbs kitten outgrew her "standard" box. The new box is just the perfect for her! The XL holds about 30 lbs of litter, if your kitty likes their box on the fuller side. There was a lot of color choices and an optional rim and hood that fits the so phresh brand boxes. My kitty likes it open though, so she is happy with just the box and I am happy with the reasonable price of the box. ;)
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      Excellent choice!
  2. catspaw66
    The largest cat litter box? The Sahara Desert! Just kidding, folks. Although, all our furry home companions are descended from Sand Cats.

    The habit of burying excreta (3$ word) probably comes from the very beginning, then. A desert, a beach, anywhere with loose saund or dirt.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
    1. tarasgirl06
      YEAH! *So world, you have been forewarned.*
  3. mom of little jo
    An easy way to find a big litter box without having to figure out sizing ... Look for and buy litter box of Maine Coon. its big for a regular cat.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  4. Heart4WI
    I purchased a stainless steel litter box from Amazon. It's quite large at 23.5x15.5x6", and is very easy to disinfect and keep clean. ZERO odors...
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  5. Canna082918
    We use the tubs that are meant for mixing cement. Available at Lowes. There are different sizes but the smallest is still larger than any litter box I've seen.
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    1. Kris Milochik
      I have 3 big boys....17, 19 & 22#. Their litter pans are in a room in the basement. 2 of the large cement mix tubs and 4 of the smaller ones. They're tough, sturdy and reasonably priced. Under $20 for the large.
      tarasgirl06 and Canna082918 purraised this.
    2. basscat
      THIS! Cement mixing tubs are less than $10, Far sturdier than any actual "litter box", and the floor and corners are smooth with makes scooping very easy. A Medium will work for anything smaller than a Mountain Lion.
  6. sparkymema
    I just use a bigger storage container that I modify since my cats are still young. Never have had a litter box problem and it's been super easy to clean.
      tarasgirl06 purraised this.
  7. MarcEwing
    Thank you for the article, I was just about to choose a new one for a kitten.
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  8. chipvang
    This is simply the best litter box out there. It just works as described. Roll it over, then back, pull out the drawer and dump into the trash. It couldn't be any easier and cleaner. Plus, it looks as sharp for a litter box.
  9. ckani
    We just got a medium/medium large sized plastic dog kennel with a higher than normal front lip and removed the door and turned it towards the wall so they have a little privacy area. My big boy likes it. He looks like some kind of large cat but, he is mostly muscle but, is short, stocky and wide and he loves the large box.
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  10. terrencephillip
    Our cats have three boxes double the size of the largest one here... Each one cost me 8 pounds.. 12 dollers ish.. They are clear plastic see through storage containers with lids from a home ware store.. I cut a hole in the lid and winner winner they love them.. A 10kg bag of litter fills in by around 8cm depth.. Best bit... No litter escapes.. They jump in and out the lid hole.
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  11. Zoya&Zirka
    I have a large Van Ness covered box (smaller then the one featured above) and a Nature's Miracle covered corner box. I have 2 Siberians an 8lb 1yr old female and a 15lb 11month old male. She likes the nature's miracle box and he prefers the smaller van ness... go figure...
    I think one of the key things is to maintain the litter. Right now I'm in the middle of re-organizing things and they are down to the van ness and so far no issues, but it's cleaned every day after they have their main meal.
  12. shadowsrescue
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  13. Lizzie H.
    Sorry, I meant ever clean litter. Where can I purchase some.

    Lizabeth Harris.
    1. betsygee
  14. Lizzie H.
    Hi, One of the above articles says that a vet recommended stay clean litter. I have never heard of this and would like to know where to purchase some. I currently use Catsan, which I think is expensive especially as I have adopted a very elderly stray female cat who urinates for England.
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    1. tarasgirl06
      *The Champ!*
  15. nansiludie
    I bought one of those huge 40 some gallon storage tote bin and took the lid off it, cut a 5 inch diameter hole in one side and filled that thing with a forty pound bag of litter and it's my cats' favorite box. Have made a couple more but not as big.
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  16. nansiludie
    I bought one of those huge 40 some gallon storage tote bin and took the lid off it, cut a 5 inch diameter hole in one side and filled that thing with a forty pound bag of litter and it's my cats' favorite box. Have made a couple more but not as big.
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  17. kirochka
    I tried covered and open litter boxes with my two kits to see which they preferred, and they made it very clear they preferred the uncovered kind. What I ended up doing was keeping the Petmate Top Entry pans, but leaving off the lids, and putting small foldable step stools next to them to make it easier for the kits to get in and out. The high sides let the boy pee against them, and neither of them kicks or paws litter out of the box.
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  18. Devilmunch
    I have four cats and two of them have particular needs for a box. Georgie sprays high when she goes. Louie has peed outside the litter box since we adopted him 12 years ago. Plus, he has asthma with a collapsed lobe in 1 lung, is on an inhaler and medication. I've used different litter and litter boxes over the years; self-cleaning, uncovered low boxes, 55 qt storage bins with no lid, and Natures Miracle high-back large hooded and non-hooded corner and oval boxes, just to name a few. Louie's problems still persisted and it's behavioral, not medical. I changed litters from time to time, scented, unscented, corn, clumping clay, pine, Cat Attract and none of it made a difference. Finally, at Petsmart, Whisker City Jumbo Premium hooded litter box seems to be the answer. It's reviews were so so due to the shape, oval, but I tried it anyway with 3 boxes upstairs and 1 box downstairs. OMG, what a difference. It catches urine in the channel in the back so it doesn't seep out onto the floor, like the Natures Miracle did. I use unscented wipes to clean it and the spray off the lid. Louie likes the hood, I don't use the doors, because it gives him privacy without being caged. He will still pee in a couple of spots once in a while, but I no longer have to use the black light every other day to find it. At my vet's advice, I changed to Ever Clean litter. It's unscented with charcoal and low dust. I'm happy now because they're happy.
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    1. 1 bruce 1
      It's hit and miss with these asthmatics, isn't it??
      I'm glad you found something that is a workable solution!!!!
      I went to a local hardware store and was exploring the idea of finding a non-pine hard wood litter. 40 lbs. for $15 =/ 3 times what I'm paying...
  19. losna
    We use large plastic storage bins from costco. Sinbad likes to spin around and dig all the way to China before doing his business, and no litter box was big enough for him. There is one smaller normal litter box for Tempest, but otherwise, we have giant bins.
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    1. kitty416
      I had a big chuckle over the description you gave of your Sinbad using the litter box, thanks I needed that. It reminds me of when Sona first came to live with me. I discovered half the cat litter in a pile outside the litter box and a foul odor. Sona still doesn't cover her treasure but a box with a swinging door and filter made it be bearable for me and Kona,My first cat. Sona goes and hikes litter around in the box, her aim is still bad, but the litter stays inside the box now.
  20. Columbine
    Another great option for those in the UK (and likely Europe too) is the Savic Nestor XXL box. I have two of these, and my cats love them. I was torn between the Savic one and the jumbo Catit box, and went for the Savic because it's slightly bigger. Jumbo-Sized Covered Litter Tray XXL - Has A Top Opening For Quick And Easy Cleaning - Spacious Interior - Ideal For Very Large Cats (Light Grey & White, 66.5 x 48.5 x 46.5 cm (L x W x H))
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  21. tarasgirl06
    Another excellent, informative and potentially lifesaving article, because of how many people do NOT stay the distance with a cat who is "inappropriately eliminating" outside the box and how few people actually take the time to figure out for themselves that cats have preferences which can easily make this problem history!
    We have a variety of boxes including several PetMate Jumbos, one of them covered and the rest not. We also have a couple of I'm-not-sure large uncovered boxes, and two of the BEST I've ever seen, PottyJos. I searched this company and they do not seem to be in business any more, which is a shame, because these are HUGE, very high boxes with cut-out doors, made of smooth, shiny plastic that is very easy to clean. Ours are extremely popular and those cats who like to "stand and deliver", of whom there have been more than a few in this family, can do so to their heart's content, without any over-the-side "accidents".
    Another alternative is the big storage bins you can buy from almost any "big box" store very inexpensively. You can cut a door in this type of box and use it covered or uncovered. We bought a bunch of these for use in our barn compound and they were wonderful for our 12 "barnies".
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  22. 1 bruce 1
    We've used #6 and #12!
    Hooded litter boxes are problems for our asthmatic and both of these boxes (that we really liked otherwise) was a problem for our sprayer, so we got those huge plastic (clear to avoid sneak attacks) rubbermaid containers. For arthritics, a doorway can be cut.
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