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What Would Be Your Cat's Fantasy Vacation?

Apr 17, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Most cats prefer to stay in their own natural territory - hopefully a safe and comfortable home! Imagine if our kitties were travelers though! Where would you think your cat would like to go on his or her vacation? Take this short quiz to find out!

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  1. lallorona
    None of these would be ideal for my cats. My cats’ dream vacation would be a trip inside the cabinets or inside the hole under the couch xD
      Moka purraised this.
  2. DaphnesMommy
    Cuppy in an RV? Only if Chloe and Kiefurr Sutherland come along. He loves to play with his brother and sister.
  3. DreamerRose
    Mingo would go RVing, but Lily would like a luxury cruise in the Bahamas.
  4. maggie101
    Very close to the obvious. A big empty floor of wood or tile,not carpet, with lots and lots of balls! Her dream come true
      ellaandbosie purraised this.
  5. margd
    It looks like we're headed for the road. :yess: Both Chula and Paul would like their road trip in an RV, please!
  6. sane_cat_lady
    I may like an Eureopean castle ,my cat prefer home,or the yard if i only let her go there...
  7. leen and alice
    Result: Ghost hunting in Savannah, Georgia
  8. abyeb
    Charlie got a road trip in an RV! I think Charlie would like that; lots of scenery change for him to watch.
  9. denyse
    Yes I truly can see sunshine enjoying that weekend, she is a very sexy lounger!
  10. DreamerRose
    Road trip in a RV. I would love it too, as I could take both kitties.
  11. jennifurr
    Road trip in the RV? Sounds like my cats' cup of tea to me!
  12. margd
    Chula wants to vacation in Paris while Paul would prefer a road trip in an RV.  They'd better be ready for company.
  13. Shane Kent
    A road trip in an RV would be OK provided it was somewhere warm. My little kitties hate the winter time.
  14. mama africa
    Vegas...here we come !!! Nocturnal...diva... Sounds familiar to me...Missy can't wait !
  15. tarasgirl06
    Tarifa and Elvis would love to go RVing, while Baby Su would prefer an English countryside holiday. 
  16. mazie
    She better not mind, otherwise she will have to "thumb" her way to Europe and that might be a tad difficult, when she has no thumbs and does not like the water.      LOL
  17. Anne
    Does Katy approve of you tagging along? :D @mazie
  18. mazie
    "A Weekend in a European Castle"  sounds great to me, where can Katy and I sign up?
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